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  1. Yes and no @Elite_pie. We shouldn't kid ourselves into thinking that making the playoffs is easy, it isn't and the league is extremely competitive this season. But a points average of 1.78 per game is very high - that would equate to 82 points over a 46-game season and not all of the top nine will be able to keep that pace for the rest of the season. In the past, a points total in the low or mid 70s has been enough to finish in the top seven. I don't think a team with 80 points has ever finished below seventh. 

    To win the league, you need more than 90. 80 will be comfortably enough for the playoffs, 70 and we miss out. 

  2. After a week's break thanks to that strange "cup" competition other teams play in, we've got a busy week for the prediction league coming up. These fixtures all kick off at 7.45pm on TUESDAY, so I'll need your predictions by then, and remember your jokers!


    Accrington Stanley v AFC Wimbedon

    Charlton Athletic v Ipswich Town

    Cheltenham Town v Cambridge United

    Portsmouth v Sheffield Wednesday

    Exeter City v Northampton Town

    Leyton Orient v Swindon Town

    Newport County v Sutton United

    Southend United v Maidenhead United

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  3. Any of those teams could win the league, we're shaping up for a proper battle royale. Bit concerned that Wrexham and Stockport have hit form, especially with their blank cheque books. Another striker to give us that something extra, reduce our reliance on Wootton and turn some of the draws into wins could make all the difference - but that striker wouldn't be a guaranteed starter, which limits our options.

    Gut feeling? Boredom Wood.

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  4. It takes two to tango - I think it's a given that the club will want to extend his contract, but does the player? He know he'll have a contract offer from Notts come what may. If he doesn't sign now, in the summer he'll have offers from other clubs higher up that maybe wouldn't have been interested in paying a fee. So from a cold, sober point of view I can understand the player's point of view in wanting to see other offers, and in turn I can understand the logic of clubs looking to sell in January rather than losing a player on a free in the summer. 

    I still hope he signs a contract extension though. He's never pulled up trees anywhere else, but at Notts he knows where he is and he knows he's onto a good thing. 

  5. The results:

    Peterborough United 0-0 Barnsley
    Stoke City 0-1 Blackburn Rovers
    Bolton Wanderers 2-2 Cheltenham Town
    Plymouth Argyle 1-2 Wigan Athletic
    Northampton Town 1-0 Leyton Orient
    Swindon Town 1-1 Harrogate Town
    Grimsby Town P-P Boreham Wood
    Wrexham 2-0 Bromley


    This week's winner is @barnet11uk, with honourable mentions going to @Dan, @Chris and @GrannyPie!

    @barnet11uk - 9
    @Dan, @Chris, @GrannyPie - 8
    @DangerousSausage - 6
    @Megan_Elizax, @CliftonMagpie - 4
    @ARLukomski - 3
    @super_ram, @magpiejue, @liampie, @allardyces tash - 2
    @Dripsey3, @4everapie, @jimbob - 1
    @gtownjohnno - nul points


    @Dripsey3 decided to give the rest of us a chance this round. @Dan said thank you very much and has now drawn level. And @super_ram has joined the 100 club. The standings:


    Dan - 125
    Dripsey3 - 125
    gtownjohnno - 106
    super_ram - 100
    nottsnutter - 99
    4everapie - 96
    DangerousSausage - 93
    jimbob - 88
    magpiejue - 87
    ARLukomski - 83
    Chris - 80
    Megan_Elizax - 75
    barnet11uk - 73
    GrannyPie - 73
    KB1862 - 52
    liampie - 45
    Joshua - 34
    Feral Fox - 29
    allardyces tash - 21
    TheSkipper - 16
    CliftonMagpie - 10
    Alex - 7
    Canadian - 4


    And now the prediction league goes into a week-long hibernation, as the FA Cup (which apparently has something called a "second round") is this coming this weekend. So our next round will be on Tuesday 7 December, and I'll post the fixtures the weekend before. See you then!

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  6. The results:

    Middlesbrough 1-2 Preston North End
    Nottingham Florist 0-0 Luton Town
    Burton Albion 4-0 Accrington Stanley
    Plymouth Argyle 0-3 Wycombe Wanderers
    Salford City 1-1 Bristol Rovers
    Tranmere Rovers 2-1 Bradford City
    Halifax Town 1-2 Wrexham
    Solihull Moors 2-0 Grimsby Town


    This round's winner is @Dripsey3, while @GrannyPie takes a respectable second place:

    @Dripsey3 - 8
    @GrannyPie - 6
    @super_ram, @4everapie - 5
    @Dan - 4
    @DangerousSausage - 3
    @gtownjohnno, @nottsnutter, @ARLukomski, @Megan_Elizax - 2
    @Chris - 1


    And so the table looks like this:

    Dripsey3 - 124
    Dan - 117
    gtownjohnno - 106
    nottsnutter - 99
    super_ram - 98
    4everapie - 95
    DangerousSausage - 87
    jimbob - 87
    magpiejue - 85
    ARLukomski - 80
    Chris - 72
    Megan_Elizax - 71
    GrannyPie - 65
    barnet11uk - 64
    KB1862 - 52
    liampie - 43
    Joshua - 34
    Feral Fox - 29
    allardyces tash - 19
    TheSkipper - 16
    Alex - 7
    CliftonMagpie - 6
    Canadian - 4


    The weekend's fixtures are up now - so cast your rune sticks, gaze into your crystal ball, and click on this link. Good luck!

