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  1. The Easter programme continues on Monday because, like cauliflower, It's Traditional. And, of course, we have some fixtures for you to predict. They all kick off at 3pm and you have a joker each.


    Barnsley v Peterborough United

    Reading v Swansea City

    Bolton Wanderers v Accrington Stanley

    Plymouth Argyle v Sunderland

    Colchester United v Bradford City

    Port Vale v Bristol Rovers

    Barnet v Southend United

    Stockport County v Solihull Moors

  2. The results:

    Hull City 2-1 Cardiff City
    West Brom 2-1 Blackpool
    Accrington Stanley 0-0 Burton Albion
    Wycombe Wanderers 2-0 Plymouth Argyle
    Mansfield Town 2-3 Sutton United
    Walsall 1-0 Carlisle United
    Southend United 0-1 Wealdstone
    Wrexham 1-1 Solihull Moors


    This week's top scorer is @4everapie - congrats!

    @4everapie - 8
    @gtownjohnno - 7
    @Megan_Elizax - 6
    @ARLukomski, @nottsnutter - 5
    @Dripsey3, @super_ram, @DangerousSausage - 4
    @Dan - 3
    @jimbob, @GrannyPie, @barnet11uk - 2
    @magpiejue - 1


    @ARLukomski and @Megan_Elizax move up this week, otherwise there's little change:

    Dripsey3 - 239
    Dan - 226
    super_ram - 213
    4everapie - 202
    gtownjohnno - 200
    DangerousSausage - 193
    Megan_Elizax - 175
    magpiejue - 173
    ARLukomski - 169
    nottsnutter - 167
    jimbob - 167
    GrannyPie - 156
    barnet11uk - 150
    Chris - 106
    KB1862 - 52
    liampie - 50
    Joshua - 34
    Feral Fox - 29
    allardyces tash - 21
    TheSkipper - 16
    CliftonMagpie - 10
    Alex - 7
    Canadian - 4


    There's not long to wait until the next round - Easter Monday is just around the corner. The fixtures are online now, see you over there!

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  3. Anyone else captivated by this competition this season? I spent yesterday evening watching Eintracht Frankfurt deservedly winning away at Barcelona in front of 30,000 travelling fans. As all the flights to Barcelona were sold out, some even took a detour via Tunisia to be there. Eintracht exposed Barca with their fast counterattacking time and again and could have scored more than three. Barca, on the other hand, carved out very few chances until they woke up in stoppage time. It looked like the kind of evening you always dream about as a football fan, and I'm also relieved that the competition won't be won by a team that sees it as a consolation prize.

    It'll be interesting to see Eintracht, West Ham and Rangers scrap it out in the semis - the competition means the world to all of them. Just have a sneaky feeling RB Leipzig will nick it instead.

  4. Sounded like a comfortable win despite the disadvantage of me listening! We did what we needed to do against what by all accounts is a very poor side, but that early goal was a warning that we won't have it all our own way over the next few weeks. Very glad to see Roberts back in and involved in a couple of the goals, that's the reaction we needed.

    We're seven points behind Halifax and five behind Solihull, so third remains a tall order. All we can do is keep winning and hope for the best.

  5. Friday is Good Friday! If you're too old for an Easter egg, worry not - simply grab some points in the prediction league instead. All matches kick off at 3pm on Friday, and remember your jokers!


    Hull City v Cardiff City

    West Brom v Blackpool

    Accrington Stanley v Burton Albion

    Wycombe Wanderers v Plymouth Argyle

    Mansfield Town v Sutton United

    Walsall v Carlisle United

    Southend United v Wealdstone

    Wrexham v Solihull Moors

  6. On 11/04/2022 at 21:04, menzinho said:

    For me, given the result against Torquay and how he played against Kings Lynn last time out I’ll be very surprised if he’s not in the matchday 16. And then hopefully we can all forget move on from it.

    Fingers crossed. There might be nothing more to it than IB wanting to give him a wake-up call, and the timing of the England C game was just a coincidence.

    8 hours ago, DonnyNotts said:

    Regardless of any speculation I personally think he will be gone come the end of the season, as will a few others, just my opinion.

    Possibly, although Roberts hasn't been one of our star performers this season. Rodders, Palmer and Wootton are all out of contract and have all attracted interest, but it partly depends on where we're playing next season (however unlikely promotion feels right now). If they move on, we'll just have to find better replacements, that's the game.

