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  1. I do wonder how many of those fans with itchy fingers to sack Neal Ardley right now, have complained about previous owners doing exactly the same thing. The club could pull the trigger now, which seems early but there could be rewards for waiting. Wealdstone are only one comparison, I hope they continue to do well. It's good to see an underdog in their posi
  2. If a player is good but just a steady performer than that should be good, Mike Edwards could be described as this and I think there's areas where this could be welcomed such as on the wing.
  3. Isn't this typical of Notts? It's the top teams that Notts usually beats, look at Barrow away last season.
  4. @liampie This season is by far a tough season, but I do understand your point because some are acting like by not being 5th or higher that this season is going downhill only 6 games in. I don't believe for a second that Football Radar are signing players without Neal Ardley's approval, I await to see what he does once fully match fit. That's because some fans only blame the manager, but lets face it, it's clearly both.
  5. I have seen fans on social media claim that those who want Ardley to stay as the manager, are accepting that Notts are second best. Are they forgetting what caused Notts County to demise through the leagues over the years or even what helped the club rise to the old First Division? The reason Notts ended up out of the Football League is because we sack managers far too easily. Aside from the odd game so far, the other performances have been quite good. Taking any excuses away from those for and against, have faith in the owners to make the correct decision, I hope the rumours are wro
  6. Yes, on the other hand Notts have a larger fan base and seem to be well supported via the streaming passes being sold. It's a bit backwards but it's for Notts to fight.
  7. I would be curious to know how many fans took up the offering of the live stream. I logged in and watched it on my laptop, I thought the quality was mostly okay. The one blip after the first half should be expected.
  8. There is enough cover in the centre of midfield, I feel. Good to Sloth but if he's injured and unhappy, it makes perfect sense to allow him to leave.
  9. Hopefully the conditions will be fine, I know there's rain forecasted but its supposed to ease up by time the game starts. I am sure Meadow Lane will be in perfect condition. Don't forget that the game is being aired on BT Sports. https://www.bt.com/sport/football/national-league/national-league-tv-picks-bt-sport It would be nice to see Ardley opt for a more attacking minded team, it's good Cal Roberts played but we need to be mindful about the fixtures. I think Notts should do much better at home.
  10. Winning a game comfortably would be nice, but I don't feel Dover will just allow Notts to walk all over them. The forecast has said that it should be quite rainy, so I hope the pitch holds up but I can see the game being scrappy for this reason.
  11. I am up for using the chat room on match days, with the games being streamed it would be a distraction.
  12. I plan to subscribe but I am curious as to what happens once fans can attend games. Will the subscription be then placed towards a season ticket?
  13. Someone needs to reassure clubs that they will be supported, if clubs are operating within their normal means, I see no reason why not to help.

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