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  1. No, Waldhof Mannheim. Won promotion to the Bundesliga in 1983, relegated in the early 90s after topping the table earlier in the season, a period of respectability in the second tier but have been knocking around the lower divisions for a while, stripy shirts. The German equivalent of ... no, let's not go there  :unsure:



  2. RB are very different to Bayern - at Bayern, Adidas and Telekom sponsor a long-established football club that was also successful before they got on board. Wolfsburg are unpopular but they had carved out an existence for themselves in the second/third division before VW really started pumping the money in. In addition, VW are based in Wolfsburg and see the club as their works team. As well as the football team, VfL Wolfsburg is a sports club with many thousands of members. Bayer Leverkusen is a similar case.


    RB Leipzig are fundamentally different. They were created in 2009 purely as a marketing instrument for Red Bull. They leapfrogged the league pyramid by taking over a lower-division team and changing its name and colours. Red Bull has no roots in Leipzig whatsoever, the city was merely chosen by marketing execs due to the high population and the lack of higher division football. Mannheim, Kiel or Essen could just as easily have been picked.


    Also, unlike other German clubs, RB Leipzig don't allow their fans to become voting members. This is a threat to the 50+1 ruling which stipulates that 50% plus one of the votes in football clubs should be held by members, and that membership must be available to all. The reason why German football is more fan-friendly is because the fans have real clout! To put it in context, other German clubs are generally also general sports clubs in which thousands of people get involved and vote. RB Leipzig on the other hand are a US-style franchise offering no community involvement or participation and with no roots in its host city. Yet the DFL is doing nothing to enforce its own rules.


    It's not just Bayern who are complaining either - fans are protesting against this club every single week as they are a threat to fan culture and the idea that members should play an active role in football clubs. Union Berlin's fans kitted out the whole ground in black earlier this season: http://fanzeit.de/app/uploads/2014/09/imago17556027h-800x415.jpg


    Klopp has been very successful, he turned a struggling club around, won two titles at a canter, the German cup and very nearly the Champions League. I can't really say what the general mood is but if any manager has earned a bit of time, he has. I don't think BVB will panic and sack him, they'll finish in mid-table.

  3. I feel for you @notts-joe, smartphones come loaded with shovelware nowadays. Samsung phones are particularly bad for it. I've got a Galaxy S3 and, although I'm happy with it, there were a lot of unnecessary apps pre-installed on it. I uninstalled all I could and disabled the rest, only for them to reappear with the next update! It's annoying but unfortunately there's not much you can do about it.


    I've factory resetted phones and tablets several times (obviously after putting all my data onto an SD card) and never had a problem. None of these were Samsungs though.


    @tonyhateley if you want to save money, just stay a generation behind. I paid €80 one-off for my Galaxy S3, my wife has a Galaxy S5, which is virtually identical, and it costs her something like €25 a month for two years. And you have the advantage that any initial software problems have already been ironed out through updates. Just don't go for a handset that's too old as it might struggle to cope with the latest apps - that's the problem I had with the HTC One V, a superb phone which sadly struggled to cope with running Facebook, Viber and Whatsapp in the background.

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  4. I'd be better suited as a Regionalliga Südwest correspondent, but I don't think as many people are interested in that!


    I watched Cologne a couple of times live when Podolski was playing for them. The way he motivated and basically carried the whole team was a sight to behold. However, there the team was built around him and he was always the first name on the teamsheet.


    The Bundesliga title race has been seriously boring for the last three seasons, I'll give you that @Northants Pie. Bayern have a habit of buying up the best talent from their rivals, who then all fall out with each other when they're not getting game time, causing the team to underachieve, followed by another spending spree and so on. But in the last few years they seem to have developed some professionalism and are making their financial advantage count. Prior to that, although Bayern were always there or thereabouts, you never knew who'd be fighting it out with them - Stuttgart, Bremen or someone else? And in Dortmund, HSV, Stuttgart and Bremen, four genuinely massive clubs are fighting the drop.