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  7. Aaand we move straight on to Saturday's prediction league round. If you fancy getting some points and climbing up the table, get your predictions in by 3pm on Saturday, and remember your joker!


    Peterborough United v Barnsley

    Stoke City v Blackburn Rovers

    Bolton Wanderers v Cheltenham Town

    Plymouth Argyle v Wigan Athletic

    Northampton Town v Leyton Orient

    Swindon Town v Harrogate Town

    Grimsby Town v Boreham Wood

    Wrexham v Bromley

  8. The results:

    Middlesbrough 1-1 Millwall
    Swansea City 1-1 Blackpool
    Fleetwood Town 1-2 Morecambe
    Sunderland 2-0 Ipswich Town
    Barrow 0-1 Crawley Town
    Bristol Rovers 2-2 Tranmere Rovers
    Barnet 2-1 Torquay United
    Woking 1-2 Stockport County


    Quite a mixed bag points-wise - a couple got zero for the first time this season, but there were big scorers too. Congrats to @Joshua, who won this round!

    @Joshua - 9
    @nottsnutter, @super_ram - 7
    @ARLukomski - 6
    @Chris - 5
    @jimbob, @Megan_Elizax - 4
    @gtownjohnno, @liampie - 3
    @4everapie, @GrannyPie - 2
    @Dripsey3, @DangerousSausage - 1
    @Dan, @magpiejue - nul points


    It's pretty much as you were at the top, with the chasing pack only making limited inroads into @Dripsey3 and @Dan's lead. There's some movement elsewhere though.

    Dripsey3 - 116
    Dan - 113
    gtownjohnno - 104
    nottsnutter - 97
    super_ram - 93
    4everapie - 90
    jimbob - 87
    magpiejue - 85
    DangerousSausage - 84
    ARLukomski - 78
    Chris - 71
    Megan_Elizax - 69
    barnet11uk - 64
    GrannyPie - 59
    KB1862 - 52
    liampie - 43
    Joshua - 34
    Feral Fox - 29
    allardyces tash - 19
    TheSkipper - 16
    Alex - 7
    CliftonMagpie - 6
    Canadian - 4


    The next round is this coming Tuesday, so click this link and make your predictions!

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  9. What? Another prediction league round already? Yes - there's another full set of fixtures on Tuesday night, so don't miss out! All of these matches kick off at 7.45pm on Tuesday, and remember your jokers. Good luck!


    Middlesbrough v Preston North End

    Nottingham Florist v Luton Town

    Burton Albion v Accrington Stanley

    Plymouth Argyle v Wycombe Wanderers

    Salford City v Bristol Rovers

    Tranmere Rovers v Bradford City

    Halifax Town v Wrexham

    Solihull Moors v Grimsby Town

  10. That's a real let-down after the last few weeks. We seem to slip up against average but well-organised teams far too often, and you only afford to make very few mistakes in this league if you're serious about automatic - it's like like L2 where you can fluke third place on 70 points.

    Boredom Wood next. They are where they are for a reason, but we can't afford to drop points two games in a row.

  11. When you do well, other clubs will naturally be interested in your best players. It's just how it is. Even if a big fee is on offer, selling is always a huge gamble - you've got no way of knowing whether the replacements you bring in will be better. Get it wrong and the season could be a write-off.

    From the point of view of the players mentioned, I couldn't blame them for being interested after three years in the NL. On the other hand, they both know the backroom team at Notts, are well-liked and are among the first names on the teamsheet - not necessarily a given elsewhere. In a peverse way, us being in the NL could actually work to our advantage when it comes to keeping them - I doubt many L2 clubs could pay them significantly more than us, and I'm not sure it makes a massive difference to most players whether they play in L2 or the Bananarama League, and many L1 clubs might not be willing to take a chance on a player two divisions below. I expect us to get speculative offers anyway, but I think we'll hold on till the end of the season.

  12. Did you know that 17 is the sixth Mersenne prime exponent, yielding 131071? You do now. Anyway, this is round 17. If you fancy it, predict the following scores and remember to include your joker. Kick-off is Saturday at 3. Good luck!


    Middlesbrough v Millwall

    Swansea City v Blackpool

    Fleetwood Town v Morecambe

    Sunderland v Ipswich Town

    Barrow v Crawley Town

    Bristol Rovers v Tranmere Rovers

    Barnet v Torquay United

    Woking v Stockport County

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