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  1. Those of a nervous disposition, please look away now. Steve Thompson.
  2. It's a bit obvious, but can I be the first to say Jimmy Sirrel? Who not only managed the Blunts, but also designed their badge ...
  3. I'm currently reading "Depths" by Henning Mankell. It's well-written but so far incredibly dull. I'm just over half way through though so I'm not giving up on it now. Although they do tend to follow a strict formula, I do enjoy my crime novels. I particularly like the Tom Thorne books by Mark Billingham. Mark Billingham incidentally played one of the Sheriff of Nottingham's guards on the 90s children's series Maid Marian and her Merry Men. My useless fact of the day!
  4. They need to keep the riff-raff out. If someone raises their voice in there they might wake up the beef cob brigade.
  5. Didn't he play in the friendly at Arnold? Personally I think if he doesn't want to play, he shouldn't be on the pitch. I was keen on the idea last season when we really needed some quality in midfield, but FL regulations put paid to that. Now we're doing OK and seem to have enough strength in depth without having to bring anyone out of retirement.
  6. Thanks for digging up this thread, a great read! A lot of my relatives are from near Barnsley and I recognised a lot of the Derbyshire words from there. But even among ourselves I hear words like britchers, tabs and snap less and less often. Maybe it's the influence of TV? Most people here don't like talking to me in English as they struggle to understand me ... You might appreciate this @Super_Danny_Allsopp
  7. People say ay up across much of the Midlands and Yorkshire, I don't know where it's originally from. But only people in Notts and Derbyshire have a thing about ducks.
  8. Language does develop over time, it's a mongrel mix of different influences. That's how our language came into being in the first place. That said, I can't stand some Americanisations - when did a summer ball become a prom? Yuck! It's not just happening in Britain though. Lots of mainly American English words are creeping into German too - a mobile phone is a "Handy" (pronounced hendy - all Germans seem to think that "a" should be pronounced as "e", they even teach it in school!), "center" is slowly replacing the German "Zentrum", and when a German is happy, instead of being glücklich he might say he's "happy" (pronounced heppy)! It's driving me barmy. Compared to this ridiculous onslaught the Americanisation of English is relatively harmless.
  9. The original film was fantastic, one of the best I've ever seen and very powerful. I wasn't as keen on This is England 86 though, I don't think I watched it through to the end. It just didn't have the power of the original.
  10. The next stage of the great plan is complete, we are Concentrating On The League (and the JPT). Incidentally, when Neil Warnock took us up from this level, we went out of the FA Cup in the first round away to Donny Rovers, who were in what's now League Two. Could it be a sign?
  11. Mike Edwards ... oh, wait The Lee Hughes of 2010 would do the team a lot of good, he's without doubt the best striker I've seen for us.
  12. I like the_dan's idea, but I doubt the club would allow us to attend any 12 matches throughout the season as this may encourage some who buy full STs but can't always attend to "downgrade". Many people can't make weeknights but still buy STs as it's still the cheapest option. It's a nice idea but a potentially costly one from the club's point of view. I can see a half ST for our matches from January though (haven't we done that before?). Would be a nice Christmas present and might get some of the people on board who weren't convinced during the summer.
  13. Charterhouse and Stoke Heath. Not the best parts of town but it felt like home. My ex used to live a few doors away from Highfield Road.
  14. Well that's a disappointment. I could see what SD was doing, we have quite a big squad and a lot of fringe players who could realistically hold down a place in the first team, and yesterday was their chance. I feel particularly sorry for the 170 who made the trip to Lancashire on a Tuesday night in November - that's commitment! I love cup runs, and we could have done with a little income boost from a big-name opponent in the third round. At least we're doing well in the league and potentially have the JPT to look forward to.
  15. I hate to break it to you, but we played last night. Yeovil Town are now looking forward to a trip to Accrington ...
  16. Coventry is not a "cack hole" when you get to know it @Northants Pie, I loved living there. Alan Poole doesn't speak for them any more than Kenny Burns speaks for us. Both are just bitter old men.
  17. Of course it's not a foregone conclusion. We could still fall flat on our faces and miss out on automatic promotion. Having to book an expensive hotel near Wembey for the play-off final would be a pain, especially as it's only a week before the FA Cup final. I suppose I'd better start saving just in case.
  18. This is the CET's answer to Kenny Burns. Don't waste your precious energy on him.
  19. Ay up, what part of Cov are you from? I lived there for a few years myself before moving on. Loved the place. Welcome to the pleasureome.
  20. This season should teach us that splashing the cash doesn't equal success. This season we probably have the lowest budget since returning to this division. Last season 74 points was enough to get into the play-offs. So we need 45 points from our remaining 30 games, or 1.5 points a game. We're currently averaging 1.8 points per game. We just need 15 wins. It's easy. 20 years of lower-division football are finally at an end, and happy, carefree days in the Championship and derby wins against Florist are within our grasp. What could possibly go wrong?
  21. He's right that England on its own would just get laughed at. The whole of UEFA would have to take action to force change. But is this realistic? My feeling is that a core group in Western Europe opposes Blatter and co., but that the rest are on board and don't want to kill the goose that lays the golden egg. Sadly.
  22. Welcome to the board, hope you're not having any difficulties with your boss
  23. I've just looked at the table and we're fourth, have lost three games out of 16 and have a hard-working, passionate team. I'm excited. There now cannot be any doubt whatsoever that Shaun Derry's black and white army will lead us to the Championship and eventually to world domination and beyond. Someone's got to win promotion, after all. It's about time it was us. Keep this at the top if you agree with the following: WE ARE GOING UP SAY WE ARE GOING UP!
  24. That's a fair enough report. It was probably intended for those who only have a passing acquaintance with the clubs and League One, but the summary of the two clubs' situations is fine. Personally I quite like reading what outsiders think about our club.

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