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  1. allardyces tash

    Guess attendance v Bury

    3,380 with around 400 Notts supporters.
  2. allardyces tash

    Guess the magpie

    It won't be Jon Stead again, Dan Jones?
  3. The focus seems to be there now, so I am not worried about them not playing for a week. It gives them time to rest and prepare as others have said.
  4. allardyces tash

    Guess the magpie

    Well done to everyone who guessed correctly.
  5. allardyces tash

    Can we welcome today’s second new addition

    Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham @LozCloughSLO.
  6. allardyces tash

    Can we welcome the newest addition to Pon

    Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham @JF3.
  7. His pace and speed must be frightening but his footballing ability seems questionable.
  8. allardyces tash

    Can we start to get excited yet?

    No reason to be excited yet, we have still lost more games than we have won and this is only the beginning for Harry Kewell. Kevin Nolan came in and swept the club to safety, he had one good full season and then ended up getting sacked.
  9. allardyces tash

    RIP Ryan Parkins

    Rest in Peace Ryan, such a tragic loss.
  10. allardyces tash

    I've lost confidence in our owner!

    Alan Hardy isn't Notts County FC and he will never be, fans should support the club and ignore other aspects.
  11. allardyces tash

    Who would be your replacement for Milsom?

    Give Will Patching or Tom Crawford a chance. I doubt this would unbalance the squad that much and I do feel they would thrive playing a team like Macclesfield.
  12. allardyces tash

    Caption this .....the winner revealed

    How many of their staff did Harry Kewell knock out... [waits for the answer], just the one Harry?
  13. The performance was very good and I do feel there's a lot more to come from the squad, so I think performances will only improve. There may be the odd where they struggle but the work effort is paying off.
  14. All clubs have fickle fans and glory supporters, I think it's important to just accept it for what it is.
  15. allardyces tash

    "interested" buyer for Notts?

    Utter tosh, I can't see someone like that coming in and buying the club. Not unless we was pushing for promotion.

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