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  1. Eastleigh always do well against teams that want to pass and play proper football, you need to mix it up to get a result. If Cal Roberts had found the net first from his chance, then it could've been different but otherwise we played to their strengths. I agree its a disappointing result.
  2. There are lots of things that Notts could do, AH with all his branding signs for the food kiosks was more a glossy way to make people feel things had been improved. The food, options and equipment needs looking at. I would like to see a portable bar added at the bottom of the KOP, Cattle Market Road side. Ease the area from the food kiosk having to broken in two, and having more space to breath with fans needing to go further for a beer/larger.
  3. Notts has recalled Tiernan Brooks too, give him a chance if Sam Slocombe gets injured or needs a rest.
  4. Awful start to the game, there is no denying that. Notts could've handed Rochdale the game in the first half. Thankfully Notts recovered and made a game of it, I felt Ian Burchnall's changes made all the difference with injecting spark into the play. We dominated for those 45 minutes, but got caught napping for their second. I am not disappointed because it was a good open game, but I do want to see things learned from the performance. Adam Chicksen is dire in a central defensive position.
  5. Good, irrational people complain that Notts don't spend enough money on players. The only way to buy in better, is to work with good players and make them marketable. Notts shouldn't sell any players mid-season, unless promotion is not the goal. Relegation or promotion they need retaining. Mid-table mediocrity is fine. All players leave at some point. When they go for free and go onto better, as Alan Judge and others have done it becomes annoying.
  6. Some people will blame anyone or anything thing, any grown adult using fraud to comment on a footballer without using grown up words has lived a sheltered life.
  7. Sending well wishes and positive vibes to @GrannyPie, take care.
  8. Now, Notts have gotten a win over Yeovil. I hope that it will create a different situation, where we build on the momentum.
  9. I thought it was a bonus to see Kyle Cameron selected to play against Yeovil, a crucial return in my eyes. Connell Rawlinson and Sam Slocombe will be welcomed returns too. What centre-backs would you choose? Sam Slocombe or Anthony Patterson in goal?
  10. I think Ian Burchnall speaks for us all, when he speaks about being relieved. Kyle Cameron's return appears to have bridged the weakness in defence but the decisions to man manage games out does need to continue.
  11. I am fearful of defeat, but I want the players to prove me wrong. Tomorrow could be a big game, fans will want to see a response.
  12. Good draw, something different but it does have the banana skin aspect that Notts unfortunately struggles to overcome.
  13. Heading can't be removed completely, what are officials going to do book players for doing it?
  14. I think Cal needs to tone down his reactions, rightly or wrongly he becomes very animated and the type of aggression he shows is only going to result in one thing. A booking! Its pointless to respond to the officials all of the time, this would be the only criticism of Roberts game.
  15. Hello, @Eloise Ward. Welcome to PON.

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