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  1. Either 96, or 98 version of Three Lions. It can't be beaten.
  2. I will be gutted if Notts lose, provided they gave 100 and worked hard I would accept. Tomorrow will be one of those games that says if a squad is capable of being more than a playoff chaser.
  3. Once he returns, it will be a blessing for Neal Ardley. Injecting more leadership and fight will only be good.
  4. He didn't quite manage to sign the contract, he's still a Notts player. Unfortunately, he dropped it and stepped on the pen before committing himself.
  5. I suppose, these types of things keep the media team for a short time whilst they think of what to say.
  6. Broadmarsh has been rubbish for years, it started to decline in the early 90's. It had to be finished off, otherwise it would have continued to be that street dog you see who hasn't eaten in weeks and just weeks away from being put down.
  7. Just let me know, are you a Sun reporter? If not, put the money in the bag under the table.
  8. Welcome to the best Notts County site and community, don't just take my word for it. Join in and see for yourself! @Catherine Iremonger
  9. In terms of distance, that will take some beating! Great goal.
  10. I do feel this campaign Notts has addressed issues which have previously been ignored, the squad has the right amount of balance. I just feel there's a real need for some extra quality in certain areas. The wing is the weakest area on the pitch in my opinion, I think its why most fans realise what Sam Osborne brings to the team.
  11. Hello @Steve-R, welcome to PON. What brings you to our community?
  12. Welcome to PON @WayofthePies, join in when you have time.
  13. I think a creative CM or winger would improve the squad, but as others have said in different discussions there is clutter which needs reducing. I don't want the new owners to risk over spending either.
  14. I wanted to be a footballer, I ended up as an office manager.
  15. Better goal due to the build up and movement, well done Wes Thomas.

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