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  1. allardyces tash

    as a goalkeeper, need for concentration over drinking

    Daft that he never turned round to see where the ball was. you can see the Opposition team was on attack so why turn your back on play?
  2. allardyces tash

    Carry On Film Title Game (Revived)

    Napoleon Dynamite - E.T
  3. allardyces tash

    Follow On Players (Revived)

    Yasin - Nathan
  4. allardyces tash

    Will we miss .... Grant

    We will miss his goals, he changed games in a matter of seconds but we can find more polished players.
  5. allardyces tash

    Carry On Film Title Game (Revived)

    Evolution - Night of the Living Dead
  6. allardyces tash

    Follow On Players (Revived)

    Rob Lee - Ederson
  7. Alex may come down, I bet his parents will. Its not uncommon to see relatives of the players in the Pavis Stand.
  8. I am not fussed about the kit either but the idea of using plastic might be a good move forward in football kits.
  9. allardyces tash

    Follow your favourite PON members updated

    Well a tone of you have just been alerted that I am following you. 👍
  10. allardyces tash

    How many PON followers do you have?

    I have one!! Thanks @super_ram, I will go and stalk some of the main PON members I enjoy reading now.
  11. allardyces tash

    Rachid Harkouk,...... Rash the smash

    How football has changed. You would never get a way with wanting to fight people as a professional these days.
  12. allardyces tash

    Ox-lade is officially a magpie

    Very good signing then.
  13. allardyces tash

    Ox-lade is officially a magpie

    Looks a good coup for the club, I assume this involved another fee correct?
  14. allardyces tash

    Fan Engagement Update

    Will they start listening to fans again? You never hear back from the club anymore.
  15. allardyces tash

    Notts New Anthem?

    Most teams have a song that is sung before kick off, not many in the lower two leagues though. Meadow Lane should have one.

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