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  1. MAD veterans will remember Noh Alum Shah, a striker who came on trial with us and started posting himself about what a great acquisition he'd be. This was enough to convince many posters that he was the man to turn our fortunes around. And then of course there's the legend Delroy Facey. But I think it's time for a new cult hero - could the Hungarian Peter Crouch be the man?


    The Munto season was just one sensation after another. The Campbell signing was amazing, but the appointment of Sven-Göran Eriksson was the real bombshell. That's when it all became "real".


    PS. I've been busy keeping control of this outbreak!


    Have they been invading this site too?  :o

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  2. What a stupid, laughable question, I can't believe I'm giving this ridiculous post the dignity of a response.


    Of course we're going to win promotion. But, as a natural pessimist, I feel first place and the FA Cup might be just beyond us now unless we seriously buck our ideas up.

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  3. That said, It's not professional to expect to walk straight into the squad, without proving himself. No matter what he should keep his head down and discuss it with Notts rather than come straight out, he needs to adjust and I think this can be labelled as 'inexperience'.


    I agree, it hardly speaks in his favour that he asked to leave after less than three weeks rather than fighting for his place. However, it's also unprofessional on the manager's part to go running straight to the media about it - it smacks of something Gary Mills would do.

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  4. I doubt it'll make a massive difference, but I suppose brands do play a role in glamourising cigarettes. Now advertising has been banned, this is the logical next step. I'm not a smoker though and never have been.


    They still have brands in Turkey, but on TV they're not even allowed to show a cigarette or a packet of fags any more. When they show old films from the 70s, you often now see the protagnonists with blurred-out circles over their mouths where a cigarette used to be, which is actually counterproductive as it draws attention to it!

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  5. Like the others he's an unknown quantity, but I hope he comes good. He scored 9 goals in 50-odd games for BVB II, bearing in mind that that includs a number of substitute appearances in a struggling team at an equivalent level to ours. I wouldn't expect a traditional Del-type centre forward though - players coming from the youth ranks of top German clubs tend to be very good with the ball at their feet.


    Over 2,000 people have joined our Facebook page over the last couple of days, most of them probably Hungarians. It was funny for about five minutes, but soon it'll be a good idea to start blocking people. When does ironic hero-worship cross the line and become bullying?


    I couldn't find much about him on the Dortmund forums, sadly, but I did manage to find this picture of him from his days in Depeche Mode:


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  6. I haven't seen enough of the under 21s to judge, but if he's doing well, why not? For years we assumed that a top club manager would be an ideal choice to manage the national team, but in reality there's a big difference between the two roles. At a club a manager with limited tactical nous can mask their deficiences with shrewd dealings on the transfer market or by assembling a hard-working team that consistently performs against the lesser lights, but at international level the deficiencies are cruelly exposed.


    What we really need is a manager who can get the best out of a limited pool of players (there's no transfer market to come to the rescue, after all) and who can handle the egos. If Southgate is that man then good luck to him!

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  7. I am deeply uncomfortable with this increasing idolisation of the armed forces. I am sure the 453 soldiers deserve respect on an individual level. However, we seem to be slipping back towards labelling war as a heroic and noble thing, which in turn paves the way for more military adventures and more needless deaths.

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  8. [b]Name:[/b] Mr D. Sausage
    [b]Age:[/b] 34 (I've actually reached an age where I have to stop and work out how old I am)
    [b]Location[/b]: Mannheim, Germany
    [b]Years a Notts fan:[/b] Started attending regularly in the mid-90s
    [b]Favourite Notts player:[/b] I've seen very little of the current squad compared to you lot, but I like what I've seen of Gary Jones, shame we didn't catch him a few years earlier. Looking back, Lee Hughes, Ben Davies and Mark Stallard were pure quality. Oh, and Pegguy Arphexad.
    [b]Favourite Match:[/b] Haven't got a particular one, but the 3-2 win at home to Barnsley around 2002 and the 5-3 win at Lincoln in 1998 stand out, they had everything. The away win at Burton in 2010 - an absolute delight. The League Cup tie at Florist was also good, just a shame we couldn't finish the job off and knock them out.

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  9. Welcome to Meadow Lane!


    It's not a signing we can hang our hats on, could turn out to be shrewd, could be another Tyrell Waite. We shall see. It's worth pointing out that this player is a striker whose last manager tried to convert into a midfielder. I can only imagine that SD want to play him up front.




    Hope the chemistry's right for him here  B)

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  10. There's little commercial benefit on the part of Juventus, but ties like this shouldn't be left to the board of either club, it's something for the fans to keep alive with occasional trips etc. There's a lot of interest in our club from Turin, our Facebook group has over 70,000 likes, a lot of them from Italy! It might be an idea to offer Juve fans with STs or club memberships free or reduced admission to a specific match.


