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  1. Sometimes you need a player like Mick who will give 100% and get those goals as rewards, compared to overpriced players.
  2. I bet he has even more than what is on show. The clubs done well to get this done.
  3. This is my view perfectly summed up by Menzinho. I cannot see how any teams can be promoted without some clubs being relegated.
  4. I am surprised during Hardy's reign he didn't try to do something like this to fill the Family Stand, empty areas of the Pavis and unused Sirrel Stand.
  5. The old Meadows was full of Notts fans, that all changed with the redevelopment of the area. Nostalgic but sad to see.
  6. Will it be a good ever ending story? Who knows, if the owner wants success then it could come with some pressure. If he just wants to enjoy the game and give the club more chances to play at the top end of the league than that could be done with investment.
  7. Those wallpapers you have released are very good, I would welcome some 70's and 80's players as some have suggested before me.
  8. They can't have been a founding member, there's been plenty of documents released showing 12 clubs who founded the league. Crystal Palace can't rewrite history, they wasn't mistakenly forgotten to the party. The club wasn't there because it didn't exist as a professional club.
  9. Top Gear and most technology shows.
  10. Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham @Annemarie Johnson
  11. @menzinho @DangerousSausage I actually like it. I think the gold should have the black and white stripes, with the current part having a nod to perhaps the single magpie in a solid white with gold trim.
  12. Let Chris sort you out a personal image if you would prefer one, the site looks a bit more fuller with them.
  13. I enjoyed going to Sutton, despite the ground not being the best.

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