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  1. If only they could do this in the competitions, exciting play at times.
  2. 5-0, we shall see how long they can hold out.
  3. I thought the excuse of him being small was silly, he's either good enough or not surely?
  4. No need to get out the red carpet for little old me!!! I'll make due with the white one wore black now, thanks for the welcome.
  5. God, what as the world come to? Roy Keane's written a book? That is the most surprising thing about all this.
  6. I cant say I am surprised about this one.
  7. Cardiff could have done with going with experience within the championship, all due respect to Slade he's punching above his own weight in league one.
  8. It's good to see Notts napping up young lads, best we get them than those across the river!
  9. Scotland will not give this one up if they want independence so badly, I also got tired of this. Personally I think we should get rid of them now, including the Scottish MP's we have down here. None of them are of much use and just for the sake of it, they can have David Cameron.
  10. Here we go, my prediction is spot on. Can Notts fight back?
  11. Sorry to disappoint but we will lose tonight, do not worry. It is just a small setback! 1-0 to them.
  12. That sounds like the general views from our fans online, he must be loving coming here.
  13. Lets not talk about last year.
  14. I do not buy conspiracy theories myself, it is easy to look at facts and make them appear as and how you want. It's much harder to bind the truth, however the people behind ISIS know exactly what they are doing. This disproves it could be anything to do with our parliament or America.
  15. I found this place from one of the photos! Next time, try to get my face. Actually! Never mind, i will break your camera!
  16. Get him to notts, let him lead the way! Great goal in all seriousness.
  17. I would rather us work with teams like Derby, Birmingham and perhaps Stoke. Its good for the club and the city but this will not last long. Mark my words this will not be a forged relationship, it will not last.
  18. There are some good people who look after proper fans around the club, visit us soon Swedish Magpies.

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