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  1. CliftonMagpie

    Would you rather?....

    Burger Would you rather be a poet or songwriter?
  2. CliftonMagpie

    The First Thoughts Game

    Song, Country song, Forget who sung Songwriting
  3. I think it's going to be 1-1, with Notts having 5 shots on target.
  4. I don't even think Notts are all that dirty, if anything we are too soft and rash players like Nathan Thomas are long gone. Jim O'Brien, Michael Doyle are different. Jorge Grant is just a smoke screen by Mansfield, I agree with the comment above by @BigMag.
  5. CliftonMagpie

    The First Thoughts Game

    Local derby, try to claim they're from Nottingham but aren't from Nottinghamshire, Wear yellow @Dan
  6. Ross Fitzsimons or Ryan Schofield? I stand by my comments that Schofield doesn't get praised for the difference he makes, whilst some made comments that if we didn't sign a keeper in January, Notts would end up relegated. This seems to have been forgotten, football is such a fickle sport. If Fitzsimons starts on Saturday and concedes 3 or more, I am sure excuses would be made. "It was a big game", "He had no defence". "Difficult game with too much pressure." or "He's not played for awhile." Where's I do feel many who voice negatives against Schofield are just being petty or critical. Scholfield isn't a cult hero, he's done nothing to warrant that but he's helped to improve things. The cult hero status was Fitzsimons last season when mindless people wanted Adam Collin replaced [only to want him back this season]. Fickle sport as I said.
  7. CliftonMagpie

    Would you rather?....

    Neal Bishop, I don't think he would celebrate. Would you rather have Ross Fitzsimons or Ryan Schofield in goal?
  8. CliftonMagpie

    Prediction League Round 33

    Aston Villa 2-1 West Bromwich Albion (Joker) Preston North End 0-2 Nottingham Forest Coveentry City 1-0 Walsall Oxford United 0-2 Peterborough United Exeter City 1-0 Bury Port Vale 0-0 Morecambe
  9. CliftonMagpie

    Match Discussion: Game 33 - The Stags (H)

    If Notts manages to win, Neal Ardley needs giving the keys to Meadow Lane. What would it feel like to beat Mansfield at home and climb further to safety? The players need to treat it carefully but focus on disrupting Mansfield's playing style. Go bet us those points!
  10. CliftonMagpie

    where are they now...Gary Mills

    Some good coaches should know their limits but we can't blame them for trying, it makes you wonder sometimes how differently things could be if it had worked out.
  11. CliftonMagpie

    Where are Notts county's ex managers now?

    Would anyone take any of the names back if Neal Ardley walked out on Notts tomorrow?
  12. CliftonMagpie

    25 years ago today...

    Well before my time but I can appreciate what it meant and the fact it was a great goal. Brilliant free kick also from Mark Draper. I just want to add if this was Forest, we all would be moaning about them being nostalgic about the past and going on about it. Since we are Notts fans, it's fine but I thought I would mention it.
  13. CliftonMagpie

    where are they now...Alan Gow #387 in a series of one

    I don't recall much about him TBH, I think he scored one or two goals but he was on of those players who went about their work quietly IMO.
  14. CliftonMagpie

    Funny username suggestions?

    BandwagonMagpies WhereWasTheyWhenWeWasPoor
  15. CliftonMagpie

    FGR v Notts Sky match video

    How is what the FGR player did not a foul? He creates the space by man handling and backing up into the wall. The free kick is well taken, plenty of good chances. Enzio Boldewijn seemed on fire. Good game.

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