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  1. A chairman who backs his manager and fans who question the quality of signings.That sounds very familiar to me.Until Frank Lampard arrived some of the signings(not all) for my lot were soon being criticised as a waste of money but at the time of signing most fans were very happy.Wasn't that the case at Notts.The only criticism I recall was that certain positions were overlooked and not strengthened and these positions are still the main problem.Down to the manager to correct.

  2. There was an annoying chap used to sit a couple of rows in front of us at Derby who was always moaning about something or other.No matter how well Derby as a team or individually were playing he would always be be shouting some abuse.As the season progressed people around him were getting increasingly  annoyed and telling him to shut up if he didn't have anything constructive to say.Eventually he stood up arguing with everyone and was removed by the stewards(to applause) and we never saw him again.

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  3. They were in the 3rd Division North and 2nd in the league,(Easter)when only one team was promoted to the 2nd division(one team from Division 3 south also promoted) when I was first taken to a match.The gate was 30 odd thousand and they lost 3-1 to Grimsby Town,who went on to win the league.This was 1955/6 when I was 9 .Derby had been relegated from the top tier in 1952/3 and from the second tier in 1954/55 having been the first post war winners of the FA cup in 1945/46.Mansfield was never an option and I would have been ostracised if I had taken to the unmentionable lot.We only went to Chesterfield to watch the cricket when Derbyshire  played at Queens park-Leaving the obvious two teams. (Alfreton Town weren't  reformed until  1959 and I went to their first match and most others when Derby Were away.)

  4. I was brought up in Alfreton.The nearest league grounds were-Mansfield,9 miles-Chesterfield,13 miles-Derby,15 miles and Notts and that lot 16 miles.There were  a few  Man U fans about ,influenced by the Munich disaster and a few Spurs fans due to their double success but most were Derby or Unmentionable fans.My family were Derby. My uncle (my dad's youngest brother) was always going on about Derby(he was, and still is obsessed)He used to bang on about Derby's FA Cup win and got me to memorise the team.He used to show me old programmes and never shut up talking about The Rams.In fact my Grandma used to tell him to change the subject only for my Grandad or some other family member to take up where my uncle left off.Is there any wonder I support Derby County,it was drilled in to me.Then when I started work and later met my wife to be you may understand why Notts come a very close second.

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  5. I've explained before-I first took an interest in Notts while working with an older Notts nut.We used to exchange match talk and support each other  when results  went wrong.He would tell me about all the old players he'd seen.As a teenager I found this all really interesting.My interest in Notts was helped similarly by my father-in-law (GrannyPie's dad and Joes Grandad)We would test each other with Notts/Derby/general football trivia.

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  6. Wow.

    First of all James may I say how sorry I am that you lost your father at such a young age.

    Secondly I'd like to say he would be very proud of you.

    This is a wonderful Blog.Excellent.I can't praise you enough.I'm sure NottsJoe will agree when I say that the Blog you have written is what this site is all about.

    You obviously enjoy your football and your passion comes over.

    Thanks for taking the time to write and good luck to Weymouth and yourself in the future.

    P.S Sorry about the Alfreton Town result.

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