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  1. It must be painful as a Derby fan, to see Leeds [2nd] and Nottingham Forest [5th]. I'm not gloating or trying to wind you up, 17th is unlike the Rams and having read things about their financial state I am hoping Mel Morris hasn't lost interest in the club.

    1. super_ram


      Not the best of seasons @AmericanPie but I didn't expect too much anyway.Lampard did a fair job last season but  he ultimately failed(I did enjoy the playoff second leg v Leeds though)but when the loan players (Mount,Tomori and Wilson)left it meant  a massive job replacing them.       Progress for this season was delayed by Lampard's indecision about taking the Chelsea job,though we all knew what the outcome would be.New manager,Cocu,had little time for preparation for this season meeting up with the players in Florida for Pre-season matches,the first of which was abandoned at half time due to an electrical storm,a portent for the present season.Then in September we had the drink fiasco and lost Keogh(So 4 players from last season gone)Add the injuries here and there throughout the team and Cocu must be wondering what he's signed up for and can things get any worse.Well yes they can.Now we've fell foul off financial fair play regulations with the EFL  .   I don't think Mel has lost interest.As he has stated he will only do what is in the best interest of Derby County and he would prefer to remain owner and Chairman.Of course almost every word he or anyone else connected with the Rams utters is either taken out of context or twisted round for effect by the press.

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  2. first time i have felt like it, but i might quit pon.

    1. super_ram


      @Fan of Big Tonewasn't having a go at you @liampie or anyone else  for that matter.I 'm sure he's wondering why some members have taken exception to what he said but in trying  to to explain he just dug himself further into a hole.He did go to great lengths to apologise if he'd offended anyone.I think what he was referring to was non discussion  posts .I.e  on our way to 400+ posts there were a few posts of encouragement along the lines of-'20 to go now',then another like  'can we get a few more posters',followed by something like (from Tony')I'm here now'.All posts helping to creep towards the 400 mark, which may not be be' meaningless'  but are perhaps frivolous and are not what you could call 'quality discussion' just plain good fun

      @Chris mentioned somewhere how text can come over different to how it does when spoken ..If it makes you feel any better  @liampie only last week I misunderstood a post and over-reacted (a post in ask a member a question =from @Chris

      Anyway this Rams fan has seen you grow,  over the years, from being a bit shy  but always interesting to a confident key member of PoN.So come on @liampie don't cut off your nose to spite your face(as me mam used to say) get posting again PLEASE

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  3. Hiya mate, tell your lad my blog on Today's Bury v Fleetwood game is up now of Football Manics, I get about a bit eh? Hope you're well & if you fancy coming over to our gaff on the last day for Millers v Rams, I'll sort you out a ticket........................Ian

    1. super_ram


      You certainly do get around @BradtheMiller.I went to Gigg Lane in 1969.The Rams beat Bury 1 - 0 .John O'Hare scored for us and Dave Mackay was substituted with concussion after a nasty collision with one of Bury's players.The attendance that day was just over 15000 for the 2nd div(Championship now)match.I note you were part of 4174 crowd.Rams went on to achieve promotion as champions whilst Bury were relegated to League Div 3.Guess who their first match was against the following season.Here endeth the history lesson.

      Regarding Millers v Rams,I afraid I'll have to decline your very kind offer as  @GrannyPie,though much better since returning home from hospital,still needs my assistance.Your offer was very much appreciated though.:thumbsup:

  4. you just new Derby would ***k the playoffs up didn't you? TBH they could do with a proper manager in the summer.................Steve Evans perhaps???

    Can you tell your lad I've started a topic of FootballManics if he'd like to take a look.



    1. super_ram


      Steve Evans or Jamie Fullarton !

      Will pass your message on :thumbsup:

  5. Is having a very uneventful school holiday with the kids lol

    1. super_ram


      Our turn later today.no chance of a rest

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