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  1. @Chris I have vague recollections of Matt Redmile playing in midfield (why anyone thought that was a good idea is a mystery), but that was probably the season before. Up front we had Jones and Farrell, with Farrell the target man type, but it took them a while to really get going. We started the season with Gary Martindale and Devon White in the squad too, who had had better careers up to that point.

    Tomorrow is the 22nd (gulp) anniversary of us winning promotion. We have only done it once since :(

  2. Thanks for the article @Alexlevy0908, I've been hoping to see an article about away grounds and I enjoyed that! I've always preferred more old-school grounds with character and a sense of history, so I feel I'm missing out a bit this season. Looking at the highlights this season, we've always had a good following, and I have a nagging suspicion you're all enjoying yourselves far too much ;)

    Are there any remaining away grounds you're looking forward to visiting? Chorley and Fylde will be new (although the latter has more than a touch of Rushden & Diamonds about it). Barrow and Wrexham could be good as well, and the stakes will be very high.

    By the way, out-of-date beer is perfectly fine as long as it's within six months or so!

  3. It's not what you're looking for in a captain, to put it politely. My other problem with Doyle being captain is that it cements his place in the first team. While he still definitely has his uses (he would have help calm things down in the second half against Harrogate), I'm not sure he should still be a regular starter, especially as we have competition in that area of the team now. O'Brien would be the obvious choice from the names you mentioned.

    I do think the talk of captains is exaggerated though - you don't necessarily need the captain's armband to be a leader...

  4. Thanks for the article, a good read!

    Dennis is a dead cert to leave in my opinion. He'll be on an absolute packet, Ardley doesn't rate him and there are always clubs willing to take a punt on strikers like him. He'll make a living off his 21 goals for Chesterfield for many years to come.

    I do fancy one or two of the "overlooked" players to blossom next season. Crawford has been mentioned a few times, a player who is clearly well thought-of in the National League but barely had a chance with us. But why was he shipped out on loan in January? Because the manager felt he needed more experience, or because he wants rid of him?

    I agree about Bird, he's got bags of potential. As he's still a youngster we shouldn't be planning with him in the first 11, but he absolutely could force his way into the picture. We persevered with Hollis for years because he came through the youth team, yet Bird can be ten times the footballer Hollis will ever be. Also very assured with the ball at his feet.

    One of the unknowns for us fans is how things look behind the scenes. There has been talk of cliques forming in the dressing room and players even refusing to train together. If that's true, the biggest task will be to form a united squad. If we have one or two bad apples preventing us from forming any kind of team spirit they need to go, however talented they are.

  5. This talk about team talks is generally nonsense, if you're not motivated for a play-off semi it's time to give up the game. Lots of teams do the pre-printed T-shirts, there's nothing unusual about it. Might be worth checking ebay for them, could come in handy when we reach the FA Cup final next season :D

    Michael Doyle was playing for Coventry way back when I lived there. Thought he was crap back then ;)

  6. Apart from the money I'm not sure what would appeal about football management. In days of yore you could at least get settled and build something at a club. Now it's a new job in a new town every year or two, you put all the work into building a functioning team only to have it taken away because of a takeover or the board or fans have developed unrealistic expectations. This is very honest and self-aware of Shola and it's very understandable.

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  7. The first half was dire and I feared the worst but, as Lozzle said, we saw the return of our pre-Christmas fighters in the second half to turn it around. Once we get our foot on the ball (as opposed to the clueless hoofball of the first half) we have some talented players who can cause the opposition all kinds of problems. In the end it was a great win against a decent side, and it gives us the chance to potentially bag our place in the play-offs at Meadow Lane next weekend.

    I agree on Grant too, he's still worthy of a shirt but he hasn't been quite the same since January.

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  8. Losing Grant and Yates would blow a massive hole in our midfield. I hope the club are making contingency plans for this.

