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  1. His times over with Notts, I liked him as a focused player but his ego seems to be the biggest issue. He was never consistent enough on the pitch and he became a wasted signing the second time he came back. Perhaps he's found his level now?
  2. West Brom 1-0 Cardiff QPR 1-2 Blackburn Wycombe 1-3 Peterborough (Joker) Gillingham 1-1 Southend Walsall 2-0 Salford City Crewe 0-1 Exeter Sutton 2-2 Stockport Chorley 0-1 Aldershot
  3. It looked at a time like Notts was going to be just plain average this season, but things are picking up. I think if the current form continues up to Christmas, fans will have every right to be excited because the club should be fighting for promotion. I just think some need to be mindful it does happen, and we stumble that we accept it and move on. Getting behind the club now is very important.
  4. It's typical football, I don't read to much into what the opposition clubs put out. The fans generally have more sense.
  5. A good performance would show signs that the clubs adjusting well after being written off, I think after last season the new signings have arrived wanting to prove a point and the club finally has a squad now. I would just like to see Notts attack the wider areas of the pitch. If Enzio doesn't improve, he needs dropping. You can't justify having a player who can have one magical moment, or scores a worldly goal over someone who can assist for longer. It's getting to the point where he does need to shine, I hope this is proven wrong but he's one I don't think deserves to start. Watch him score now!
  6. This isn't something I would want to hear often, the title just temps you to click it.
  7. Derby 1-1 Birmingham City Middlesbrough 1-3 Sheffield Wednesday Southend 2-0 Accrington (Joker) Oxford 1-0 Gillingham Cheltenham 2-2 Crewe Swindon 2-0 Newport Yeovil 1-1 Bromley Wrexham 2-1 Ebbsfleet
  8. It was a good game, from a fan perspective it was great to see our support. They never looked like scoring. Very good win on the road!
  9. Mitch Rose and Regan Booty looked very good last night. These two could be the main pairing, with others coming in to add depth or experience.
  10. It will be interesting to see if Neal Ardley changes anything, I do feel the formation might need some revision but otherwise the teams good to go. There must be 2-3 players itching to get on the pitch to do well. I just hope Pierce Bird is given a chance. We can't just pay players to be passengers when they could do a job. I think it will be 1-1.
  11. I have felt the standard of football isn't that much different than league two, some teams actually pass it on the ground better in my opinion. Its just when sides panic about getting some from the game, they resort to hoofing it at times and this includes Notts. We can't keep crying about relegation.
  12. All I do is work and come home, nothing all that exciting happens. I wished I could say I was going away on holiday @liampie.

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