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  1. @hissingdwarf I would be interested to see how they do in the future, as a club trying to move forward but they're in difficult waters because of mistrusted actions.
  2. @ARLukomski I had voted already mate.
  3. I am spending most of my time still working and when I'm at home I am glued to my Playstation 4. It's the only way I am relaxing right now. Listening or watching the news is far from my mind.
  4. I've seen parts, but as a club that spend beyond their means and tried to hang onto their Premier League status at all cost. I find it harder to sympathise with them. They're still a big club and it's not like they're in Bolton's former situation.
  5. Chesterfield Derby County West Ham Portsmouth Exeter City Which is a lie?
  6. Goldberg I hope he doesn't botch a movie and up crippling me.
  7. I think Notts will be fine, the squad did find their form towards the suspension but they must all be eager to go. Neal Ardley has the right attitude with the players. Some would run through a brick wall for him, if asked.
  8. I will give it a watch. I have been looking for something to consume some of my free time, if its a good drama about football I think it will be different. Is it based on fiction or facts?
  9. Good to see you blogging @DangerousSausage, your sense of humour is canny and often hilarious.
  10. Sad news, I know the songs. Rest in Peace Bill.
  11. I think you're right, they need to look at playing behind closed doors.
  12. I'm not bothered either, my weekends off are where I relax and just sit back. No point wasting it.
  13. Not a member, never won anything and I'm not sure I would join. I'd rather make a donation to Notts themselves.
  14. @Chris has done a very good job there, it looks quality!
  15. Drink (alcoholic or non) - Orange juice Song - Nice for what by Drake Movie - Scary Movie Football Match - Notts vs Coventry first play off final leg Dinner - Chicken dinner Game - FIFA 20

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