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  1. Slocombe 6 - Nobody can fault him, he gives a good presence. Rawlinson 5 - I thought he did okay, nothing special but just an average performance. Graham 6.5 - Good battling performance, dealt with Wrexham well. Turner 6 - He did just fine for me but he doesn't look 100% fit. McCrory 6.5 - Good going forward, some excellent crosses and defends bravely. Rose 9 - The engine and player who worked hard to hold the ball up, I felt he played some great balls. Doyle 4 - Roamed and tried to do his thing, too many backward passes and stay balls out for my liking. He killed off quite a few good counter attacks by not being a forward thinking player. Booty 7 - Excellent, looks calm on the ball and uses it well. Enzio 6.5 - He needs to try to block the ball if he can't defend, excellent going forward but unmotivated at the back. Dennis 7.5 - He worked well, not much else to say apart from what a well timed run for his goal. Thomas 6 - Worked hard, tried to create chances and showed some great speed. Subs Osborne 6 - He didn't have long but did well with what time he had. O'Brien 5 - Looks unfit, went forward okay but weaker in defence I felt. Tyson 5 - He held the play, linked with Thomas but was mostly invisible I felt.
  2. I felt entertained and the top of the Kop was electric. First half Notts looked to struggle to create scoring chances, a few good efforts but nothing like the second half. I thought the final 45 minutes Notts looked like a squad that could give a side a thrashing, Wrexham played well but not as good on the ball. I agree the finishing could have been better, yet I am optimistic about the direction. The football was class.
  3. Looks a cracking player, if we can develop him right he could be worth something in a few years or a great player to have if/when we return to the Football League. He works his socks off.
  4. Usual Nottingham Post, nothing much to the "update" and they never pressed the manager for a better response. Other than the standard run of the mill crap about every club looking for a striker of the same quality.
  5. If he's replaced properly I won't be bothered, but selling a player like Kane Hemmings and not replacing him well just shows a lack of ambition which at this time isn't needed. Getting out of the National League will be hard enough, without having the correct strike force in place. I wish Kane all the best.
  6. If Notts can get the ball down and use it well, they tend to do well against Barnet. I just hope Kevin Nolan's return doesn't dampen the mood, some will have forgotten that he is partly to blame for bring the club down.
  7. @DangerousSausage it might be worth tagging the remaining parties as this sends them a notification via e-mail. QPR 3-1 Huddersfield Sheffield Wednesday 2-1 Barnsley Fleetwood Town 1-1 AFC Wimbledon Ipswich 2-0 Sunderland (Joker) Walsall 2-1 Forest Green Macclesfield 2-2 Leyton Orient Yeovil 0-2 Stockport Maidenhead 0-2 Hartlepool
  8. I agree mate. I think the first win is massive, Notts needs to avoid what happened last season. Searching for that first win just added unwanted pressure, the squad is fairly new and all the toxicity from Alan Hardy needs time to settle.
  9. The home shirt is quite ugly to be honest, I don't see why anyone would look like it. It don't look like something Notts would ever have.
  10. Welcome to PON @OoooooTommy, I wished he could play for Notts now!
  11. I wouldn't mind seeing him go, provided the fee was right and he was replaced. I am not sure Neal Ardley can get the most out of someone like Kane Hemmings as he just ends up playing to far wide.
  12. It sounded like Notts struggled with height and a team used to the standard of play, I think if Neal Ardley wants to focus on pretty passing football, he needs to make sure two strikers are in central positions. It seems a waste to see the wide areas occupied by players who are better on goal.
  13. What is Neal Ardley doing pushing Oxlade-Chamberlain into a centre back position? The guy has two left feet.
  14. I will be there, first home game this cannot be missed! Both teams will be wanting to get their first win of the season, I can see it being a draw.

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