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    Derby County and football generally,other sports.Music-60's,Folk and classical.Family -especially 4 lovely grandkids-beer(real ale)

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  1. super_ram

    Derby v Aston Villa the first derby of the weekend

    Bruce was sacked at the beginning of October with Villa greatly, IMHO,underachieving.Rams were poor in the 1st half in the previous (v Brum)game but were completely the opposite in the 2nd half.That is one of my concerns - the occasional inconsistency
  2. super_ram

    Caption this .. winner revealed

    Well done our kid, ( @Chris ) I forgot to post for this. Giz another one @Magic magpie
  3. super_ram

    Only 45 days till Christmas.. are you ready?

    I'm fed up with the Xmas ads on tv already @TheSkipper (Bah Humbug) but I echo your sentiments and You'll get a nice break from Uni
  4. super_ram

    Only 45 days till Christmas.. are you ready?

    htthttps://www.coca-cola.co.uk/stories/keep-on-truckinghttps://www.coca-cola.co.uk/stories/keep-on-truckinghttps://www.coca-cola.co.uk/stories/keep-on-truckinghttps://www.coca-cola.co.uk/stories/keep-on-truckinghttps://www.coca-cola.co.uk/stories/keep-on-truckinghttps://www.coca-cola.co.uk/stories/keep-on-truckingps://www.coca-cola.co.uk/stories/keep-on-truckinghttps://www.coca-cola.co.uk/stories/keep-on-trucking You can go see it for real @cheeky~k8
  5. super_ram

    Can you help me welcome our new member

    WElcome to PoN @peg248 from myself and @GrannyPie
  6. super_ram

    Derby v Aston Villa the first derby of the weekend

    A bad day at the office.Missed Mount and the obvious replacement,Bryson ,was also injured.Rams could have had 2 in the first half,which was even.No argument with second half,Rams very much outplayed but we've had an excellent run since the last International break.FL has 2 weeks to recover and push on to Christmas.It's not the end of the world(that apparently is coming with Brexit).We're still in a play off place.(For now)
  7. super_ram

    British Legion

    My paternal grandma was a standard bearer for Alfreton British Legion and every October her front room had loads of boxes containing poppies ready for distribution... .In secondary school the mate I sat with's mother was the standard bearer.From the age of 10 till I married I lived next door to The Alfreton British Hall.When I was in infant and junior school my dad used to take me to watch the Remembrance Sunday march and Wreath laying at Alfreton war memorial.My uncle took part in the ceremony.I remember asking my dad why he had tears in his eyes.He just said it was because of memories.Over the years I learned it was because of friends and relatives lost but when you are very young you don't understand how people suffered because of war.
  8. super_ram

    Daily chat thread - Friday 9th November

    Visited @GrannyPie, who continues to improve ,with @Magic magpie's mum.
  9. super_ram

    How do you like your eggs.?

    I t tastes a bit like a smooth cheese spread.Of course you can vary the amount and type of cheese you use to make it taste more or less cheesy
  10. super_ram

    Guys can you join me in welcoming our latest member

    Hello and welcome to PoN @NewtoNotts Is it Wycombe or Wolves (or another team) you support?
  11. super_ram

    Daily chat thread - Monday 5th November

    I seem to have missed your post @liampie but I'm really pleased you like your new position.Every cloud has a silver lining as they say.I'll pass on your good news to @GrannyPie as when I visit her she keeps asking if you are doing alright
  12. super_ram

    Daily chat thread - Thursday 8th November

    I didn't visit @GrannyPie today but @william1984, @Harrys_Mummy and Harry did.They last visited on Sunday and said she was very cheerful and was a lot more like her usual self.I had a phone call from another member of the team(again) looking into granny's discharge.
  13. super_ram

    PON Newsletters & Updates

    Not just Notts fans.Don't forget this Rams fan has Notts as his second team.
  14. super_ram

    The Last Pass

    Yes ,incredibly interesting and informative.Very sad yet uplifting.Thanks for sharing @Piethagoram
  15. super_ram

    New game ... who did/do I play for ?

    John Charles - Leeds United Sammy Chapman

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