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  1. Michael Doyle was never going to go elsewhere, he's got his comfy sleepers in the main office and his bags are permanently kept in the dressing room. I'd be surprised if at this stage he doesn't also have the keys to Meadow Lane. Fantastic news that he has agreed to become the assistant head coach.
  2. Underrated battling midfielder, he can be replaced but he will be a loss. Lets hope whoever fills his empty position gives 80% of what Jake Reeves did.
  3. I fear losing Sam Slocombe would leave us weak at the back, at this level there aren't many keepers as good as him. A vocal and commanding keeper is the prize asset in any side.
  4. I agree with all the released players, we should see a stronger Notts without the reliance on Enzio Boldewijn I feel.
  5. I have voted in 3 of the topics, the others require more thought.
  6. Ruben Rodrigues gets my vote, he will attract interest from higher up clubs so Notts needs to make the most of his time here.
  7. Some engaging members on PON but I voted for the person I feel contributes the most.
  8. Scouting is a year round thing, Notts should be mindful to not over think stats because they don't mean everything but can be used as a useful gauge to spot talent.
  9. We did the right thing when we returned him, his loan deal wasn't needed in the end and he should've done a lot better during his time here.
  10. The academy does need to improve, Alan Hardy lost the grant provided by the FA and since then it's not been the same. We can all criticise the Trews but at least they wanted to give youngsters a pathway into the first team. A football clubs academy is all about producing home grown talent that can break into the first team. If youngsters can't do this, there's little point as the cost simply doesn't warrant it. Few people become fans of a club simply because they trained with them or featured as part of the youth team setup.
  11. After the 00s music went downhill, rock music to about 05 was okay but pop music turned terrible. Oasis and Blur are fine to me, I enjoy their music but I don't care for the techno/dance/trash genres. That's where I draw the line with the 90's, best decade for music in my opinion was the 80s.
  12. Slocombe 7 - Not much for him to do but when needed he was fine. Brindley 8 - Great going forward and comfortable in defending. Ellis 8 - He's all over the place, contributing with play when needed. Chicksen 6.5 - Nothing flash, just comfortable but never really offered much in attack. DKE 7 - He needed to take on his man a little more, plus release the ball quicker but a good performance overall. Miller 8 - Exciting going forward, solid play. JOB 7 - Did what was needed, ran himself to the ground and did well. Reeves 7.5 - Fantastic at the back to bring the ball forward, did well with keeping the tempo going and supporting play. Doyle 6 - Organised others well but wasn't involved as much. Ruben 9 - He wanted to get going from the moment the whistle blew, very exciting player to watch when in the zone. Wootton 7 - Did what he could with the chances that came and linked up well with others. Subs Enzio 8 - Great sub performance, instantly defended and won the ball back. Attacked with a real purpose to his play, a different player than I have seen in the past. Sam 6 - Did well to defend and help with his turn of pace, not much to do otherwise. Griffiths 7 - Looked bright and eager to get involved, contributed well when he came onto the pitch.
  13. Like constantly complaining to get a manager out?
  14. It could be better, Notts could be top of the league and already crowned champions. Am I content? Yes, I am pleased with the progress and I do feel Neal Ardley would've turned it around but that's not the case now. Ian Burchnall has come in and with Michael Doyle has made a positive change. Finishing in the playoffs would be nice, going in as underdogs to some degree and reaching the final even better. Finishing outside is fine too, I know everybody has done the best that they could and no result this season can be taken for granted. Onwards and upwards!

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