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  1. @menzinho Competition is always good, Slocombe shouldn't walk straight back into the team but he's obviously the clear number 1 at the club.
  2. Notts must do better at Meadow Lane in the returning replay, 0-0 isn't something to moan about but to be defensively good, does Notts lack the grit to go and score? Its almost Ricardo Moniz esq.
  3. I suspect one or two changes, but nothing that will rest most of the key players. Matt Palmer is important to get the ball moving forward, I don't see Ian Burchnall resting him. I do feel we should consider giving some a rest, Kairo Mitchell could lead the attack, but I do not see him as a goal scoring threat.
  4. Cold diced Watermelon is lovely in summer. Lemon and Lime is something I have in my drinks, or with Coke Cola. Not keen on Plums and Pears.
  5. Speedy recovery @GrannyPie, I wish you full health. Get those sticks out when you can, some of the prediction league players need tripping up.
  6. There's clear candidates for stronger defence partnership, with all the returning players fit, the competition might improve any weaknesses. I don't think the poor run was down to absences, more a lack of management in those games. I prefer Slocombe over Patterson, so will be pleased to see him return. Patterson is fine in the meantime.
  7. I fail to see why anyone would actively hate DKE, he tries and gives his all. I would understand views about him not being good enough, although my personal opinion is different. I do think at times he gets caught out but as a squad player, he's good to have a round.
  8. If you can bear it, here's Halifax's extended highlights.
  9. Ipswich Town 2-0 Shrewsbury Town Sheffield Wednesday 1-0 Bolton Wanderers Barrow 2-2 Leyton Orient Hartlepool United 2-1 Northampton Town Mansfield Town 0-3 Oldham Athletic Joker Boreham Wood 0-1 Dagenham & Redbridge Dover Athletic 0-2 Barnet Wealdstone 0-0 Eastleigh
  10. If Notts lose to Tamworth then I would worry about finishing inside the playoffs this season.
  11. Same here @CliftonMagpie, no plans right now but I might go to Brighton next year once the warmer weather is back.
  12. The last three games are not a good advertisement for Notts, if Yeovil do their homework it could be a very difficult game. As mentioned before me, if Notts turns up and attacks well, taking some of the pressure of the defence a good result could come. Its time Notts bounces back.
  13. Administration, fan buyout on the card? I hope Southend sort their problems out, it sounds terrible.
  14. The National League is wide open, teams will struggle at times and that is when others can climb up the league. I think Notts will have to beat the bigger teams, whilst making sure those scrappy games end in at least a draw. It's not going to be easy for anyone.
  15. @menzinho I fear another 1-0, I hope its Notts that gets the win.
  16. IB should show the goals we have conceded to the squad, get them cut down because a lot are just poor defensively.
  17. On the scale, I think most players played a 5. Too many inconsistencies and failing to do the basics. I thought Patterson, Brennan and Palmer all looked good, but they ended up being let down by average performances from the players around them. Notts needs to switch to a more attacking formation and just work harder to create chances that can come through the middle.
  18. Frustrating game at the end of the day, Notts didn't turn up and all the basics were wrong. I don't think either team played well, they just took their chance and nobody could've changed the outcome of that. Notts needs to be a lot more direct, I would welcome a change back to a more attacking formation. Those defensive issues will resolve themselves in time. I think we're both to blame, I did say 1-0 after all and that I hoped it would be to Notts. The point @Chris is trying to make is that Notts relies heavily on the more creative players, they do a lot of the running and chasing of the game. I would agree that Ruben Rodrigues is either tired or carrying some form of knock. He hasn't been at his best at all as of late and seems much slower than normal. @Elite_pie are you forgetting that there wasn't the usual break between seasons? This has to factor in with some of the players. Once last season ended, the new campaign began quicker due to the mess created by covid. As for the argumentative comment about "facilities and squad depth", that is nonsense. You cannot compare every player in this league to each other, in terms of fitness. Its a narrow and weak way to make a point. The facilities at Notts are good, it does depend on the players condition. I think Notts needs to work better as a team personally, instead of giving the ball to the out wide areas and expecting them to do the damage.
  19. @menzinho Don't jinx it. Notts are on fire right now and with the momentum building, the club could find themselves closer to the top space. I also think the game will be decided by one goal, I am just undetermined if it will be Notts, but my heart and mind thinks we can do it. Cal Roberts to score from the edge of the penalty box, how's that?
  20. I bet you are glad the comparison ends here and not on Twitter? Right? Good luck to the Rams, it's not a nice thing to go through.
  21. Both players looked good, but Kelly is younger and a position which could improve further in the right squad. I will be keeping an eye out for him.
  22. I am looking forward to seeing how he does, nice the clubs acted fast to find cover.
  23. Its been confirmed by the club now. https://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/news/2021/september/patterson-loan-240921/ Sensible signing IMO.
  24. @menzinho a reminder to Roberts from Burchnall, just a quiet piece of advice needs to be had IMO. Lately he's picking cards up like there's no tomorrow. Yes, some aren't exactly his fault but the frustration side of things needs to be toned down. Get on with the game, without getting involved in the decisions they are not going to change.

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