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  1. A "key" transfer? How about this bloke? https://www.transfermarkt.com/matthew-lock/profil/spieler/476061 Fighting Camels are now my second favourite team.
  2. I never thought it would happen, to be honest - I thought they'd be the latest in a long line of prospective owners who just vanish at the eleventh hour, leaving us wondering whether they'd ever existed at all. And the fact they hadn't even been named didn't make me optimistic. So the day the takeover was finally announced seemed almost dreamlike, and the way they've gone about their business is in marked contrast to their predecessors. Just hope they have the chance to guide the club through the Proper Leagues soon.
  3. That is awesome! Reminds me of the stuff Google Translate used to spit out ten years ago. If you like that, give https://www.engrish.com/ a visit!
  4. I thought the same initially, but until last season he'd never even reached double figures for a season - it was more like 6 or 7. So it may well be a case of cashing in while his stock is high, especially if Wrexham really did offer triple what Cambridge did. Grimsby will be gutted they missed out on that one.
  5. Roberts and Rodriguez will score plenty if they both stay fit, but Wootton does need some competition. The trouble is, Wootton is hugely important to this team and will play whenever he's fit - and so whoever is brought in will spend a good part of the season on the bench. So I wouldn't expect a marquee signing in that area. Wrexham's signing of Paul Mullin, who scored 32 goals for Cambridge last season, puts this in the shade, but I wouldn't panic about either. There's no guarantee it'll work out when a striker joins a new club - how many have we signed who were prolific elsewhere but couldn't hit a barn door for us?
  6. Interesting one. I think variants 2 and 3 are quite likely - a 343 shape allows us to play both Rodders and Roberts alongside / just behind Wootton, at the price of making us lighter in midfield. Alternatively, we could stick with last season's shape with a number 10 just behind Wootton. Rodders is excellent in that role, and Roberts surely would be too - but then we'd have two of our best players competing for one spot. I don't like the idea of Roberts as a wing back. A lot depends on how our new-look midfield performs, but I'm already liking the look of this team better than last season's.
  7. That home kit is nice! Clean, elegant and a big improvement on last season's effort. Will most likely be having one. Like the fact that we've had white socks three years running too, looks so much better than the predominantly black kits we've had IMO. Didn't realise white flashes on the inside of shorts were a thing, but it's only minor. As for the green away shirt, yuck! Some seem to love it though. There's no accounting for taste
  8. He's clearly had a good football education, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. All the stuff about his England youth appearances sounds impressive, but so many players with a back story like that just end up drifting into the local leagues or out of the game altogether. Patching is one example but there are plenty more. However, Francis has more senior experience and I expect that our recruitment team have done their homework on him. Looking forward to seeing him in action.
  9. So when does the proper football start?
  10. Football is a contact sport @Chris, being touched doesn't make it a foul. The contact was nowhere near enough to bring him down, and that's the near unanimous opinion of all those without their England goggles on too. Still, I've got to laugh at people on social media rooting for Italy because England are divers. It's like we've entered a parallel universe. Italy have already won Eurovision this year. They shouldn't be greedy.
  11. It was never a penalty, but to be fair their free kick shouldn't have stood either and without that it would have been a different game. The better team certainly won though. And I'm relieved we didn't have to face Kasper in a penalty shoot-out! So it's final day. Is football coming home? Personally a think Italy will have too much for us, but it's a one-off and you never know. It's fantastic that we've made it this far. How are you all watching the match? This afternoon I'll be heading to my favourite Italian restaurant in my England shirt, before changing into my lucky shirt (that I haven't washed all tournament) and watching at home.
  12. I'm not too worried, we've still got well over a month. Ideally you'd want most of the team in place for pre-season, but there's still plenty of time. Hopefully a couple of new faces (ideally midfielders and wing backs) will turn up at training to run the rule over.
  13. I don't get too excited about this any more, opening fixtures that look tough in theory can turn out to be straightforward in the event, or vice versa. It might not be such a bad thing to be playing Wrexham early on, before their new signings have really settled in. Can't we switch the venues for the Torquay match? Torquay away in August is what football is all about.
  14. Erm, plenty of us have been cheated on (and that's just conjecture anyway) and managed not to assault anyone. And you don't give someone a fractured cheekbone by accident. Hope he sorts himself out.
  15. We haven't really got much to go on - he's a youngster who's spent half a season at Torquay and has had a few brief loan spells elsewhere. But our recruitment team have been tracking him for quite some time, so hopefully he'll be a gem. I wouldn't worry about the goals thing. Neal Bishop had only scored about a handful of goals in his entire career before he joined us, yet he was regularly in the goals at Notts. If we're as positive next season, he'll get his chances.
  16. You always get some of these antics, but once the Italians realised the referee could be conned they spent more time on the floor than standing up. Still, they're the best team in the competition and a joy to watch, too.
  17. Some decent tunes but not really my music. She's easy on the eye though.
  18. Obviously awesome that we beat Germany, and the coverage afterwards was a special treat for me. I've been to jollier funerals! I asked my neighbour what the score was afterwards (just to make sure obviously), but he seemed to have forgotten. Crossing my fingers for Denmark and England to progress so we definitely have a Notts reject in the final. Looking good for Denmark so far. The German commentator has told us that if Kasper improves the command of his area, he could play for a club like Manchester City one day and win trophies. He really knows his stuff then. The Czechs have looked more comfortable on the ball and have produced a few dangerous moments, but have been slack at the back and the Danes have punished them for it.
  19. Think he got Colchester into the Championship, but that's obviously way back. Used to be a bit of a big boot merchant. Big names don't equal success.
  20. Yesterday was pretty incredible! Two recent world champions going into a two-goal lead and blowing it, and France actually bowed out. That's good news for everyone with an eye on the trophy as they're stuffed with quality, but taking the foot off the gas too soon as defensive frailty were their undoing. Tonight it's Germany. As I don't fancy getting punched in the face if we score, I'll probably watch it at home - I'll have a year to gloat about it if we win! I really can't predict it, but my gut says Germany will win.
  21. Not so keen on the home shirt, black arms makes me think of the dark days before Munto. Wouldn't mind something a bit striking and different this season. That away shirt is classy though, shades of 95-96 there! The only caveat is that we lost in the play-offs that season, so I wouldn't want to tempt the football gods. Jason Turner mentioned the colour of the away shirt in his last email, so I suspect we'll be getting something different.
  22. Well that was a pretty crazy day! At first Hungary were going out, then Germany, then Portugal, then Germany again and finally Hungary. I don't like the third-placed teams qualifying as it takes a lot of the jeopardy out of it, but yesterday was still a lot of fun. We've now got an interesting tie to look forward to... The last Denmark match was probably my highlight so far. Such passion, such an incredible atmosphere. Fancy them to reach the quarter finals now. On the subject of Denmark...
  23. Shame he's gone, we could have used him next season, but he must be really desperate to play in League Two if he's signed for them. At least he can afford some new trousers now. As he had a clause in his contract, I highly doubt there was a fee involved. Neal Ardley said he only thought we'd get him if we went up, and this is the price we have to pay for that.
  24. I thought it was very poor. No tempo, no urgency, never managed to get behind them apart from a short spell at the start of the second half, following which we quickly settled back into the old pattern. Just like watching Notts at times this season. Scotland were more motivated, disciplined, pressed more effectively and looked likelier to score. Celebrating a 0-0 is a bit tinpot though. If I were them I'd see it as a missed opportunity to beat a side who were way off the boil. As it is, England are in a very good position to progress while Scotland are still goalless and need to beat Croatia. I did enjoy seeing both McGregor and Grealish on the pitch again though.

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