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  1. super_ram

    Thought I would share this

    And Hallam FC the second oldest
  2. super_ram

    Guess the magpie

    Jon Stead
  3. super_ram

    Close encounters with wildlife

    I've heard the same of Otters @Fan of Big Tone
  4. super_ram

    Close encounters with wildlife

    I talk to the Robins when I'm in the garden.We have more than one that comes up quite close and watches intently while I'm weeding.He/she stands there with his/her head on one side as if taking it all in of what I'm saying and often start whistling/chirping as if in conversation.Mind you when I talk to the Squirrels they just look back at me as if I'm barmy.
  5. super_ram

    Close encounters with wildlife

    When I lived in Alfreton our garden more or less backed on to counrtyside..Me and my friends were always playing in the woods or in fields away from humans but never encountered any animals other than cows,dogs and cats
  6. super_ram

    Close encounters with wildlife

    When we first moved to our present home we had a family of hedehogs regularly cross our garden at dusk.That was 27 years ago but we didn't have any more hedgehog visits till last year but that one died in our garden.Another hedgehog kept appearing in our garden in the spring but that one also died. Several years ago we had a white rabbit running around the garden but I think that was an escaped pet. We've had frogs in the garden. I was weeding once and went to pick up a stone but it jumped away and almost gave me a heart attack. Squirrels also come into the front and back gardens,running along the fences and climbing the trees. Foxes also give us a visit snooping around looking for food. We're also lucky with the variety of birds visiting our garden-Thrush,Robin,Blue ***,Sparrow,etc but our favourite of course has to be the Magpies No Rams though !
  7. super_ram

    The First Thoughts Game

    Python, always look on the bright side,nudge nudge Tom Jones
  8. super_ram

    Match Discussion Notts v Derby [Saturday 14th]

    I did a subdued celebration yesterday for the first goal but out of respect for my hosts refrained for the other goals.Now if it had been over the river.......
  9. super_ram

    Match Discussion Notts v Derby [Saturday 14th]

    Cloughie used to say that the opposition can't score if they haven't got the ball.If the ball is moved around inteligently and accurately and the players also work hard making passes possible then its very difficult for the opposition to do anything but chase shadows.
  10. super_ram

    Match Discussion Notts v Derby [Saturday 14th]

    I wont be supporting the opposition and I'll be allowed to cheer!!!!!
  11. super_ram

    Liampie is the World Cup prediction Winner

    Here we go again ,will he ever learn?
  12. super_ram

    Liampie is the World Cup prediction Winner

    In good company aren't we @Fan of Big Tone
  13. super_ram

    Liampie is the World Cup prediction Winner

    Well done @liampie and all who participated.
  14. super_ram

    Match Discussion Notts v Derby [Saturday 14th]

    At last someone gives my team a bit of credit for making Notts,a team 2 leagues lower,struggle for possession.Perhaps ,with all the new signings Notts have made and their quality,some fans were expecting Notts to just turn up and put one over my championship side .These pre season games are meant to build up fitness and turn a collection of players into a team. @Northants Pie,you are quite right, next week versus Leicester should show how much of what Notts do THIS coming week has paid off.
  15. super_ram

    Welcome Dale Webster

    Welcome to PoN @Dale Webster

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