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  1. Usually I enjoy the pre season, I want it over and for the National League campaign to begin now.
  2. I would never support another club, Notts is my team and I think there are enough people to save it.
  3. It's just more stress for the fans, lets hope it is concluded in a positive way before the midway point. From what I have heard they have been at Meadow Lane for the past few days holding talks, it sounds promising I think.
  4. I think he will stay until January, I can't see him leaving Notts until then. The squad is short as it is and senior players will be needed.
  5. If Alan Hardy fails with the Danes, he should pay someone who can close and lead the deal. He seems that far out of depth that he risks losing everything.
  6. Another blessing, I would love it if Notts could get Kevin Pilkington back.
  7. My sentiments exactly @Chris.
  8. Have they confirmed its true? Some business minded people don't feel the need to dismiss every rumour linked to them. I hope it is real but it doesn't sound good for the previous offer submitted by the South African group.
  9. I think this is more to please the concern over the training and fans who don't stop finding things to complain about. Nottingham Uni to the clubs rescue!
  10. Some of the build up play is very good, just a lot of the decision making is quite poor.
  11. I am interested to know the outcome of the meeting, it would be nice if she would update PON. I am sure the community would be stronger if we was all to
  12. It has to have stopped, the only realistic chance of seeing the takeover completed is if the South Africans re-emerge back on to the scenes.
  13. I think most common sense fans wanted to put last season behind them, focus on fixing the mess but the issues just keep coming. It's clear AH is so far out of his depth with the club. The club will be hoping the fans forget but I think a lot of new staff are needed to put things right.
  14. I have accepted relegation, I wish for the club to forward thinking and stable from the ground up. The National League is the wake up call Notts should have had years ago, when the takeover happens I hope they bring in proper football minded people.

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