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  1. Toe Would you rather keep busy or find more time to have fun?
  2. Think we all can relate bar the club and it’s staff, leave us in the dark.
  3. No idea, some people come and go when they have what they want. Only returning when something else is needed. Others get busy, some lose interest. I think it’s a shame, the racism discussion and the article Loz wrote was good. Maybe life and the SLO role has got in the way?
  4. FFS, sorry it’s doing my head in. The takeover will happen when it’s finalised and of course being fans we’ll be the last to know. Just because we pay money into the club does doesn't mean they will acknowledge our support. Whatever is stalling might be out of the club control of the potential buyers.
  5. Dicker, Ruining Notts, All about him Music
  6. Posted in the wrong topic. I think they hype it too much, I find it dull and I can’t wait for more than 10 minutes.
  7. It's going to be gruelling at this right, the club just needs to avoid another relegation fight. That would finish the club IMO, fans would just leave in drones.
  8. I wouldn't be involved if I had the money to buy Notts, it seems wiser to appoint someone football minded to run the club and I could enjoy being a fan still. I do feel that the foundations must be concrete to warrant success. Peterborough United are the type I would want Notts to become, fans need to accept that assets are sold but replaced well. Focus on making the youth team a success, giving the manager a competitive budget and making sure the chairman spends wisely. Like I say, I wouldn't get that involved.
  9. I would agree that currently the club cannot afford to allow him to leave, only permit it if we sign a replacement. The club doesn't replace players well otherwise.
  10. Good luck to him, it's always good to see a young former player go on to do well. If he manages to keep his head down, he could go one further than Leon best.
  11. Halted? Not ended??? That is silly, are the club and Alan Hardy that desperate to sell that they're willing to put things on the line even more than they are currently?
  12. What's everyone been up to recently? Has anyone done anything special with Father's Day just passing? Anyone been on holiday or away? Share what you have been up to.

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