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  1. 9 hours ago, Dan said:

    Well you learn something new every day. I never knew you lived in Germany! I did a couple of games over there the other week and at Bochum they served the sausage with the sauce in the press room. There was a cutting machine that you put your sausage under & it cut it up into pieces for you. I didn't go for it as it gave me a heartburn just from the smell of it!

    Incidentally if you want to have a look at the pics here's the two games I did:

    FC Koln v Bayern Munich https://www.facebook.com/dan.westwell/media_set?set=a.10158107335224104&type=3 

    VFL Bochum v VfB Stuttgart https://www.facebook.com/dan.westwell/media_set?set=a.10158127135639104&type=3 


    Oh, the Currywurst chopping machine is a must!

    I had a look at the pictures (the links didn't quite work for me, but they were easy to find). I've been to Cologne a couple of times, really like the feel of the place. Got to see Podolski play there the first time too. They serve a special lager in Cologne - Kölsch - that they serve in small, thin glasses. Maybe they do that at the football too, but I can't remember seeing it. I've never been to Bochum - looks like a bit of a strange ground - but maybe I'll get the chance to go there in the league next season.

    Oh, and I'm impressed that you've got a dedicated folder on the Cologne cheerleaders! :D

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  2. Years of selfless dedication @hissingdwarf, purely in the services of PON!

    4 hours ago, liampie said:

    do you find the food to be of a better standard in germany @DangerousSausage?

    Difficult one. A few years back we did have pretty decent pies at Notts, but now it's just the Pukka pies you get everywhere. And I'd have to be seriously hungry to get anything off those burger vans, they stink. You can't beat a decent pie and mushy peas though.

    Football fare in Germany is fairly simple - it's hard to mess up a sausage in a cob (I did once have a sausage that was still frozen at the Christmas market, but never at a match). So my answer would probably be "dunno" :D

    6 hours ago, Chris said:

    funny cowpat  looking thing.

    If you mean the last picture, that's just a blob of mustard. It tastes a lot better than cowpat ;)

    The stuff next to it could be horseradish, but don't expect anything as exotic as that at a football match.

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  3. Postscript. Carl Zeiss Jena are rooted at the bottom of the third division. Thanks to the "situation", they will now almost certainly not be relegated despite being rubbish. This is their fans' banner, referring to the threat of abandonment due to nasty slogans about Dietmar Hopp.

    FC Carl Zeiss Jen | MDR.DE

    "Not even an abandonment will do us any good. We need a reset button."

    Prophetic words!

  4. This hasn't aged all that well - it was a big topic for a few days and even hit the English media, but now it's far from anyone's mind.

    On 18/03/2020 at 02:58, AmericanPie said:

    Very amusing blog, several times I laughed out loud and I can’t believe I didn’t notice this sooner. Is the food good at German grounds?

    I imagine the beers fantastic.

    Thanks! The food is mixed at best. The staples are sausages of various kinds, chips and, in the north, fried fish. Pie are unknown and sorely missed. At Waldhof there's only light beer on offer, with 2% alcohol, as we can't be trusted with anything stronger. There are always plenty of people outside the ground selling tins though...

    As always, if you want nice food and drink, a football ground probably isn't your number one destination ;)

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  5. This a brilliant insight into how the man thinks and also what was going on behind the scenes at the time. Thanks for sharing!

    The almost tragic thing about Moniz is that he's big on establishing a philosophy at a club, but never seems to be kept on anywhere long enough to see it through. Part of that is the nature of modern football, with clubs always looking for that magical quick fix. But how much of it is due to his choice of employers? As he wants plenty of control over signings and wants to be a manager rather than just a head coach, it was a bit of an odd decision to join a club like Notts where there were clearly people upstairs with a great deal of control (and who were unwilling to relinquish it).

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  6. Good piece - safety is still there for the taking, but if we fail our history will remain intact. We are the oldest professional football club in the world and will remain so. But whatever happens, a new chapter is about to begin, and it could still be better and more successful than what came before. If we stay behind our club, and keep this community together, we'll come back stronger.

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  7. Good post @Fozzy. On top of that lot we've lost Grant - yes he was frustrating at times but it was his goals that kept us near the top, certainly in the first half of the season. How many tight matches did he decide in our favour? Admittedly we were never going to hold on to him, but we've completely failed to replace him.

    I didn't want to say so at the time but when I first saw Vaughan play he reminded me quite a lot of Darren Caskey. He seems a bit of a luxury for this league.

    The recruitment in the summer was bad and it's messed up our season. It's actually been a problem ever since Ray Trew arrived - an awful lot of money has been invested in the squad but we've got precious little out of it.

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