    On the flip side, big money is corrupting the Bundesliga too, just in a different way. Look at the billionaire's toy village club Hoffenheim and their plastic fans and Golfsburg, and RB Leipzig and Ingolstadt (sponsored by Audi) will be joining them soon enough. From the third division onwards, their B teams are distorting the competition. And like you say, Bayern's financial dominance and BVB's struggles are turning the top of the Bundesliga into a yawn-fest.


    @liampie Bayern have the most "support" throughout Germany but are also widely disliked, a bit like Manchester United are. Dortmund also have a lot of plastic fans but seem to be far more popular. Maybe it's because they have been a welcome challenger over the last few years. They also have a charismatic manager who is a genuine football man - in August they came to Mannheim for a friendly, complete with their entire first team, players who hadn't played since the World Cup and Klopp, who had personally arranged the fixture with Waldhof's chief executive and was generally respectful and down-to-earth throughout.

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  5. As most of the German football discussion is going on under "Best league", I've taken the liberty of opening a dedicated thread.


    After 13 games Borussia Dortmund sit rock bottom of the table. Before the season started I thought this could be their year again with virtually all of Bayern's team having started pre-season late due to the World Cup. How wrong I was! Earlier in the season they were playing alright, creating chances but just nothing would fall for them.


    The beauty of the Bundesliga is its unpredictability, Bayern apart. Who could imagine Manchester United actually battling relegation?


    In other (entirely predictable) news, according to Kicker Lukas Podolski has said he'd love to play for his home town club Cologne again. It might not be his next move but he'll certainly end his career there.

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  6. When he moved I thought he was going to become a bench warmer, which would have been a real shame for a keeper of his quality. When a goalkeeper joins a new club as number 2, first team opportunities are strictly limited. Glad he's doing well!

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  7. Well, I return from a very boozy weekend to find out I've won an award thingy. I'm a bit confused. I hope in my drunken state I didn't post about the incident with the sharp surgical instrument, the pack of wolves and the large sex toy? Thanks  :)


    @PTID1862 I will graciously forego the chiropody course, which can be used as a prize for next month's MOTM. I'll be voting for you  :demon:

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  8. he only stayed up when he was able to go pass, time and time he again he dived.

    there was many near the touchline because when one of our players went to clear the ball out, he would just drop and roll. we had a couple of free kicks because of this and other yeovil players did the same. dirty cheats!


    Perhaps he kept collapsing in agony due to the terrific pain of his injuries?

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  9. Heidelberg? I was there just a couple of weeks ago. Lovely place. 

    I'm just up the road in Darmstadt. :P


    I pity you  :devil: have you been to the Böllenfalltor to see the Lilien?


    I work in HD, and live down the road in Mannheim. My wife works in Darmstadt.


    Mannheim's city centre is based on a grid system, but funnily it has a circular Christmas market. You get lost there before you've even started on the Glühwein.

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  10. Heidelberg Christmas market opened today, and most of the others are following on Wednesday. That's a good few days earlier than usual. I love the Christmas market but it's just not the same when it's about 10 degrees ...


    But that's a minor thing. A few years I returned from holiday on 1 September to find the supermarket stocking up on Christmas food!

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  11. I'm currently reading "Depths" by Henning Mankell. It's well-written but so far incredibly dull. I'm just over half way through though so I'm not giving up on it now.


    Although they do tend to follow a strict formula, I do enjoy my crime novels. I particularly like the Tom Thorne books by Mark Billingham. Mark Billingham incidentally played one of the Sheriff of Nottingham's guards on the 90s children's series Maid Marian and her Merry Men.


    My useless fact of the day!

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  12. Didn't he play in the friendly at Arnold?


    Personally I think if he doesn't want to play, he shouldn't be on the pitch. I was keen on the idea last season when we really needed some quality in midfield, but FL regulations put paid to that. Now we're doing OK and seem to have enough strength in depth without having to bring anyone out of retirement.

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  13. Thanks for digging up this thread, a great read! A lot of my relatives are from near Barnsley and I recognised a lot of the Derbyshire words from there. But even among ourselves I hear words like britchers, tabs and snap less and less often. Maybe it's the influence of TV?


    Most people here don't like talking to me in English as they struggle to understand me ...


    You might appreciate this @Super_Danny_Allsopp  B)

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