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  1. CliftonMagpie

    A quick game ... choose your front three

    Ronaldo, Kane, Salah.
  2. CliftonMagpie

    Who are we missing the most from last season?

    I think Ryan Yates only worked well because of who he was beside when he played, most games I saw him he seemed a bit of a shadow and someone over hyped by certain fans. At this level you need a player who can change games, so I would say Jorge Grant too.
  3. CliftonMagpie

    Tickets Down

    I just go down to fetch any tickets when I go to away games but if the online store was better, I would be using that instead but I haven't for years. Alan Hardy blamed fans devices in the past but it's clearly the site and somewhere the clubs unwilling to part money in order to improve.
  4. CliftonMagpie

    Guess the magpie ..

    Noor Husin?
  5. CliftonMagpie

    Jamie Turnley .. in just one word

  6. CliftonMagpie

    Caption this ..

    Listen Sol Campbell, today for you it will be like playing prison rules and you'll be my *****.
  7. CliftonMagpie

    Will Harry change anything away to MK Dons ?

    Harry Kewell is stubborn like Kevin Nolan was so I don't think he will make any changes but he should, there's players who shown good form to get in the team but are now becoming average. Others are just wore from being over played, Harry's made poor choices so far here but he can get things back on track.
  8. CliftonMagpie

    What is Notts' best formation?

    Notts should be good enough to play several formations successfully without struggling to adapt, if the players was well drilled and organised this might be the case but it it's not now.
  9. CliftonMagpie

    Usain Bolt offered a football contract

    I wonder how much they are paying him, I can't see it being a great deal but good luck to him.
  10. CliftonMagpie

    Daily chat thread - Saturday 20th October

    @Fan of Big Tone Lovely garden you have Tony, do you take care of it all by yourself? It's a bit black over Bill's mothers.
  11. CliftonMagpie

    The First Thoughts Game

    Ex Everton, Derby and Rangers Colombo
  12. CliftonMagpie

    New game ... who did/do I play for ?

    Graeme Le Sauz - Blackburn Rovers Tom Walsh
  13. CliftonMagpie

    Who Was In This Film/movie?

    Leonardo DiCaprio - Catch Me If You Can Jamie Foxx
  14. CliftonMagpie

    Would you rather?....

    Pint Would you rather be Skeletor or He-Man.

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