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  1. Tough game... Usually these I feel Notts won't do well in but we all know they lift themselves against bigger teams, I think the game should be okay and that thin thread of string will keep safety dangling over our heads for a few more games.
  2. He needs time but I think questions should be asked to why Ross Fitzsimons has suddenly became unwell after being given his chance.
  3. Nobody should be saying what to do, everyone should express how they feel. I have given up hope but not my support. Some sound like going down will mean its all over.
  4. Boring He needs his own players and a fresh start, I don't think this will happen until he lives and his Wimbledon legacy will ensure whatever happens here is forgotten. He won't lose out one bit!
  5. He should just risk being fined by the Football League by releasing all of what he knows, rather than these riddle tweets.
  6. You have all the bases covered @ARLukomski, I look forward to reading it mate.
  7. Jim O'Brien, not much bothered about the rest or Michael Doyle.
  8. I will be there, Notts will do well and the hope will continue be there within a small thread of string.
  9. Hello @Jordan, don't be a person of mystery! Join in and let us know something about you.
  10. All three clubs are rumoured to be in some sort of financial trouble, it makes me wonder if Yeovil and Macclesfield are holding out to see if we go into admin. The results on the pitch must be better, so give up too easily and Ardley needs to wake up.
  11. Any team can beat any of the others on the day, form is a big factor but that can change. It's do or die time for Notts.
  12. #2 I think this will be doable if everyone just leaves a short reply, it would be interesting to see who will leave a reply.
  13. I thought this had been resolved with the keeper coming in on loan but it leaves more questions, why is Ross Fitzsimons suddenly ill?

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