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  1. CliftonMagpie

    Man of the Match: Notts County 3-2 Tranmere Rovers

    Jon Stead for me also, he did very well. Not just with the penalty being nicely executed but his general play was very tidy.
  2. CliftonMagpie

    Meet Ross Fitzsimons and jon stead on Thursday

    I am pleased for Ross because he has turned a corner and looks very confident now, he can only improve and I give him a special mention for dealing with the out of form very well. He would have naturally found a dark place but he does seem happier now.
  3. CliftonMagpie

    Does this make Womens football a farce?

    If he's a good manager he's a good manager, age shouldn't matter. Good luck to him.
  4. CliftonMagpie

    PONcast Episode 50

    Good show lads, well balanced and your only discussing the rumours started by the Nottingham Post and elsewhere. What are you supposed to discuss? Alan Hardy leaving Twitter be is a good thing, once people allow things to become personal it just creates issues. He seems to now be aware of this but overall I enjoyed the show. Don't be discourage by silly comments.
  5. CliftonMagpie

    Please join me welcoming Carter 1862

    Welcome to PON @Carter1862, see you about the site.
  6. CliftonMagpie

    Can we welcome our latest member

    Welcome to PON @Greenfly, interesting username. I hope to see you join in.
  7. CliftonMagpie

    Goalkeeper Situation?

    A better keeper is needed but Ross could become that with time, now I think he's just acceptable and performing quite well. He needs stronger competition.
  8. Happy Birthday @Magic magpie! Have you planned anything nice or done anything special for your birthday. Have a good one!
  9. CliftonMagpie

    Matt Tootle and Ben Hall dealt injury blows

    Matt Tootle is a massive player for Notts, a good player in and around the dressing room and pretty solid at this league. A return would be a great boost for Notts, as nobody else seems to take to the right back position as their own. Ben Hall can go back to Brighton, he's a waste of time.
  10. CliftonMagpie

    Neal Ardley gives update on injured quartet.

    Quite a late update with some of the players, they seem to be silent over certain people but others it must be known. It's quite weird.
  11. CliftonMagpie

    Sunderland v Notts

    I don't understand why Sunderland are hyping the win, they put out a stronger team than most League One clubs can and it was barely a B team to begin with.
  12. CliftonMagpie

    Half season tickets now available

    Just go and get one if you can commit, stop complaining about the performances and support the team. Neal Ardley deserves the backing and he can only fix the issues if we give our full support.
  13. CliftonMagpie

    Match Discussion: Game 21 - Stags (A)

    I hope Notts don't end up embarrassing themselves, all we need is those Mansfield podcasters releasing awkward jokes at our expence. It would be nice if we could get the last laugh and steal or deserve a win.
  14. CliftonMagpie

    corina turley approves of the pon prints

    Very kind of you @Chris, if I was you @DeadlyDennis I would his arm off and take the offer because the prints are awesome.
  15. CliftonMagpie

    Would you rather?....

    I would rather wait. Would you rather offer someone who would be alone for Christmas to join you or would you them?

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