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  1. Does he prefer managing in England or Holland? Would he ever return to manage another team in England? Why did his agent put him forward for the Notts job over other UK teams?
  2. The training kits might not have arrived, its a pretty big assumption but one I am inclined to agree with. Not because of the tops but because a buyer seems a million miles away.
  3. According to the Nottingham Post the moon is green, cheese was invented by the Swiss and the first man on the moon was Leigh Curtis. Pinches of salt right now.
  4. No interested in watching it, I read and see enough complaints without wasting my time f
  5. The issue is there will always be something that is out of the buyers or sellers hands, when you negotiate things through people it will only add time. I think the easiest thing is to avoid giving false promises, allow the media to do their jobs and chase these types of stories. At the very least it will come back to them.
  6. Ask your friend what's happening now @Magic magpie and I am not being funny, keep it to yourself.
  7. Good prospect, somewhat overrated but I wish the lad all the very best. It begs the question if he's good enough for Spurs to develop, why didn't Notts play him more?
  8. Name only, not reputation. Most people know Mark Crossley is quite the arrogant p**ck.
  9. The club has to take this opportunity to play more of the younger pros, its a chance to start embedding them into the first team and inspiring others to step up.
  10. It's better news than I expected, I thought it would be less time and other issues attached to it.
  11. Hardy has truly shot the club into the ground, it seems like desperate times for Notts.
  12. Que all the complaints about the pricing and other nonsense, lets just get behind the club and go if possible.
  13. I will only watch the English ladies take on whoever they play, otherwise I have absolutely zero interest.

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