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  1. I think most common sense fans see the benefits that Jim O'Brien brings, losing out on him wouldn't be bad but he could do a lot of good here.
  2. BromPie

    Hello PON

    Hello @RoadSmith, welcome to the site.
  3. Early next week I would assume, with the intent from the statement and time to wrap it up officially.
  4. It's too easy, Brentford was a very good goal much better than the other 4 strikes which are good but not that good.
  5. Welcome to PON @OwlInPeace, opposition and other clubs fans are always welcome here.
  6. Lucky If he remains as the manager this season he will need to adapt a more attacking minded philosophy.
  7. Manchester City will win the title, Liverpool don't have it in them and Arsenal should come fourth if they don't over play it. Tottenham don't even deserve to be in Europe after the way they messed up their season.
  8. The club operates on attempting to make profit or cover the revenue, not from learning. Its obvious that Alan Hardy came in allowing the manager then, Kevin Nolan to go about overhauling the club. He put his feet up, became too used to the world of football and started to love the attention being the chairman got him. The previous owners, well they was different and the reason the club came back to league two was due to them never understanding what it took to establish themselves as a league one club. 5 year plan this, Premier League player that. It was all just a shiny gloss of varnish and nothing ever solid.
  9. I feel sorry for the overseas fans, plus the loss of revenue will hit Notts hard I think but really the service won't be missed by those who attend games or lives in the UK.
  10. It's a huge question as to how Notts might adapt to non league football. Usually Notts struggles after relegation, they have been stuck in the bottom tier for so long and until the club has a solid plan it could take a few seasons to figure it out.
  11. YOUngPIES sounds awful. I thought it had be scrapped in all honesty, the club should hold its head in shame by failing to properly run it.
  12. @NCFC very mature of you to put so much effort in. I hope there is some light under that bridge of yours.
  13. He just needs to keep the players focused and monitor the play during the game, as he says the fans will let them know about the results elsewhere.
  14. Nice prize lineup, I will have a couple of goes soon enough.

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