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  1. I don't mean to squash people's hopes and dreams, but Tisdale has already rejected better jobs, Rösler and Adkins are more likely to join a Championship or top League One club, and I doubt O'Driscoll would leave the England set-up for such an unstable job, although they would all be good options. If we get anyone in this season, it'll be someone who is ready to make the drop to League Two if the worst happens. And as we all crave stability, we'd be better off with someone who can build and manage a squad properly without the help of a blank cheque.


    Some more names:


    Mark Yates - eight years of management at two clubs, so he was doing something right. FA Trophy finalist at Kidderminster, subsequently poached by Cheltenham, where he reached the play-offs twice. Also assisted Steve Cotterill.


    Steve Burr - Chester manager. Very good record at various clubs in the Conference, and is much sought-after at that level. Downsides: is Scottish and his head is shaped like an egg.


    Steven Pressley - allegedly seen at Meadow Lane. Hopefully not.

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  2. You can even see where this is going. We appoint another dud manager, because lets face it, no-one wants a job where the chairman will sack you within a year and the players you inherit are rubbish. We end up getting relegated, fans stop going and blame Ray Trew, then Ray throws his toys out the pram (again), threatening to pull out. What angers me even more is that you can almost gurantee they haven't thought about the replacement. So you sack the manager with a handful of games left, and leave Mike Edwards in charge.

    I don't want this to happen, but I can't see it going any other way.

    What is more annoying is the club seems to lack any kind of plan what-so-ever. They appoint managers and says it is a 'long term project', but we've heard it all before and we know in less than a years time, with the squad maybe 2 places off where the budget would put them, we will be after a new manager. Ray Trew acts like the owners of Man City or Chelsea, trying to get instant success. Only issue is, Chelsea and Man City have a limitless budget and paying a dud 200,000 a week means nothing, nor does sacking a manager. Notts County drop 500 in a home gate due to another poor appointment and the owner comes out bleeting about how he has put 19mil into the club. Spot the difference. 


    I dislike the modern habit of sacking managers and am fed up of the constant search for a new boss, but you probably won't find another sacking this season that was more justified. As for the budget, we had the 18th highest at the start of the season. That was before we signed a cast of thousands in January, as well as JCR, McCourt and Lita, who won't have come cheap.


    I agree that boards should stick with managers through bad spell. But how many managers who were able to put together their own squads took their teams down in their first full season have then gone on to be successful? If you put sentiment aside, SD has not laid any foundations for the future. When he arrived he streamlined the squad, sent back the pointless loanees and found his best 11. But this season he has simply repeated Kiwomya's mistakes.

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  3. I think you're being very charitable @weymouthPIE. Shaun Derry has used 43 players this season, the vast majority of which were his own signings or contract extensions. 10 of the starting 11 and 6 of the 7 subs on Saturday were his own signings. It certainly is his own team, and it's one that has sustained relegation form over several months. That he then feels he needs to add even more to the squad surely shows that something has gone badly wrong with his recruitment policy. This revolving door recruitment policy has nothing to do with stability or building a side for the future, the signings quite simply smack of panic.


    Jimmy Sirrel won promotion in his first full season, and at Derby Clough put together a side that would one day win major silverware. Great managers don't always deliver instant success, but they don't average 0.6 points per game over half a season either. What have SD and GA actually left us to build on? Building a team around Gary Jones, Hayden Mullins and Garry Thompson isn't long-term planning, they're a quick fix at best. Our most important players are a motley crew of loanees and old men and will probably take us down. The team doesn't have any kind of spine. Good managers build from the back, and that's the area that has been most neglected. We rely on our fitness coach and a man approaching 40, and our only recognised right-back has mysteriously fallen out of favour. We have a young centre half (McKenzie) who may be promising, but no-one actually knows because SD didn't trust him!


    Was it Daniels who was signed permanently, scored on his home debut and was then dropped in favour of an untried one-month loanee, never to be seen again? That's not long-term planning, it's a manager desparately shuffling his pack in an attempt to hit on a successful formula. And it probably did much to destroy the morale of the squad, too.


    Managers should be permitted mistakes and dips in form, but this goes deeper than that. Would you trust SD and GA to build another squad for next season on the basis of anything more than blind hope?


    I really wanted SD to be the man for many seasons to come, but sadly he has wasted his opportunity with us.

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  4. Lets go for a steady seasonal manager who has a record of lasting at his previous clubs, then fully support him!


    Think that was a Freudian slip ;)


    Personally I'd prefer a seasoned manager, but with our board's record we're more likely to end up with a seasonal one!

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  5. I'm really sad things didn't work out with Shaun Derry, and hope he learns from his mistakes and benefits from the experience in the future.


    But now we have to consider where we go next. How do we boost our (IMO slim) changes of staying up? I'm not in favour of an appointment from within as this would inevitably mean Paul Hart. Leave him with the youth team, that's what he does best.


    The bookies are talking about Gary Johnson and Darren Ferguson. Johnson did wonderful things at Yeovil until it all started to go wrong last season. I'd at least trust him to put together a new squad. I'm not so sure about Ferguson, he's used to spending far more money than he'll have at Notts. Danny Wilson is also on the market and has applied before, but his last successes were a long, long time ago so I'd steer clear.


    Anyone else got any ideas?

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  6. I'm very concerned about how quickly he's made it back to the team - he only started full training a week or two ago!


    That said, hopefully it'll work out. Would be great to see him firing on all cylinders again this season.

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  7. Please take Steve Evans!!!


    This intrigues me. I know Evans doesn't come across as a very nice bloke, but his record in management is impeccable. Why do you want to get rid?


