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  1. I was about 7 when my football mad dad took me to see my first game. florist v Man City about 1968. I sat on a barrier at the Bridgford end and held on to my dad for dear life as it was packed. city won 3 - 0. the last goal being a shot from outside the area and as the crowd streamed away I turned to my dad and said that was a good goal. immediately we were surrounded by a dozen or more of the lowest forms of life threatening to beat me and my father up for my comment. I was never so scared in my life, as these were adults and my dad would never stand a chance against them with me on his back. As an ex Squaddie he was fit and none of the gobshites wanted to go first and risk getting hit, but they spat at us as he backed away towards the exit, then ran. Bet they felt proud when they told the story in the pub that night. Years latter, I stood in the same spot, and celebrated les Bradds late winner with my dad and 4 mates. no one said anything to us. We went to see Derby next, but I couldn't see anything below the knee when the ball was on the other side of the pitch, as it was curved. a mr Clough was manager and prices went up for juniors, so we stopped going. So it was sort of an accident when we went to Notts. I stood on the kop behind the goal, and loved it. Jimmy Sirrel took over as manager and the rest is history.
  2. lots of optimism this time last year, but the wheels fell off as I suggested they might when we things got real, and we tried to play pretty football in league 2. JS has brought in experienced players, who should know how to handle football at this level. As the EUROs show it's more important to have good organisation and work as a team, than have 11 individuals on the pitch, and I hope they will blend. I would ask who is going to be our play maker, as I don't see a midfield general yet, I am sure JS has it in hand though, and the quality warm up games will give us a better indication of what is to come.
  3. I like the ones that are sung when we score a goal. unfortunately it's been that long I cannot remember any.
  4. I am told that a loose translation of one of the Icelandic songs is " Its just like watching Mansfield ". It was an uncompromising, and organised display, with every one giving 100%, for the full 90 minuets. They had obviously practiced their set pieces and throw-ins but for some reason England chose to ignore what happened in previous games and left Rooney to mark the huge Viking who wandered forward to head the ball on for the equalizing goal. Not rocket science, but it works. He may have the face of a Norse, but Kane's place kicks made him look a donkey. Storage and Stirling may be fast, but only when they run. Standing next to their marker with there hands on their hips, they are more likely to take root than score a goal. I could go on but wont, other than saying Rashford, MOM for England. In Iceland they will add to the stories of Ragnar Blood axe. Eric the red, and the 13th warrior, the saga of how Iceland deservedly overcame England by playing league 2 football, and giving it all they had. The players and staff will be immortalised. England's players will have to console themselves by counting their money, well its only a game after all.
  5. @ohstanleyaborah Not seen Gibson play so I cant comment. From what you say he seems to be a player we could do with at ML. 550
  6. I should like to point out that the talented and pacey younger players that you are suggesting we sign do not grow on trees. If you are lucky you may find one who has not been signed to an prem league academy - it appears they sign kids up to stop them going to rivals - but then we will face stiff competition from other clubs, who are in a better position off the pitch. Its suggested that we can pop out and sign 4 young strikers with quality and potential, yet pay them peanuts. This would be a dream come true, but is unrealistic. JS was played in a wide role for much of last season, a role that is alien to him. In a poor team he was leading scorer and was probably our most creative player. I would not be in any hurry to see him go..
  7. They need to play teams that will stretch them without causing injury. In the resent past we have played local teams and won in 1st gear, or teams where opponents want to make a name for themselves and ended up with players being injured. A loss to Sunderland will tell us far more about the squad than a big win at Long Eaton.
  8. So 102 years ago Notts played in Europe. As we are reminded every time there is any report about the dark side, that was about the same time as the florist, won the European Cup So do you think we can we claim to have won it before it was invented
  9. At the end of the season the money gained from TV, sponsorship, etc. is dished out by the FA to the clubs. The amount awarded is decided by the position where you finish. PL teams get the major part of the pie. League 2 get a share of a small amount. Add another 20 teams to the league and someone will need to find more money, or reduce the payments to the clubs. It has been suggested that teams in the lower leagues could take the spare PL players on loan, so they would not require s many players, so B teams wouldn't be required. I heard that Burnley got £6mill when they got relegated from the PL, and being promoted will net them £60+mill. I don't know if this is all from the same fund, but it shows that the teams are already not competing on a level field. Goal line technology means that the PL play to different rules. by creaming off the top referees they can influence the way the laws of the game are interpreted. Over 90 changes have been made for next season. Control of finances would mean that a few big teams will be invincible, there is talk of them making there own TV deals with games being played every night, once competition from the lower clubs has been extinguished. I see this as a move to make the money men richer by killing all that we expect and treasure about the English game. if we continue to pour money in at the top and let it all leak out overseas, without some sinking down to the lower leagues, the gap between the leagues will expand and only the teams that come down will have the finances to compete in going up. "rubber ball teams" 40,000 Shef Wed fans bought all their allocation of tickets in 2 days and went to Wembley in the hope that they would get to the PL and stay there. Ok they didn't do it but they had a chance. The fan base has stuck with them, and they gave it a shot. If they knew there was no chance of getting promoted and staying up the most ardent fan will loose heart, and stop going. Hull don't have sell out crowds but do have a foot on the gravy train so they can afford to keep foreign internationals. If they are relegated at the end of next season Hull will still be financially well off and in the prime place to push for promotion.
  10. I would echo the above, after all its not a sprint its a marathon, so as long as we are at least 15 points clear at the top by Christmas I for one will not be calling for his head. ( joke ) We seem to be making a few signings. Has the transfer embargo been lifted? Has RT sold the club, and if so to who. interesting that we can pay compensation to get a manager with proven ability when the clubs for sale. Good job we have the Nottm post to keep us informed, and I am sure they would if it wasn't for the problems with fridge magnets on the dark side.
  11. Agreed, but I get the feeling that there are major flaws in the way and by whom the club is being run. A change of manager is only directing attention away from these problems. We will never have a club that works as one - a team - until we have a manager with the authority and skill to lead. It seems clear that this is not the case at ML. Only when he has the power to manage, without interference and with his own players, should he be held accountable for our results.
  12. In describing Notts as “abysmal” and “heart-breaking" RD is being polite as I am sure he would agree If he had paid to watch the complete shambles this year. Placing the blame firmly on the players, he seems to have missed the fact that their is very little right at ML at the moment. I can agree that, "Everybody at the club has to take responsibility", but then says, "it's been tough to keep players motivated." Their job is to play football, and with the players we have and the current standard in league 2, they only need to be proficient to be in the top half on the table, yet it is totally beyond them. How many other trades would management allow its work force o produce a shoddy product, then dismiss it as one of those things and look to next year. Have we really had 3 managers this year? I get the impression that the team is run by committee with no one person holding the reigns, with the power to lead us. I don't feel we have had a true manager for sometime now. We can chop the head off the beast but the monster wont die, it will just grow another head. M Cooper has decided it wont be his, and I don't blame him.
  13. Well I suppose if they start with a bacon buttie, It might give them the confidence to tackle something bigger like an opponent.
  14. Notts have always had a hooligan element ready to explode into violence which is hidden in their support. It's just that me Nan has not been going to al the games this season.
  15. This is a classic case of trying too hard. The players are worried that if they miss, they will get a roasting from there own fans so won't shoot. They try to go just a few yards extra, to make sure, and end up getting closed down. this brings more moans and groans and eats in to there confidence. So they try to get even closer to make certain, and so it goes on.

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