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  1. Ride-which is, of course, best with a P before and followed by Park
  2. It didn't seem like Friday cos @super_pie didn't come to our house after school. Me and @GrannyPie missed him and other family members that I/we usually see.Sod you Corona virus,bugger off!
  3. Very well done young feller.I really enjoyed that,excellent.
  4. This virus outbreak first made news,as far as I'm aware,at the end of December.It's now almost the end of March.3 months and it still looks like the situation will get worse before it gets better.,so we will be well into July at the earliest before we can even think about resuming 'normal' everyday life.The logical resumption ,to me,would be to have a sort of 'pre-season' sometime in August /September to get players up to speed and then resume football with the completion of the 8 or 9 league games plus the outstanding cup games from this season.Of course this would mean the cancellation of the 2020/2021 and would leave what would have been the the climax of that season without any fixtures.It would though,be more fair for the teams curently in promotion places,(Notts included} than having this season declared null and void.
  5. No difference for me and @GrannyPie either.We're in virtual permanent lock down anyway,difference now is visits are severely restricted so we'll miss the grandkids.We're both very grateful for help with shopping,etc being offered. Hopefully the measures being taken will start to take effect and things will get back to normal sooner rather than later.
  6. What me and @GrannyPie used to do a lot-hike
  7. Thought you might have said this @magpiejue -Wine
  8. The Corona virus pandemic situation is having a terrible effect on people worldwide and is currently the main news headline.I was wondering ,if PoN had been here from 1862, what news items would have aroused most posting responses here.I'm thinking both world wars,Notts winning the FA cup and the Titanic sinking.Any suggestions from members?
  9. Welcome to PoN @Rio Doherty from myself and @GrannyPie
  10. 1.Alfreton,Derbyshire 2.I started working with a massive Notts fan and began taking notice of their fortunes due to him.Unfortunately Notts were relegated to div 4 1963/4. 3.Paper round 1962/3.-last school year. Then gopher(go for this,go for that) in lace trade. 4.Rams season ticket round about1967/8 when gates bagan to go through the roof till 1991 when we moved to where we live now. 5.Home looking after @GrannyPie
  11. 12 years ago today @cheeky~k8 and @Chrispresented @GrannyPie and myself with our first granddaughter and a sister for @super_pie.Happy birthday @Ellie_Pie10.Have a lovely day.Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.
  12. Ayup @magnot,welcome to PoN
  13. A game for me and @GrannyPie to look forward to.With apologies there is ,for me ,a very much more important game earlier that day.It was also my Mam's birthday too .I hope we can all celebrate in the evening.

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