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  1. Sounded like Notts were under a lot of pressure from the start but defended resiliently and had a few half chances themselves.Still a good point and the unbeaten away record continues .The Shrews were very unlucky to concede a goal so late but that's the way it goes .
  2. No match for Rams tonight so I will be listening to Radio Nottm.All away matches are tough but given Notts away record this season i'm predicting a draw at the least and a draw for the Shrews or possibly a win.Good luck to both of you.
  3. Notts Joe will have an antique round his ear from his dad if he's not careful.
  4. So many memories from my spectating days but 3 spring to mind straight away-Rams 3-Benfica 0 Magic.Rams 4 -Real Madrid 0.More magic.What an atmosphere at the old Baseball Ground.And of course 1979 Rams 4-florist 1.What a way to silence the red dogs.Absolute heaven.Obviously I wish I could have been at the shitty ground last season when we gave florists a goal start and had our goallie sent off but still won 2-1.So sweet.
  5. Notts to win but could be difficult.Forest to win comfortably.Rams to lose but I,m hoping to be surprised.After my prediction for Sweden v England don't take too much notice of this post.
  6. Nice to see a few players being tried out .Roy hodgson probably knows who he would choose(if fit)but needs a to check as many players as possible .Sweden will be very hard to beat especially as they have a new stadium but I will stick my neck out and say a win for England
  7. Good results again.Can't always win pretty.Crawley next for Nottts and 2 away for Rams and florists to play leicester.-the games keep on coming-interesting.
  8. As with Rams it depends which team turns up on the day.Bearing in mind Notts away record I would expect a win -2-0 Notts.Boro to beat florists and hopefully 2-0 to Rams.
  9. Listened to Notts v Chesterfield on radio nottm & thought you were going to win after scoring first & them having a player sent off but Notts seemed to fall apart.I guess Nottingham teams don't like playing 10 men Derbyshire teams.I watched Notts on sky & was very impressed.Notts completely dominated the match & if the quality of crosses had been better would surely have scored more.Hawley,particularly,looked in good nick.If Notts play like that in the league against Chesterfield they should get their revenge for the cup defeat.I see Cotterall is being interviewed by florists.I like him so I hope he doesn't get it.
  10. As I said on Sat,tough game for us.Take away the late goals for our teams & it doesn't look so bad especially as Notts were only 10 men.The Rams have a couple of weeks now to prepare for the next tough one(only the tabletoppers) & again I fear the worst but if the Rams can put in a real shift who knows?Notts should beat Chesterfieild in the cup & league but local derbys are always unpredictable.As for the Florists-depends a lot on next manager. can't comment at the moment.
  11. Tough game for both of us today & florists tomorrow.Will be satisfied with a draw at Leic but fear the worst.Notts seem quite capable of at least a draw.Florist fans will be hoping for anything after the last couple of weeks.
  12. Mid november now & approaching the critical xmas period.Most teams by now know their realistic expectation. The Rams are doing better than I expected & seem to be learning how to cope with teams that try to stop them playing the type of flowing football that Nigel Clough wants them to play.A playoff position would be very acceptable but still a long way to go before thinking about promotion. Forest are doing as I expected.A couple of wins or defeats make all the difference regarding league positions. With little transfer activity I think Forest will finish in the top half. Notts are struggling after the shock departure Craig Short.The changes & signings that Paul Ince has made need time to settle but time is runnig out. The next few weeks will be very interesting.Will Derby continue their impressive form or fall away like Forest last season.Will Forest do the opposite of last season.Can Notts put a run together. As I said the Xmas period is nearing & the next few weeks will be very interesting.
  13. So the world cup is over.I personally think it was all a bit of a none event.So much hype about certain teams & players.What a let down.What happened to all the teams England were supposed to be frightened of.England only have themselves to blame for such a poor showing.If only we had played half decently we would be world champions, that's what I think of the standard.Brazil,Argentina,Italy,Germany & Holland were nowhere near the standard of their predecessors & what about France.In the 60's & 70's I looked forward to games involving Brazil,Holland etc but now it's a bore.At least we have the domestic season to look forward to with friendlies being played & transfer activity hotting up.