    That said, I live in hope that I'll see us play Juventus at Meadow Lane one day!

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  11. It must be a massive relief for them, but I doubt anyone will be "endeared" by it - he's the one who had them playing in r*d (in their first top-flight season for half a century to boot) in the first place!

  12. Obviously I bow to the wisdom of those of you who go every week, but we seem to spend every single match under the kosh. Have we actually dominated any match this season? It's depressing to listen to, never mind watch.


    I also don't want to hear "We have X more points than at this stage last season" any more. This time last season we were almost certain to be relegated! It's not a good yardstick!


    I just hope the loanees give us a lift and a bit of creativity and take the pressure off, otherwise we'll find ourselves within touching distance of the relegation zone in a couple of weeks.

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  13. Lee Hughes had spoken to the victim's family before resuming his career and wanted to get on with his life. Ched Evans on the other hand has shown no remorse and is still waging an aggressive PR war against the victim. I wasn't thrilled about Hughes joining at the time but Evans would be impossible to stomach.

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  14. My own second favourites, Waldhof Mannheim, went into the winter break in a modest 11th place in the fourth-level Regionalliga Südwest, with a game in hand. It was always going to be a tough season after the budget was slashed in pre-season, leaving the manager having to assemble a whole new squad in the summer with one of the division's smallest budgets. He assembled a young, talented, imaginative and passionate team that plays excellent football and dominates possession. However, the youngsers are still a bit raw, have a tendency to overplay it sometimes and have dropped points unnecessarily, leaving them 3 points off a potential relegation spot (a maximum of five teams go down).


    Crowds have been modest, averaging just below 3,000, which hasn't been helped by the top three galloping away into the distance and leaving the team marooned in mid-table. However, the two home derby matches against Kaiserslautern II and Kickers Offenbach (where there should be a five-figure crowd) are still to come. 21,000 people turned up for the friendly against Borussia Dortmund, but somehow I think most people were more interested in seeing Marco Reus than Marcel Sökler!


    A bit more luck with injuries and a greater willingness to simply have a shot and not to try and pass the ball into the net will easily see them over the line. As for the future, it's absurd that one of the division's best-supported clubs is struggling to compete financially in this division - the top teams spend three to four times as much on players. It's also ridiculous that poxy clubs like SV Sandhausen, VfR Aalen and Borussia Mönchengladbach are playing higher up, but until more money is forthcoming from sponsors, nothing will change. There have been positive signals recently, but talk is cheap. Sadly, the sponsors' unwillingness to put money in is a long-term consequence of the early 2000s, when a huge amount of money was wasted.


    On the bright side, city rivals VfR Mannheim have broken all records, picking up a grand total of 2 (two) points before the winter break!

  15. I'll start with Borussia.


    Bundesliga: Currently 4th - in the "Champions League" play-off spot. Settle for that of even 5th or 6th at the end of the season. However, the commitments of the German Cup (away to Kickers Offenbach in the 1/8th final) and the Europa League (Sevilla in the 1/16th final) may prove too much for the club's squad. Gladbach have a lot less money than the other current top 5 clubs, as well as some lower down, e.g. Dortmund and Hoffenheim. Good management and good coaching can only take you so far these days. The defence got very creaky without Martin Stranzl towards Christmas.


    That said, a great first half, home crowds averaging 50 000, still selling out every away game in Germany and Europe (e.g. over 10 000 went to Zurich on a Thursday night in October).


    Whilst the title race is just about over, FCB go to Wolfsburg on the opening day of the 'Ruckrunde', the interest is at the bottom with 5 'Traditionsvereine' (Traditional Clubs) in the bottom 6 and the Goat-worshippers not far above, HSV have huge money problems and Stuttgart are badly run behind the scenes, but I expect Doofmund to escape.


    The bottom half of the table is incredibly tight, most teams could still get dragged in there - Paderborn, who are tenth, are just two points clear of the relegation zone. It's also interesting that four of the last ten Bundesliga titles were won by teams currently in the bottom four. With BVB, Stuttgart, Bremen and HSV all fighting it out, we could well see an unfamiliar name in the second division next season. It's a good job the bottom of the table is exciting, because the title "race" isn't half dull!

  16. i might subscribe to it within the new year, i have not really thought about it before.


    To be honest, I only really use it for the commentary and match highlights, and if you live in the UK that's all free to air anyway. I suppose it depends how interested you are in the interviews and extras. It's a good service for exiles like me though, and the frequent bugs are a thing of the past now.

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