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  1. 23 hours ago, 4everapie said:

    I hope they achieve promotion

    I wouldn't really mind it myself, but in the event that we go up, League Two would be a little less beige with them in it. Even if every village idiot in Nottinghamshire does tag along for their big day out to Meadow Lane. It'd also be pretty sobering to see them two leagues above us (in the worst-case scenario), but it's up to us to get our house in order.

    On the other hand, if they do go up we might see a repeat of their legendary bus parade of 2013...


  2. Can't say I agree @menzinho. Whether they have 2,000 or 4,000 in the ground is irrelevant, it's up to the home fans to drown them out, and 4,000 aren't necessarily louder than 2,000. Also, football is a spectator sport. Our club jealously protecting some empty seats so we can have fewer Lincolnshire folk in the ground singing about fishing is just wrong. It would be like Wrexham only giving us 1,000 tickets if we get through (although at least they can fill the seats themselves).

    Gut feeling is we'll win this. The nerves are really starting to build now.

  3. Eintracht sealed the deal then! The final was an old-school battle of attrition. Frankfurt edged it over the 90 minutes and had the better of the chances, but were hanging on in extra time. In the end it was a nerve-wracking penalty shoot-out and further proof that bringing a player off the bench solely to take a penalty is a really naff idea.

    As you might guess, Frankfurt has gone completely loopy and has collectively downed tools for the last couple of days. I'm really chuffed for them. They lost their manager, director of football and top scorer in the summer and flew out of the German cup in the first round, and still came away with their first European trophy in my lifetime. And Waldhof Mannheim were the only team to win a cup tie against them this season!

  4. So that's both Florist and Mansfield in play-off finals. We need to make it a hat trick. I've got a gut feeling they'll both go up, but that isn't really based on anything. Just making the final is a fantastic achievement for Mansfield after looking like they were going to flirt with the NL early in the season.

    How are we feeling about this? Is anyone crossing their fingers for the Stags, or are we hoping they'll fall flat on their faces?

  5. Play-off eliminator - The Mariners (H)

    Team: Grimsby Town

    Date: 23/05/2022

    Where: Fortress Meadow Lane


    Monday night is the big night! So it's time it had its own thread ;)

    How do you think we'll do? What team should we put out? And have you got your tickets yet? I've already reserved a place in my armchair :D

    I'm feeling encouraged by our strong home form. Grimsby are on an unbeaten run away from home, but over the season as a whole they were only the ninth best away team with 30 points from 22 games. They also appeared to lose some momentum once their play-off place was secure. But the play-offs are completely different to league games, so none of that counts any more. At least we can rest assured that we'll be taking the opposition very seriously, which was somewhat lacking in the odd game this season.

    Not happy with the club capping the number of away tickets at 2,000, I don't ever remember us doing that before and it could well end up with away fans in the home ends, all for the sake of keeping the JS stand half empty.

  6. On 16/05/2022 at 13:27, Dripsey3 said:

    So the first round of the playoffs are: 

    Notts County vs Grimsby Town 

    FC Halifax vs Chesterfield

    The NL will be delighted with Notts vs Grimsby. The attendance should be over 10K. Halifax could be a sell out as Chesterfield don't have far to travel. These could be the best playoffs in NL history. You have 4 decent sides in the first round. Any of those 4 are capable of winning promotion if things go their way. Then you have Wrexham and Solihull waiting in the wings. Obviously we hope Notts go up but I'd hate to be the one trying to predict the winners of these playoffs. 

    Seconded! I'm expecting a crowd of 15,000 at least for ours (considering the amount of time Grimsby fans spend on social media bragging about how many fans they've got, they'd better bring a good following!).

    But predicting play-offs is a waste of time, the games are so tightly contested and so many things come into play. Wrexham last badly on the final day and you have to wonder whether missing out on the final day has interrupted their momentum somewhat. But on the other hand, it could have the opposite effect. Obviously I want us to go up, but if we don't, I'd prefer to have Wrexham out of the way for next season. I don't want to attempt to win the NL title against a club that are splashing out millions.

  7. The final results are in!

    AFC Bournemouth 1-0 Millwall
    Sheffield United 4-0 Fulham
    Exeter City 0-1 Port Vale
    Leyton Orient 0-1 Tranmere Rovers
    Mansfield Town 2-2 Forest Green Rovers
    Solihull Moors 3-1 Dagenham & Redbridge
    Wealdstone 2-1 King’s Lynn
    Yeovil Town 2-2 Boreham Wood


    This week's highest scorer is @super_ram - congrats to you!

    @super_ram - 10
    @GrannyPie - 8
    @Dripsey3, @4everapie, @gtownjohnno, @nottsnutter - 5
    @Dan, @DangerousSausage, @magpiejue - 4
    @barnet11uk - 3
    @Megan_Elizax, @ARLukomski - 2


    So finally we come to our final rankings. Massive congratulations to @Dripsey3, who has won the prediction league with a record 259 points! All that squeaky bum time turned out to be worth it in the end. @Dan finishes second just nine points behind, and @super_ram has seen off a late challenge from @4everapie to claim third. As for me, like Man United I'll have to make do with a Europe League spot.

    Dripsey3 - 259
    Dan - 250
    super_ram - 237
    4everapie - 230
    gtownjohnno - 217
    DangerousSausage - 211
    Megan_Elizax - 189
    magpiejue - 187
    ARLukomski - 185
    nottsnutter - 184
    jimbob - 182
    GrannyPie - 181
    barnet11uk - 169
    Chris - 106
    KB1862 - 52
    liampie - 50
    Joshua - 34
    Feral Fox - 29
    allardyces tash - 21
    TheSkipper - 16
    CliftonMagpie - 10
    Alex - 7
    Canadian - 4


    So that's it! @Dripsey3 wins the special prize, a real hen's tooth (collection only). I hope you've all enjoyed playing, and at least occasionally revelled in the feeling of being a football genius! Thank you all for taking part, and I hope to see you all back to do it all again in August :)

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  8. I can't see this personally - if the roles were reversed, I wouldn't be wild about bringing in a manager who only has National League experience in the UK. But you never know. I wonder if he'll be asked about it during his next interview?

