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    Derby County and football generally,other sports.Music-60's,Folk and classical.Family -especially 4 lovely grandkids-beer(real ale)

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  1. super_ram

    Prediction League Round 9

    I've added it for you but I really hope your wrong
  2. super_ram

    Prediction League Round 9

    Really surprised it took you till the 9th round @weymouthPIE Derby County 2 - 1 Brentford Middlesbrough 2 - 0 Swansea City(Joker) Doncaster Rovers 3 - 1 Bradford City Southend United 1 - 1 Fleetwood Town Morecambe 2 - 1 Macclesfield Town Yeovil Town 3 - 1 Swindon Town
  3. super_ram

    PONcast Episode 42

    Pleased to see this feature return.Very well presented.Well done @samwatto2008 on your debut and @Chris
  4. A warm PoN welcome from me to @Shepshed Pie.I hope you enjoy your time here on PoN.You shouldn't feel lonely either as there at least 3 other members from Shepshed
  5. super_ram

    Daily Chat Thread - Wednesday 19th September

    Not a bad night out then @ARLukomski.Well done you 3
  6. super_ram

    Daily Chat Thread - Wednesday 19th September

    The bins have been emptied.I didn't see or hear them which is strange cos I usually hear them even if I'm in the kitchen they make such a racket.Perhaps it's because of the wind .
  7. super_ram

    Daily Chat Thread - Wednesday 19th September

    I was going to trim our hedges today but it's a bit windy outside.I'm still not 100% so it hasn't taken much to put me off.I did do the grass last week though. The bins still haven't been emptied!
  8. super_ram

    Are there any decent films to watch at the cinema

    How would I know @Magic magpie.,the last film I watched at a cinema was ' Flash Gordon' with the Queen soundtrack, getting on for 40 years ago.
  9. super_ram

    Have you ever been fired from your job?

    Unfortunately there are individuals who like to intimidate new, and especially, young recruits.They don't like it when you stand up to them do they.When I first started work as a gopher(Go for this,go for that)a person,more a joker than a bully,sent me for a reel of tartan cotton.My mates,who had experience of work before me had warned me that I'd face a lot of leg pulling ,so I was prepared.I realised tartan cotton was a leg pull .So,after a short while I returned to the joker empty handed and told him "you'll have to give me an ammerfor first".He looked puzzled and said to me " What's an ammerfor" I replied " to hit jokers like you over the head" He realised his joke had been turned on him and burst ou laughing.From then on I was one of 'His best mates'I sympathise with you though @samwatto2008
  10. super_ram

    Daily chat thread - Tuesday 18th September

    I thought your headache was back at school @cheeky~k8Or do you mean someone else?Seriously hope its better soon.
  11. super_ram

    Daily chat thread - Tuesday 18th September

    Nothing much to talk about today except our bins weren't emptied this morning.The gas people have dug holes all around our area with safety fencing around them.There's one at the bottom of our close and although many large vans have managed to get to the top of our close it seems beyond the ability of our binmen .To be fair though ,the driver did attempt to back up the close with the help of his colleagues but some car drivers are too impatient and just ignored the men trying to direct..God knows when the work will be finished and the bins emptied..Hope there isn't a fire cos I suppose a fire engine woud struggle too.
  12. super_ram

    The First Thoughts Game

    Blimey,one I remember,2 x 4 lump of wood ,American patriot,made me laugh So did-Les Kellett
  13. super_ram

    Daily chat thread - Saturday 15th September

    I didn't go to the game but listened to my lot and I'm now just wanting to forget too.
  14. super_ram

    Prediction League Round 8

    Millwall 1 - 2 Leeds United SHeffield Wednesday 2 - 0 Stoke City(Joker) Fleetwood Town 1 - 0 Accrington Stanley Peterborough United 2 - 1 Portsmouth Carlisle United 2 - 0 Tranmere Rovers Mansfield Town 2 - 2 Exeter City
  15. super_ram

    Ask a PON member a question game

    I've mentioned previously how my concerns at joining PoN were unfounded,me being a Rams fan and knowing how some fans(of any team) can be idiots.I joined in August 2009 and it was very hard going, with few topics to respond to and few members to engage with.I know in these early days @Chris and @super_pie tried to drum up interest by distributing leaflets spreading the word of PoN and very slowly membership and interest began to grow. As far as I'm concerned there are three distinct periods on PoN,two good and one very,very bad. The first good period was around November 2012 when @weymouthPIE joined. On 29th of December @Fan of Big Tone(then known as Tony Hateley) joined followed two days later by @liampie.Then in February 2013 @magpiejue joined.Four of my favourite posters.If anyone else joined at this time I apologise for not remembering. From this point membership continued to gradually grow along with content,the all important banter and, of course,the post count.There were quiet periods but there were also some memorable high spots.I think it was round about the time of Monez that this period peaked. Unfortunately it was after Monez was sacked and Fullerton appointed that things fell apart a little on PoN as Notts support went into meltdown and the only really bad period hit PoN. Notts fans became disillusioned and annoyed with the way Notts was being run and PoN suffered with members losing interest .The post count dropped. The second good PoN period began when Alan Hardy bought Notts and installed Kevin Nolan as manager.The revitalised team performances were reflected here on PoN as interest was renewed.I think it was round about June this year though when things really took off again with membership increasing rapidly on a daily basis and consequently so did the post count.Although @Joe Jones,a stalwart from the early days,left recently new records are being made regularly. So I think that answers the first part of yor question @B&Wstripes. As for the second part of the question-I am immensely proud of what @Chris is achieving here on PoN,especially when taking into consideration some of the stupid things he's had to contend with over the years from jealous and bitter so called fans.A special mention should also go to @cheeky~k8 who has backed Chris all the way. One last ,very important thing though-non of this is possible without all the magnificent PoN members and I'm priviliged to be part of it.

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