    Noble will certainly be an asset, but you're being too optimistic about O'Connor. According to KN he "has a chance" of playing before the end of the season. That won't help us much if the two loanees leave in January. You've also got to bear in mind that he'll have been out for a year and a half - it takes a LONG time to get back into the swing after so long out. He may never be the same player again.

    As KN doesn't rate Thompson, we'll need replacements if they go. Hawkridge and Alessandro could go on the wings, but we'll need backup. A choice between Noble, Milsom and Hewitt for CM sounds OK, but Noble may well end up getting suspended, Milsom is injury-prone and Hewitt can't fill in at the back if he's needed in midfield.

    Of course, it'd be best if they don't leave at all. What better way is there to put yourself in the shop window than to star in a promotion-winning campaign in (in Yates' case) your first season of senior football? And who wants to play for Scunny anyway?

  9. Shame he was a bit before my time.

    According to various anecdotes in Steak Diana Ross and elsewhere, Richards was also something of a character. He would often spend the summer in Spain, go missing and arrive back at training a week late, citing the death of a (possibly made-up) relative. Didn't do his career with Notts any harm though!

  10. What a pity for us. We got the points and are sitting in an automatic promotion spot, but what really counts is that Colchester apparently outbattled us. Luckily for us, if we finish in our current position we'll win promotion to League One, where we need not worry about being outbattled and outplayed by giants of the modern game like Colchester United ever again.


    But it was just one of those games where if chances had gone our way, we could have come out winning the game.

    Oh. If we'd won 100 points last season we wouldn't have been playing them in the first place. If Brian Clough had never joined F*rest / we'd signed Glenn Roeder permanently / we'd never sold Paul Rideout / the Munto money had been real we'd be established in the Premier League now. As Jimmy Sirrel once said, the better team always wins, the rest is just gossip.

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  11. I'm amazed yet un-amazed that Sky seemingly chose some random people to pose as Notts fans. What's your source? Having a bunch of fans "support" a TV programme from a makeshift stand might have been a novel idea 20 years ago but they should really have thought of something new by now.

    I wouldn't say Soccer AM was ever un-PC, but its time has passed and I'm surprised it's still going. I found it all quite harmless fun back in the day and some of it was even mildly amusing, but part of me felt patronised by it even then.

    Helen always came across as genuine, but Tim Lovejoy was just a complete smarm pie. On the plus side though, his book did spawn one of the best book reviews ever written...

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  12. I'd still be happy with a play-off place at the end of the season. Some might be a bit disappointed as we've spent nearly half the season in the top three, but it would still be huge progress. Besides, we've never really pulled clear of fourth place anyway. At the start of the season I was hoping for top ten but fearful we'd end up knocking about in 17th again.

    I don't think we have enough to win the league but I reckon we'll be there or thereabouts come the end of the season, because even when we're not on our game we're still difficult to beat.

  13. I disagree with Carl Dickinson, on that performance Bristol Rovers won't be comfortable in League One at all. We dominated the game and really should have finished them off long before the 90th minute. Perhaps this is my exile rubbing off on me, but why were the Rovers fans leaving at the end with their team 3-2 down and (sort of) chasing an equaliser? Imagine driving all the way from Bristol and then missing the crucial goal because you were on your way back to the car...

    But we were excellent in all departments. The way we seized control of the match after going 2-0 down was brilliant and showed how much character the team has. And we played great football too. The occasional long ball is par for the course in this league but our players have much more in their locker than that.

    I'm not a fan of cashless turnstiles. People missed the kick-off because of the queue at the ticket office when there were fewer than 4000 home fans in attendance. Bad!

  14. While I feel this team has too much to offer to repeat the slide from the promotion places to the relegation zone we saw under Sheridan, Derry and Gudjon, deep down I think we're overachieving - there's no way we'll finish on 90 points this season. So people have been actively expecting the rot to set in.

    When you're in the top three and trying to hold onto your place you're in a very different place psychologically than when you're pushing to break into the top three. All of us would do well to remember the table is only a snapshot at this point. No-one ever won anything on 30 points.

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