  7. The results:

    Preston North End 2-1 QPR
    Reading 1-2 Cardiff City
    Cheltenham Town 1-0 Portsmouth
    Oxford United 1-2 Sunderland
    Rochdale 1-0 Walsall
    Swindon Town 0-1 Newport County
    Aldershot 2-1 Boreham Wood
    Bromley 0-2 Dagenham & Redbridge


    This week's winner, with one of the best scores of the season, is @Megan_Elizax - congrats!

    @Megan_Elizax - 14
    @4everapie - 10
    @DangerousSausage - 9
    @magpiejue - 7
    @gtownjohnno - 6
    @jimbob, @barnet11uk - 5
    @super_ram, @nottsnutter - 2
    @Dan, @ARLukomski, @GrannyPie - 1
    @Dripsey3 - nul points


    We have a few changes in the table this week. @Megan_Elizax jumps three places and @4everapie goes fourth, while @Dan takes the tiniest of bites out of @Dripsey3's lead - but time is running out...

    Dripsey3 - 235
    Dan - 223
    super_ram - 209
    4everapie - 194
    gtownjohnno - 193
    DangerousSausage - 189
    magpiejue - 172
    Megan_Elizax - 169
    jimbob - 165
    ARLukomski - 164
    nottsnutter - 162
    GrannyPie - 154
    barnet11uk - 148
    Chris - 106
    KB1862 - 52
    liampie - 50
    Joshua - 34
    Feral Fox - 29
    allardyces tash - 21
    TheSkipper - 16
    CliftonMagpie - 10
    Alex - 7
    Canadian - 4


    Here's something I just noticed - last season @ARLukomski broke the prediction league record with 233 points. A great achievement, but the new record wasn't all that surprising since it was the first complete season since the switch to 8 fixtures instead of 6. Well, last week @Dripsey3 broke that record with a full six rounds to go, before sportingly deciding not to add to that tally this week. And it looks likely that at least one other player will follow suit. Well done to all involved! Maybe we should start a lottery syndicate or something?

    Good Friday is called "good" because football matches are played on it. So that will be the date for round 42. I'll get the fixtures online on Tuesday or thereabouts. Until then, have a good week!

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  8. Here's a disclaimer - every time we have a bad result, the usual suspects on social media start speculating that there's been a bust-up behind the scenes. I generally don't buy into it at all - just because we've lost or had a poor run, it doesn't mean there are punch-ups going on in the dressing room.

    But! Roberts hasn't played for Notts in a month, since Stockport away. He was fit enough to play 90 minutes for England C, before again being left out of the squad for the two Notts games following it. IB is now claiming that he left Roberts out of the matchday squad on merit. If words have been exchanged behind the scenes, he can hardly go public on it, but this explanation does not make sense. Roberts has been one of the first names on the team sheet this season, even though Rodders has taken his preferred position. You would AT LEAST expect him to be on the bench as an impact sub.

    Normally I'd be inclined to take IB and CR's word for it. Maybe it's nothing more than the manager simply wanting to give him a wake-up call. I'm just a bit concerned there's more to it and that it'll drag down performances.

  9. Right my lovelies, it's time to polish your crystal balls once again. As usual, the deadline is 3pm on Saturday, and you have a joker each.


    Preston North End v QPR

    Reading v Cardiff City

    Cheltenham Town v Portsmouth

    Oxford United v Sunderland

    Rochdale v Walsall

    Swindon Town v Newport County

    Aldershot v Boreham Wood

    Bromley v Dagenham & Redbridge

  10. The results:

    Barnsley 1-1 Reading
    Cardiff City 0-4 Swansea City
    Accrington Stanley 4-4 Cheltenham Town
    Plymouth Argyle 1-0 Oxford United
    Newport County 0-1 Exeter City
    Stevenage 0-1 Oldham Athletic
    Aldershot 0-2 Eastleigh
    Chesterfield 1-4 Grimsby Town


    We had a tricky bunch this week, with only one of the home teams managing to win. So there weren't many points, but the best performers were @barnet11uk and ME!!! with six points apiece:

    @DangerousSausage, @barnet11uk - 6
    @jimbob, @GrannyPie - 5
    @Dripsey3, @Dan - 4
    @nottsnutter - 2
    @super_ram, @4everapie, @magpiejue, @Megan_Elizax - 1
    @gtownjohnno, @ARLukomski - nul points


    With six rounds to go, @Dripsey3 is 13 points ahead...

