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  1. Your message to Notts County Football Club

    Thanks for the amazing seasons lads, now push on from here.
  2. The retained list...

    The list seems about right, I trust Kevin Nolan so lets see what he can do. We need to capture two good strikers to replace Forte and Ameobi, someone strong would be good. We need the signings to be players that will get the fans going on a match day as I will miss singing to Shola.
  3. Callum Saunders Gone!

    Why are some Notts fans so bothered about Callum Saunders being released on Twitter? He was never good enough.
  4. Stadium improvements

    There is a lot of room for further improvements, I hope the club does focus on the stands because the conditions can be appalling at times. Meadow Lane is a fantastic ground but refurbs and modernization would be smart business.
  5. We all know he needed to go this season but we can't fault his effort, just the application was not good enough. I also wish him well.
  6. I agree with this. Get rid of the clutter like Collin, Hunt, Saunders etc
  7. Wes Morgan to County ??

    No way, Big Al can't pull this off. Beside Kevin Nolan has never played with Wes so I'm not sure they are mates?
  8. Kristian Dennis

    He could do a job in League Two but I am unsure if he would be the right target for League One. I would like to see signings come that would narrow the chance of relegation once we do go up, 28 is no spring chicken but it does depend on the type of deal. Kevin Nolan will most likely be keeping tabs on several players.
  9. Martin Allen

    Martin Allen moves around too much and runs out of ideas, its always the same antics at each club. He will get them up but it wont be long before hes forced to find another club.

    Nice editing, good video.
  11. The play offs

    1-0 to Exeter. That cheating Stockley put them in the lead.
  12. I can see the game being forced into extra time, potentially penalties too. My nervous wont take it if I am right.
  13. Retrospective bans for violence

    He's been given a 3 match ban. It does not seem enough to me considering his aggressive behaviour.

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