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  1. Stockport will finish in the playoffs in my eyes, no higher. I think the top place will be between us, Chesterfield and Wrexham.
  2. Plenty of different shops, all friendly and welcoming. How many hairdressers and mini shops does an area need these days?
  3. I suppose it could be another central midfielder, but I am hopeful its a striker.
  4. Nottingham is constantly changing, with Broadmarsh being knocked down and other locations, its starting to get quite saddening I feel.
  5. Provided the coach is knowledgable and can help the squad throughout, I am all welcoming to the idea.
  6. If they hadn't taken on like £8 million pounds worth of debt, Notts County wouldn't be here now. Thankful for the takeover and everything the brothers have done for us.
  7. What a good sending off this could be, if Notts goes ahead and gives it the green light.
  8. Positive news from the Notts County board, hope more fans take up buying a season ticket this season.
  9. Home all day long. The away kit will only be remembered if Notts gain promotion this season.
  10. I have to agree, being given the squad number 15 makes me believe Ian Burchnall sees him as player in contention to play.
  11. Plus, every re-signed player might've gotten more wages. We simply do not know! I can't imagine anyone taking a salary cut, to sign a new deal with a team struggling to get out of the National League.
  12. Excellent signing, one of three very impressive dealings Notts has made. It gives me a lot more confidence going into the new campaign, that Notts will have what it takes to grind out results or retain a winning streak.
  13. Sensible signing for Notts, the more new signings buy into the beliefs of promotion the others already here will want to do one better. Signing a player who could've easily signed for a League One or Two team, it easily feels like somewhat of a coup for the club. It's the type of signing the club could sell season tickets with, as it shows intent.
  14. Yeah, I thought this was a big signing the first time I heard about the announcing. The lad has everything we need to be a success, once the fans make him welcome he will grow in confidence. His type of player always does a lot more with the fans on his side, I think that's one reason why he enjoyed playing for Torquay, they made him welcome.
  15. Before away games I eat out, occasionally I eat at the ground if time limits me. I almost always buy a pie and chips. The days of me buying things at ML are long gone, quality hasn't been very good, not since the Trews cut and changed based on who hadn't been paid or whatever was the cheapest at the time.
  16. I wouldn't be against a player like Quigley, he does what is needed to win games and he has the work rate required to do well enough. I just don't see him as being the type of player the Reedtz would line-up for IB.
  17. A box to box midfielder is exactly what is needed, hopefully his EFL experience brings some creative flair to this level. It's an impressive signing.
  18. Impressed by this signing, keep him fit and look after the lad. Notts will reap their rewards!
  19. Rubbish tease, things like that just don't seem right when the player is trying to hide his smirk right from the beginning. Good to have him on board for another season.
  20. Both players sound suitable for the silky football that IB aims to play, I am just doubtful either will be realistic signings for Notts.
  21. I don't want to hear fans say we shouldn't have let him go, if he does well for Sutton. Likewise, if he does poorly our lot shouldn't justify the release by commenting on it. Leave it be.
  22. Fixtures are just games on paper at the end of the day, I will get more excited by seeing how Notts has done 10 games into the season and if we show signs of being a real contender for promotion.
  23. They might as well sign a medical skeleton and stick it in defence.
  24. England in a final, beating arch enemies Germany 2-0 without controversy? That is something to be proud of alone.
  25. @Pie since 89 I think we are a few signings short of our starting 11, so pre season can settle down the squad but I do feel that signings will start to become more imminent now.

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