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  1. England are growing with confidence but Denmark are different level that Ukraine are not, I have a feeling who ever scores first will win it.
  2. Thomas and Leigh might be bouncing off the same source and adding to the speculation. I think it would be a good move for Neal, he needs to find a club that will be patient with him.
  3. @DangerousSausage It was a very short loan spell.
  4. Kyle Wootton for me has been one of the main players this season, yes he had a dry patch but that came down to poor form mostly. The lack of creativity didn't hinder him much, as he could turn a game on it's head. Always a quality finisher.
  5. Reeves v Stockport gets my vote, the Elisha Sam finish was class but Jake Reeves is a far better finish/strike.
  6. Voted for @Piethagoram but I value every poster on PON. I just feel there's a vary of content posted by Piethagoram which is good to see.
  7. The win of Chesterfield came at the right time, we needed that win and it came unexpectedly.
  8. Bit of football ping pong there, well placed shot too.
  9. I am sure Effiong could be one of many to depart, loans can be useful but they need to come with the right attitude.
  10. I don't want my comments to be taken as negative, as I want Notts to succeed and I do hope for the best in any situation. The appointment Ian Burchnall comes across as a big experiment, underlining the possible flaws of his inexperience in the English game, the Non League could be a good place to learn. Yet those fans hoping for promotion this season, they need to see this for what it is and give him time. The benefits of what he speaks of, are the approach to tactics, stats, bringing in you players and managing a club in difficult circumstances. I will hold further judgement back, but I am not optimistic that it will work out well.
  11. I unfollowed content and forums due to not getting emails.
  12. That's the way it would seem, a Trew/Hardy style appointment but there is no guaranteed success by this method. I think the appointment of Ian Burchnall is questionable, it does seem like we are experimenting with a different style of managers.
  13. Many happy returns to you @super_ram, how are you and Granny Pie? Best wishes to you both, hope you had a good day despite the lockdown.
  14. If performances are good, I see no reason why he shouldn't be the clubs secondary striker. Kyle Wootton provided he's fit, should always be the first on the team sheet.
  15. Welcome to the community, @LadyAngelina86.
  16. Sorry to read you're feeling the weather @GrannyPie, get better soon.
  17. If the club is to be successful consistency is important, just as much important as stability. Notts are recruiting well, the squad has a lot of quality and for the most part supporting Notts is once again enjoyable. There will always be negatives when you support a club like Notts, but right now there does seem to be something special on the arisen for the club.
  18. The NL won't do anything, they are armatures and look after the smaller clubs because teams like Notts bring them more revenue.
  19. Notts needs to learn to give players like Sam more game time, he should do well and I don't blame him for moving from us. He needs to be playing, his career will only end up like the many young prospects we have had that fall out of the game due to a lack of opportunity.
  20. Champions or playoffs is acceptable for me as there is no guarantee of promotion. Torquay's dominance could fall short at some stage, Stockport could claim back up. There's no guarantee for any side, even if we are the biggest or best funded team.
  21. At 24 years old, he looks to be improving still but from what I have seen he's no Cal Roberts. He does look to be a very good player, but different and his burst to get forward into a goal scoring position is probably the only thing he does better than Roberts. Who prefers to skill his way through players.

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