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  1. Amazing strikes, each of them! Well deserving praise.
  2. BromPie

    Would you rather?....

    Help someone Would you rather bring back Lee Hughes or Mark Stallard?
  3. BromPie

    Will Alan Hardy Sell This Season?

    New ownership is a must, you can't place the club up for sale after doing something very silly and then expect the fans to forget. Even if he got Notts promoted back to League One my view wouldn't change. He's turned the club into Alan Hardy FC, with good intentions most of the time but his ego hasn't helped.
  4. BromPie

    Happy birthday Ellie_Pie 10

    Happy birthday @Ellie_Pie10, have a wonderful day.
  5. BromPie

    Chris is in hospital

    I am pleased to read that you're okay @Chris.
  6. BromPie

    Answer this for our squad

    Best: Jon Stead Underrated: Kristian Dennis Unlucky: Kane Hemmings Surprising: Enzio Boldewijn Bargain: Michael Doyle Cult Hero: Matt Tootle Most Potential: ??? Underwhelming: Most of the squad
  7. BromPie

    March 2019, PON Raffle Fundraiser

    I am in for this months raffle, I don't expect to win again but I am in.
  8. BromPie

    Dido song for Notts , with apologies

    What would everyone's guesses be for the players to listen too?
  9. BromPie

    March 2019, PON Raffle Fundraiser

    I have just got my tickets for this months raffle, good luck to all.
  10. BromPie

    We have offers

    Can we dream that the takeover could be finalised during the week or shortly after?
  11. BromPie

    jon stead

    He's due a goal, I would save him for away games personally and let him sit home matches out on the bench. Kane Hemmings is look very disinterested, Lewis Alessandra couldn't hit a barn door and only seems confident to shoot in reserve games. So who else could start?
  12. BromPie

    Small crumbs of comfort

    There's hope at least, a few good wins and a more spirited sign could be big. The takeover happening could lift the club too.
  13. BromPie

    Forest's new ground plans

    Credit where it's due, it does look good. The question I have is will it actually happen? They've talked about this sort of stuff for years.
  14. How many teams has he played for since leaving Notts? I always felt he had the talent to do well, just the other side. Jamie Fullarton hasn't done much better has he.

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