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  1. The club desperately needs to have a reserve team, this must be put into practice when the club returns to the football league. I think the current squad could do with a few more players around 25, that tends to be the age where players start to find their prime.
  2. Notts have played some good football at home, I would like to see this continue. If the pace of the game is quick, I do feel we are better at controlling the play if players like Michael Doyle slow it down at the back. I'm hoping for another win.
  3. I enjoy watching the quiz shows on TV, that occupies a lot of my free time.
  4. Daylight robbery, put the money to a future replacement unless the price drops.
  5. Welcome to the community here at PON @Steve-R
  6. I would like to see the club work at developing Tom Crawford further, he's done well at times. I think we could get away without signing anyone else, but if a priority is put on signing one more then it needs to be a winger. We can go through the middle but are limited out wide.
  7. It's not been a busy week for me, I have spent most of it just tidying up the house. I've been watching the odd film at night before I go bed, See no evil, hear no evil one of those. I went to see Notts yesterday, and that's about all I can say.
  8. Notts are scoring much better goals now we are non league, I think this one will take some beating come the end of the season.
  9. Best player of the previous decade that Notts have had was Callum McGregor on loan from Celtic. He was a different level to the squad he played with.
  10. It's deserved, let's just hope he can push on from here and keep the majority of the supporter base happy.
  11. Welcome to PON @WayofthePies, I like your username.
  12. The German leagues have a winter break? I would hope it doesn't happen over here.
  13. I suspect one or two will remain, it would be nice to see Neal Ardley establish a base of upcoming players, who are able to make good first team appearances. I have always felt Notts should be a club like Peterborough.
  14. Excellent strikers finish that, once he got the ball after hanging back he knew exactly where to place the ball.
  15. I would like someone creative coming in, yet the signing of Kyle Wootton and the fee must bring this to a balance. I wouldn't want the club to spend for the sake of it.

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