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  1. Squads are taking shape, I think some will stop signing players soon because I can't imagine them having the money to continue building. This might be the one area, where Notts having a fan base like ours helps the situation. Only player I am disappointed we missed out on is Whitfield. Then again, we have a lot of ex Torquay United players already.
  2. Impressive signing, people are suggesting he's made of glass but I think that's more envy. Notts will be able to get the most out of him, I can't wait to see the speedster on the pitch turning the opposition inside out. Him and Cal Roberts, will be a nightmare to play against.
  3. Good start, it might be a friendly but a good pre season can lead into the season as the confidence builds. 2-0 we'll take it.
  4. There should be quite a few Notts fans tuning into the game, now we have signed the majority of positions needed I am looking forward to the game more. It should be an insight into where things are and might need to be improved on.
  5. I think if Notts can get the best out of someone who hasn't stepped out of the Football League, like Matt Palmer, he will prove to be one of the key signings this summer. He looks like he knows what he needs to do, his focus is on the goals the club has and he seems to buy into what Ian Burchnall is trying to do.
  6. You think Kyle Wootton has a tattoo that might not be deemed family friendly? There's no signs of a tattoo in any of the promotional photos for the new kits. Notts got out of the friendly what they needed, a chance to get a good game in and retain a clean sheet. At this stage it is all about fitness, giving players a run out and just seeing where the players are at in terms of fitness.
  7. I think Notts needs a striker that can play in the EFL, not just the National League. No point signing a striker that will be released once the clubs regains it's league status, it makes more sense to build and secure players for the long term.
  8. He should sell a few shirts with his name on the back, superb signing!
  9. Speaks well, says he's bought into the project. Take us back to the Football League Ian Burchnall.
  10. Neither are bad, far from being great but I do quite like the home shirt. Not sure on the mint looking away kit.
  11. All promising stuff so far, I think IB needs to slowly reintroduce Roberts but otherwise lets just get fit before the start of the new campaign.
  12. Not anymore, I don't eat before weekend games because I don't like sitting for so long when I am full. Week day games I do eat before heading out, but these days I wouldn't eat at a football ground. Mostly because its too expensive for the money.
  13. I think the Shaun Brisley that Notts had in the first season would be a great signing for Wrexham, but he seems the type that becomes complacent when settled.
  14. A team like Buxton could always do with an experienced defender, he'll be important for them to have around. I actually think its a good deal for both.
  15. @TheSkipper I thought you'd know by now, the fans will identify the trialists and he will pick up as a scoop.

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