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  1. If it stopped, then the same result has last season needs to be worked out. Allow playoffs to happen and automatic promotion, thankfully this has not happened and we've been able to see it continue. Covid should improve with the vaccine so the situation might do so too.
  2. Notts tended to keep the season ticket sales to themselves, I imagine it would be the same with the income generated via live streams.
  3. Notts can run at times well when someone decides to take players on, I wished it would happen more often because even if the player doesn't score like Sam did, it should open up play or intimidate the opposition. Being clever with the ball like this makes games from eventless to somewhat rememberable.
  4. Its a good day to have your birthday, a Sunday. Hopefully, you managed to still make the most of it despite the lockdown. Happy Birthday @Megan_Elizax.
  5. Dion Kelly-Evans works as a left or right back, he's done well and has been largely consistent this season. I think he's good enough to start in the left-back position but I do feel we could benefit from more strength. I am sure DKE is more focused on himself, than worrying about losing his place in the team if Neal Ardley is to sign another left-back.
  6. Yes, it doesn't help at all. There's no chance for the players to become match sharp either, you have to be playing regularly and with the games eventually going to pile up it will create a different problem all together. Anyone suggests otherwise, well they don't know what they're talking about.
  7. Does it really matter? He's left and for the most part he was a good servant of the club. I wouldn't put the club past doing a pretend and asking for his release, the fact he wanted to avoid training which I feel Wes Thomas has every right to do, a lot of fans instantly wanted him out. If the money can be spent to bring in another couple of players, it will be best for the squad.
  8. Millwall 1-3 Coventry City Swansea City 1-0 Watford Hull City 2-0 Charlton Athletic Swindon Town 2-0 Wigan Athletic Joker Leyton Orient 0-1 Salford City Mansfield Town 2-0 Port Vale Chesterfield 1-0 Solihull Moors Woking 0-0 Aldershot
  9. Promotion isn't the main thing, constructing a solid squad that can push on and be built upon further with time is. Our downfall is due to the opposite, we don't replace players well or give them time to settle properly. Yes, promotion is a good aim to have and we most certainly should be one of the teams to be in for this come the end of the season. Yet I still think we need to appreciate how the club has improved since Alan Hardy has left, for the first time in years we look capable of being a solid team in this league.
  10. Good goal, I thought Jake Reeves did well to control the ball and find his feet to enable him to have a pop at goal. It flies past those three Stockport players in the middle.
  11. Stockport played quite well but looked empty on goal, they shot wide and forced one save. I don't think the report is correct, they seem to be glossing over the match but they wasn't as bad as some Stockport fans are making out. It would be the same reaction by some Notts fans if it had gone the other way.
  12. Barnsley 0-1 Preston North End Nottingham Florist 1-3 Sheff Weds Oxford United 2-0 Northampton Town Portsmouth 1-0 Fleetwood Town Southend United 1-1 Grimsby Town Tranmere Rovers 2-0 Stevenage Solihull Moors 1-0 Halifax Town Weymouth 1-2 Wrexham Joker
  13. Stockport are a decent team but aren't undefeatable. Notts has to rely on being structurally sound at the back, if we defend well I think Notts could show that they're able to get good victories over teams in a similar expectation. The thing for me is ensuring that we do against those we should be beating, but I think tonight depends on what line-up starts. I think it will be end to end too.
  14. He should do very well with them and regular game time, if they can keep him fit and fighting for a place he will do just fine.
  15. Good player, people complained he was too slow but I felt he kept himself in games well. It's probably the same fans who think Michael Doyle is a world beater though.
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