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  1. Overall that was good performance AFTER we went 2-0 down. However, only Ricardo seems to be able to get away with 0-2 reverses and get something out of a game. Nice away section at Posh, much better than the Camp Nou! Decent following from NCFC, mostly supportive and trying to get behind the team. Perhaps it's time for the team to get behind the club and its fans? 1. Loach 7/10 - Totally exposed by his defence for the two goals. Stopped everything he could. 2. Tootle 5/10 - Nothing really came down his side, did OK in defence but not enough going forward. 3. Audel 6/10 - Did some good things but got caught out of position on a number of occasions. He does at least try. 4. Smith 6/10 - Battled hard but often overwhelmed. Left a hole behind him for goal no. 2. Not quite enough going forward. 5. Duffy 1/10 - Dreadful for the first 15 minutes which cost us the game, then actually played quite well, but must go now. 6. Hollis 1/10 - Outclassed 7. Thompson 4/10 - Obvioulsy not match fit yet. Harsh to to judge him on just this performance. 8. Richards 2/10 - Outclassed. Still a kid of course and will be much better in the future. 9. Stead 3/10 - It would be 6 but for a dreadful penalty. HIT THE ?~+%&$%£$%" BALL HARD. 10. Forte 8/10 - My MOM, kept trying, worried their defence unlucky with the shot off the bar. 11. Milsom 6/10 - Steady but sometimes needs to move the ball quicker. Subs, Oliver (waste of space), Collins (never got on the ball), Campbell (looked good for 10 minutes, then had his position changed when the other subs were made and faded) Management team 2/10 - Nothing wrong with the tactics, but why wasn't Laing playing? However, they are culpable for these appalling starts. Trew -9/10 - He has saddled the club with a lot more debt than just the HMRC bill. (From a club employee last night)
  2. Blackburn 1-2 Rotheram Ipswich 0-1 Villa Port Vale 2-1 Gillingham Sheffield United 2-1 Peterbourough (J) Barnet 1-1 Colchester Wycombe 1-1 Stevenage
  3. Fulham 2-1 Birmingham Leeds 2-0 Huddesfield Fleetwood 1-1 Charlton (J) Oxford 0-1 Swindon Carsile 2-0 Leyton Orient Newport 0-2 Cheltenham
  4. Barnsley 2-1 Rotheram (J) Bristol City 0-1 Aston Villa MK Dons 1-1 Peterborough Port Vale 0-2 Scunthorpe Cambridge 1-2 Luton Exeter 0-1 Portsmouth
  5. Norwich 2-0 Bristol city (J) Wolves 0-1 Wolves Coventry 2-1 Bury Port Vale 0-1 Rochdale Colchester 1-2 Grimsby Wycombe 2-0 Acrington Sorry for the late prediction
  6. Leeds United 1-1 Birmingham Wigan Athletic 1-1 Blackburn Afc Wimbledon 0-2 Bolton MK Dons 0-1 Milwall Exeter 2-0 Hartlepool Morcambe 0-2 Blacpool (J)
  7. Collin 7 - Didn't have much to do but was good when needed Audel 4 - To attacking and fancy gave them to many chances Duffy 8 - Solid Hollis 7.5 - Solid Dickinson 7 - won everything and looked steady Tootle 6 - good defensively but gave the ball away Smith 6.5 - worked hard and did alright Rodman 6.5 - good ideas but wasn't quite communicating with Stead Burke 1 - Stead 4 - good ideas but wasn't quite communicating with Rodman Oliver 7.5 - Caused problems but lacked end product Subs Campbell 5 - caused problems but missed some good chances Snijders 7 - looked good but came on to late Atkinson 6 - Didn't do much
  8. what is your favorite emoticon on PON? This is mine
  9. we were near some scunthorpe players who were all incredibly critical of Burke at first I thought they were being harsh but as the game went on I started to agree with them
  10. although the defense looked solid the first goal was Burks's fault and the second was tired legs
  11. when me and @ivansneck were at the scunny game we saw both of the Trews
  12. The leicster plays have played like
  13. why would world war 2 reduce the quality of leather its not like any nuclear bombs were dropped on the U.K.

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