    Dripsey3 - 235
    Dan - 222
    super_ram - 207
    gtownjohnno - 187
    4everapie - 184
    DangerousSausage - 180
    magpiejue - 165
    ARLukomski - 163
    jimbob - 160
    nottsnutter - 160
    Megan_Elizax - 155
    GrannyPie - 153
    barnet11uk - 143
    Chris - 106
    KB1862 - 52
    liampie - 50
    Joshua - 34
    Feral Fox - 29
    allardyces tash - 21
    TheSkipper - 16
    CliftonMagpie - 10
    Alex - 7
    Canadian - 4


    The next round is on Saturday (barring the Easter weekend, all of the remaining rounds this season are on Saturdays), so I'll post the fixtures on Wednesday or thereabouts. See you all then!

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  11. Great result that. We had a little bit of luck at the right times, but that's part of the game and will help us build some momentum. The top three is very much possible, but we can hardly afford to slip up if we want to get there - we might be only 4 points off, but Halifax, Wrexham and Solihull all have at least one game in hand.

  12. We've hit round 40, but there are 189 points still to play for. These matches kick off at 3pm on Saturday, and you have a joker each!


    Barnsley v Reading

    Cardiff City v Swansea City

    Accrington Stanley v Cheltenham Town

    Plymouth Argyle v Oxford United

    Newport County v Exeter City

    Stevenage v Oldham Athletic

    Aldershot v Eastleigh

    Chesterfield v Grimsby Town

  13. A young loanee from the Championship is always going to be a short-term fix, while Geraldo Bajrami (fantastic name) would presumably have been for the longer term. I think it's generally better to get someone on board who will be in the side for the next two or three years, and that's no reflection on Graham.

  14. 1 hour ago, super_ram said:


    The next round is on Saturday, so expect the fixtures to appear on Saturday. Until then, look after yourselves and party on!

    @DangerousSausage I hope that's a slight error with the day or are you being a bit crafty and hoping everyone forgets to post while you sneak your predictions in just before kickoff.:rollonfloorlaughing::super::sheep:

    That's a good idea actually, thanks for the tip! 😁

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  15. The results:

    AFC Wimbledon 0-1 Cambridge United
    Shrewsbury Town 1-0 Lincoln City
    Crawley Town 1-0 Rochdale
    Port Vale 2-0 Sutton United
    Salford City 2-1 Walsall
    Grimsby Town 2-1 Dagenham & Redbridge
    Maidenhead United 1-2 Barnet
    Yeovil Town 2-0 Southend United


    Congrats to @gtownjohnno and @barnet11uk, who showed the rest of us how it's done and hit double figures!

    @gtownjohnno, @barnet11uk - 12
    @Dan, @super_ram - 9
    @Dripsey3 - 8
    @DangerousSausage, @Megan_Elizax - 7
    @4everapie - 6
    @GrannyPie - 5
    @magpiejue, @nottsnutter, @jimbob - 4
    @ARLukomski - 1


    @gtownjohnno and @magpiejue are moving up in this week's table, while @Dripsey3's lead takes the slightest of dents:

    Dripsey3 - 231
    Dan - 218
    super_ram - 206
    gtownjohnno - 187
    4everapie - 183
    DangerousSausage - 174
    magpiejue - 164
    ARLukomski - 163
    nottsnutter - 158
    jimbob - 155
    Megan_Elizax - 154
    GrannyPie - 148
    barnet11uk - 137
    Chris - 106
    KB1862 - 52
    liampie - 50
    Joshua - 34
    Feral Fox - 29
    allardyces tash - 21
    TheSkipper - 16
    CliftonMagpie - 10
    Alex - 7
    Canadian - 4


    The next round is on Saturday, so expect the fixtures to appear on Saturday. Until then, look after yourselves and party on!

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  16. The prediction league continues this week (minus that silly Championship nonsense, as they're all playing internationals apparently). If you fancy taking part, I'll have your predictions for these eight gritty lower-league fixtures by 3pm on Saturday, and don't forget your jokers!


    AFC Wimbledon v Cambridge United

    Shrewsbury Town v Lincoln City

    Crawley Town v Rochdale

    Port Vale v Sutton United

    Salford City v Walsall

    Grimsby Town v Dagenham & Redbridge

    Maidenhead United v Barnet

    Yeovil Town v Southend United

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