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  1. BromPie

    Cedric Evian .. given contract extension

    Hope he settles down and gets more of s chance to play.
  2. Especially young keepers on loan, lets hope he's more than Kasper Schmeichel.
  3. BromPie

    Would you rather?....

    Golf Woukd you rather be locked up or on a dessert island?
  4. BromPie

    Hawkridge departs meadow lane

    Good luck to him, its a sign of improvement only if Notts replaces him. I could never knock somrone who gave thre club 100%.
  5. BromPie

    Can we welcome Gordon Robertson

    Welcome @Gordon Robertson, wekcome to PON's forum.
  6. BromPie

    Can we welcome daybrookepie

    Welcomed to PON's forum @daybrookpie.
  7. BromPie

    Can we welcome Alexlevy0908 to pon

    Hello @Alexlevy0908, welcome to PON's forum.
  8. BromPie

    Match Discussion: Game 28 - United (H)

    When the players cross the line to play, I hope they take a moment to look at the stands and think how good it could be if they all give 100%. If the hard work came with this application and desire, I am certain that Notts can win.
  9. BromPie

    Jim O'Brien Signs!

    Very good experienced player signed here, he looks a good coup.
  10. BromPie

    Can we welcome Allen Mayall to Pon

    Wait, what's happening with @Allen Mayall? Has he just given his secret identity a way? Well here is another welcome. Just get on when you can, its a great forum that just needs people adding their views and having a laugh at the same time.
  11. BromPie

    welcome to pon yvonne brothers

    A friendly and warm welcome from me @Yvonne Brothers.
  12. BromPie

    Can you help me welcome Geo.mann to pon

    A friendly hello and welcome from me @Geo. Mann.
  13. BromPie

    Can we welcome our new member TP1862

    A friendly hello and welcome from me @TP1862.
  14. BromPie

    Can we take 6 points from our next two games.?

    3 if lucky. I don't see more than that being achieved to be perfectly honest.
  15. BromPie

    Match Discussion: Game 27 - The U's (A)

    The amount of leads given away this season shows a real weakness but at this stage I would rather take the point than to lose the game. I just hope some sort of improvement can be made with the defence because it's a bigger problem than some fans realise.

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