  14. Wednesday is D-day.A MUST WIN match.Which England team will turn up?If we play as we did in most of the qualifying games we should win but what will be the reaction of the players after the 'events' of the last few days.I hope the team unite & put on a good show otherwise Wednesday will be a very sad day for ENGLISH football.
  15. Man Utd,Forest(Dense wooded area like a Forest fan's brain)'Leeds Utd,Millwall,Mansfield
  16. I think it's a bit too soon to make any predictions for next season until all transfers have been completed.I do think though that as with previous seasons promoted teams tend to struggle & relegated teams don't always bounce straight back.Regarding our local sides, as things stand,I think Notts will manage to stay up, at least. Forest expectations will be much higher than last season & having just missed out in the play offs may find life a little harder next season.At Xmas last season Forest looked odds on for an automatic promotion place but their away form fell away completely(I do like this bit)after visiting Pride Park.They should be up there again though.As for the Rams,I hope for a lot fewer injuries for a start.Nigel Clough knows injuries can't be used as an excuse next season as even with a fully fit squad mid table was about all we could have expected.The World Cup starts on Friday & England should progress to the next stage,then who knows.We stand as good a chance as any team.By the time the Word Cup is over a lot more wheeling & dealing will have been done & league teams prospects will become clearer,so for now let's just wait & see '
  17. So we're about a third of the way through the season & I've just looked at the latest league positions.Well you are spot on with Chelsea & not too far out with most of the other predictions.The 2 Liverpool clubs aren't doing as well as most people thought & Portsmouth & West Ham are struggling.Stoke, Burnley & Wigan are also going very well.Things will hot up over the run up to Xmas & it will be interesting to see what happens in the transfer window.The FA cup will add interest in January & of course European fixtures could take a toll on players.I personally think Arsenal are a real threat to Chelsea & the bottom 3 will stay the same although it will be very tight with 2 or 3 points separating quite a few clubs.Notts are nicely placed & I,m sure will strengthen the team to ensure automatic promotion.As for the Rams,well very dasappointing,but I still think a top half finish is still possible once the injuries clear up-who knows perhaps a cup run?
  18. The poor form continues. Liverpool's seasons going down hill and the manager is so far very lucky to have a job. taking off the best forward is never a wise move!
  19. I hear county need a solid left back, this jones might be that player. It's sometimes good to have a player who isn't flashy but a worker.
  20. Hi Will,sorry I don't know much about your team but I see you have the same points as Notts.Is your manager under threat.I doubt it.Different circumstances.
  21. Guaranteed instant success is what it's all about.Munto want automatic promotion this season & probably next season as well.I hope they choose the next manager well & how many 'poor' results before his position is being threatened.
  22. Just another example of money grabbing in sport.OK ,all sporting organisations will try to maximise their financial potential but I believe certain sports events should be made available to as wide an audience as possible & at a reasonable price.
  23. It is difficult to tell from TV clips whether the ref has made a correct decision unless they show from several cameras.If the officials make a mistake it's too late anyway.These decisions tend to even out over a season but are annoying just the same.A point away from home is always welcome ,much better than losing by 5 or 6 goals.I was pleased by the Rams result as they can now go forward with a little more optimism & hopefully get a few players back to fitness. I don't know what the feeling is at Blackburn & there are no matches due to the internationals.We are in October & the league tables are now beginning to take some shape.By the end of November the winners & losers will become more apparent.I think the Rams & Forest will be mid table & Notts will be at least in the top 6
  24. so Sol didn't last but Notts are back to winning ways.Coincidence?If a players heart isn't in his job then he's no use to anyone.Loyalty not money seems to be an old fashioned idea these days.

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