    I'd take an obnoxious manager who had us challenging at the top over a nice guy who takes us down any day of the week.

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  8. I'm not saying he is the answer, but someone like that who can find a bigger buyer is surely a viable option. Like @notts-joe said both Leicester and Wednesday were scooped up and then sold on to bigger interested parties. I think that is a route we should be taking as regardless of the current farce of a season, I still believe we have a marketable investment for a foreigner coming into the English game for the first time.

    Like I said, Notts as the oldest league club in the world, Robin Hood, good stadium, solid history and thanks to Ray, a close to break even yearly accounts should sell well if we could find the investor.

    If not a character like Manaric, then pay good money to get the sale idea out there in Asia or the Middle East.

    Anything is better than Jon-Armstrong Holmes riding in on a camel wearing another of those jumpers!!!


    I know my glass has been half-empty since Tuesady night, but I don't agree that we're an attractive investment. We're a small, unprofitable football club light years away from where the real money is. There is no prospect of selling the ground, building a new one and using the remaining money to fund a push up through the leagues (as some clubs have done), thanks to our near neighbours we have a small fanbase and virtually zero prospect of sustainable improvement - to be sustainable in the Championship you need 15,000 through the gate. Unless Florist go belly-up, it won't happen. And the history and Robin Hood counts for nothing, unless Mr Hood can play as centre half. Our next opponents have a short, utterly shameful "history" and they never want for cash.


    If I were an investor I would look for a club that can really grow and get the whole town/city behind them. Just look at Reading now - 20 years ago they were lower 3rd division fodder! That's what you want. For that reason, I'd stay well away from two-club cities.


    Our only hope is that the Trews get it right on and off the pitch. Either that or we find someone with a gigantic ego to feed and more money than sense!

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  9. I honestly believe Damian is worth his weight in gold.


    At the current price of gold (37,000 dollars per kilo) that would make him worth 2 million pounds, assuming he weighs around 80 kg. If that's per year, he's definitely worth holding onto.


    I think this rumour has been doing the rounds since the club advertised for a sales executive. However, looking at the ad it's a more junior role than Irvine's.

  10. I don't think we'll exceed 50 points and will end up in the bottom four.


    Survival on 50 points or less looks utopian from where I'm standing. Crawley have 40 points from 37 games, so another 10 points from the remaining 9 games fits with their average and is more than achievable. We need a point per game to scrape through, and we probably haven't managed that since October.

  11. Doom, oblivion, eternal blackness and League Two. Notts are but an insignificant football club on a grain of sand hurtling through an infinite cosmos. The club, and all of us, will once again revert to the stardust we originated from.


    How many points do I get? :D

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  12. I suppose we just have to wait and see. Maybe the club is preparing for League Two - do you really need a Commercial Director and CEO at that level? The best Commercial Director in the world won't convince most people to pay 24 quid to watch us play Dagenham & Redbridge. On the other hand, Mr Irvine's main task was supposed to be to bring in non-football-related revenue, in which case he'd hopefully pay for himself and make the club more sustainable.


    Of course, it could just be the same suspects stirring it on social media.

  13. Jesus, we played Bradford and Rochdale and lost only one! Both are much better than us. Stick and back him!


    You could equally say that we have played a team which rested most of its first team ahead of a cup tie two days later and another which had lost its previous four games - both at home - and have only a single point to show for it.


    I want Derry to succeed but I just can't see it happening any more.

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  14. That fans haven't turned on the manager says more about how sentimental fans can be than about what's happening on the pitch. For instance, I too wanted to see the back of Jocky Scott but he never presided over a bad run as long as this. If Scoot were in charge now, would the fans be as patient?


    To be frank I think we're going down whoever is in charge. We aren't creating chances, have a leaky defence (and absolutely zero strength in depth in that area - it says a lot that Eddy has become a regular again) and cannot score more than one per game. If we at least had a sturdy defence we could grind out enough 0-0s and the odd 1-0 to stay up. And as we by all accounts have so little quality in the team, I can't see them suddenly turning it on for a new boss either.


    So on that basis, the question becomes this: Would you trust Derry and Abbot to rebuild for a promotion push from League Two next season? Judging by their recruitment policy this season you'd have to say no. Last time we went down we stuck with Gary Mills, and he squandered our best chance of a promotion challenge.


    I hate football clubs' habit of sacking managers every season. But how long do you stick with a failing manager for the sake of stability? Getting relegated is not stability in my view. That applies to Shaun Derry this season just as it applied for Chris Kiwomya last time. And 11 points in 4 months certainly sounds like failure to me.

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  15. On matchdays I tend to curl up into a ball and hide under the table until it's all over. Which is OK as long as the players don't do the same.


    I'll actually be at home cutting my hair while listening to the match. Not sure it's a good idea though, could end up giving myself a reverse mohican if we score.

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  16. Have to say, it seems like someone had a word with Derry.

    He was calm & composed yesterday and he didn't spend the entire game arguing the toss with the officials. I don't think that was accidental. It is certainly a good sign imo.

    He will be in serious trouble if he gets sent to the stands again this season, that's for sure.


    Did anyone else see Ray Trew in the stands with a tranquiliser dart?

  17. It's a strange one @liampie, I really don't like this habit of signing players, playing them a few times and then dropping them seemingly permanently. I wouldn't be surprised if it has damaged the team spirit we had in abundance at the start of the season.


    Bringing young players to the club is all well and good, but only if you're actually committed to developing them. Signing them, sitting them in the stands on matchdays and releasing them again is a pointless exercise. No-one would bet on McKenzie or Traore still being at the club in a couple of years, never mind becoming key players.

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