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  1. I never doubted he wouldn't extend his stay with Notts, he knows that a start is almost guaranteed. He's a very good player.
  2. Who? It's a good job most of these players linked to Notts seem to know English.
  3. Looks to be an excellent recruitment by the club, I would imagine stats played a big part in signing him.
  4. I wish him well, he always seemed to be the person coaching the players and trying to get into their heads. I hope the club finds someone suitable to assist Ardley.
  5. Smashing kit, completely happy with the design. It looks like it's back to being 100% Notts.
  6. This has been answered by Neal Ardley now.
  7. shocked that the club have let go of two good young players, more so with Regan Booty.
  8. I don't know about anyone else, I don't fear Harrogate and neither should the Notts squad. Nothing taken away from them for reaching the final, both teams have been superb but I have faith in the quality of the squad. I can see them changing their tactics in game, as they try to suss us out.
  9. I bet you're thankful you can't lose the slip behind your sofa, if things go right tomorrow
  10. Great player for Notts, never understood why we didn't have him as the focus upfront. Happy Birthday, Jonathan Forte.
  11. Only worry I have is if Notts start of shaky and, don't brighten up. The first half can drag if you don't start well, so that is a must for the club.
  12. I just want to see the squad represent the club proudly on TV, fight for the ball and give it their best.
  13. They bottled it but any fan with common sense must see that it has been a good season for them.
  14. Only glimmer of sunshine was the cup run.
  15. When will your interview be published in your blog @Piethagoram? I look forward to reading it.
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