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  1. That's got to be Ronan Murray!
  2. Rob Matthews? Call it a wild card guess but I read something recently about him.
  3. His post match reactions have been less interesting lately, I think he just needs to reflect more on the games afterwards. He might weight things up more if he did, as after the game his emotions will be high. Compered to the message about looking for a response.....
  4. Welcome to PON @Mark159.
  5. Welcome to PON @Glenn.
  6. It's the right move if Neal Ardley won't work with him, it makes sense for that reason to let him go so he might be able to bring someone else in who he would play. I don't recall seeing Alex Lacey start yet, I might be mistaken.
  7. I'm fearing the worst now, I think with the recent press conference if we lose more will want to see a change. The only changes that are required at this point, is by Neal Ardley himself. Certain players need to sit this game out, those that have been woeful consistently and haven't deserved to start games.
  8. In one corner, you have some fans who don't have faith in Neal Ardley and then you have people who just want to see him get on with things. Most of the comments I have read have highlighted they just want to see Notts do well, few expect promotion. Those that do are hardly being negative, if there are fans out there that wish to see the club fail, they're not supporters. They would only be a small minority too. In recent games the clubs form has been woeful, I feel the defending and tactics to a degree are the real reasons why we have experienced a few bad results. Naturally after relegation, some fans might be inclined to believe Ardley isn't the right man for the job. I personally don't blame him, yet he could have saved Notts and if he didn't set out for what appeared to be draws things may all be different. I say this as a point, I accept it happened and just feel I would like to see the club moving forward. There seemed to be a sense of positivity floating around the club prior to the defeat, so what has changed? I just want to see Neal Ardley focus on the games as they come, figuring out how to adapt to games would help. Ignoring his gut feelings, or excuses about why things aren't doing well isn't productive. If you agree, disagree, want him out it's beside the point. He is the manager of Notts County. Just get on with it. The season is still there if the hopes to finish inside the playoffs, breeding chaos through smoke screen isn't going to help. If anything, the lack of focus and negativity that it breed will just become the short term excuse as to why things didn't happen. A win tomorrow would be massive, there has to be some sort of focus now we are almost half way through the season.
  9. There's always some on social media that breath too much negativity, just leave them to it. I honestly feel mentioning it or even attempting to address it by no means will just lead to a bigger problem. Now, fans will be discussing and those who are seeming like they want Notts to fail will be feeling like they have won. How are these comments constructive at all? I agree, Neal Ardley seems to be feeling the pressure now.
  10. Yes, I don't want him to be rushed back. I am hoping that we can bring in a pacey midfielder when the January window opens up in the football league.
  11. Losing happens, yet you do need to buckle down and see what can be improved. I largely agree with what Chris has written, if Notts wants to be better then they need to address some of these key concerns. Things are fine but no doubt it could be better. The squads made huge strides but last Saturday things went backwards.
  12. I am very impressed with the new owners, they seem to have their heads in the right place. Unlike previous owners hyping things or giving a 5 year plan, or making it all about themselves. Hopefully we can move forward together.
  13. This seasons highest goal scorer? Who will it be??? I have created a poll which will run until the 31st of the January 2020.
  14. I think Lifeline should remain the sponsor, I also think 2 year deals are better. Perhaps it's time to drop the monthly deal? It must be complicated to sort and manage.
  15. I do feel comfortable myself at home, otherwise I would have said a 1-1 draw. I'm hoping it will be clean sheet for us also, so I do agree with @Joshua. My prediction would be 2-0 also, Kyle Wootton and Wes Thomas to start up top. I think Regan Booty needs to be in the midfield to start, he's looked good as of late.

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