  9. It’s the month where the big decisions fall, whether in pointless competitions like the Premier League, or in incredibly important, era-defining contests like the Vanarama National League or the PON prediction league. Who will make history? Who will finish fifth? And will anybody notice if I give myself an extra 100 points? These matches take place on Saturday, with the two Championship games kicking off at 12.30 and all the others at 3pm. And remember those jokers. Good luck!


    AFC Bournemouth v Millwall

    Sheffield United v Fulham

    Exeter City v Port Vale

    Leyton Orient v Tranmere Rovers

    Mansfield Town v Forest Green Rovers

    Solihull Moors v Dagenham & Redbridge

    Wealdstone v King’s Lynn

    Yeovil Town v Boreham Wood

  10. Yikes, can we put some kind of trigger warning on these? Some awful defending there. Our penalty wasn't a penalty either, there was little to no contact (not that it made a difference). Their third was a great finish. Cool ground.

  11. The results:

    Blackburn Rovers 0-3 AFC Bournemouth
    Cardiff City 1-1 Birmingham City
    Cambridge United 2-2 Cheltenham Town
    Gillingham 0-2 Rotherham United
    Crawley Town 0-2 Leyton Orient
    Northampton Town 1-1 Exeter City
    Bromley 4-2 Chesterfield
    King's Lynn 3-3 Eastleigh


    This week's winners are @Dan and @GrannyPie, who both hit double figures!

    @Dan, @GrannyPie - 10
    @4everapie, @Megan_Elizax, @barnet11uk - 7
    @super_ram, @gtownjohnno, @ARLukomski - 6
    @DangerousSausage, @jimbob, @nottsnutter - 5
    @Dripsey3, @magpiejue - 3


    Going into the all-important final round, @Dripsey3's lead is narrowed but is still a healthy nine points. Will that be enough, or can @Dan pull a rabbit out of the hat? Elsewhere, @Megan_Elizax has gone up a place and @4everapie is threatening the top three:

    Dripsey3 - 254
    Dan - 246
    super_ram - 227
    4everapie - 225
    gtownjohnno - 212
    DangerousSausage - 207
    Megan_Elizax - 187
    ARLukomski - 183
    magpiejue - 183
    jimbob - 182
    nottsnutter - 179
    GrannyPie - 173
    barnet11uk - 166
    Chris - 106
    KB1862 - 52
    liampie - 50
    Joshua - 34
    Feral Fox - 29
    allardyces tash - 21
    TheSkipper - 16
    CliftonMagpie - 10
    Alex - 7
    Canadian - 4


    The concluding round of this season's prediction league is on Saturday, so expect to see the fixtures online on Wednesday evening. Have a good week, and let the nail biting begin! :D

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  12. 8 hours ago, menzinho said:

    Teams will be battling like that in the play-offs and I just don't trust us to be able to match them at the minute

    We approach matches against the better teams and those against the Weymouths and the Aldershots very differently, and that's part of the problem. It's disrespectful, and frankly there's no excuse for the opposition "wanting it more" when we have (or rather had) a top-three place to fight for. Now it'll be the play-off quarter-finals for us again. We can thank our lucky stars we're somehow still in the top five.

  13. Good win for Frankfurt in an evenly matched semi-final at Wet Spam. Eintracht moved up a gear when they needed to in the second half and deserved the win, but the Hammers nearly got the draw at the death through a mad overhead kick from Bowen that had Kevin Trapp beaten. The home fans were a bit quiet considering the importance of the game, their team needed them. The second leg will be quite the occasion - Eintracht aren't particularly strong at home, so it's still anyone's.

    Desperately crossing my fingers for Rangers in the other semi-final. Even the stupid Old Firm politics are preferable to Red Bull.

  14. Blackburn Rovers 1-2 AFC Bournemouth

    Cardiff City 2-1 Birmingham City

    Cambridge United 1-1 Cheltenham Town

    Gillingham 1-3 Rotherham United (joker)

    Crawley Town 2-0 Leyton Orient

    Northampton Town 2-1 Exeter City

    Bromley 1-2 Chesterfield

    King's Lynn 0-0 Eastleigh

    @magpiejue, you've forgotten your joker. @gtownjohnno, you copied Dan's predictions as well by mistake. No need to change anything though, I'll just assume the second batch are yours.

  15. It's the penultimate week of this season's prediction league - we say goodbye to League One (no idea why they're finishing a week early) and any mathematical chance most of us have of winning it. But there's pride and honour to fight for. Kick-off is 3pm on Saturday - except for the two League One fixtures, which start at 12.30pm. And don't forget your jokers!


    Blackburn Rovers v AFC Bournemouth

    Cardiff City v Birmingham City

    Cambridge United v Cheltenham Town

    Gillingham v Rotherham United

    Crawley Town v Leyton Orient

    Northampton Town v Exeter City

    Bromley v Chesterfield

    King's Lynn v Eastleigh

  16. 32 minutes ago, 4everapie said:

    Honestly 3-1 flattered us, not witnessed being this sloppy for a while, played like strangers to each other 2nd half. If I.B wasn't happy how does he think the fans feel 

    A winning team stepping down a gear or two when they're winning comfortably is a thing. But there's a difference between that and just stopping doing the basics like tracking back and letting the visitors have a series of chances to get back into the game. It feels like a harsh criticism after we won, but on another day doing that could cost us promotion.

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