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  1. Rhys is pretty pacey, quick with the ball and releases it well. I found him to be one of those frustrating types of players, you can see he has ability but often failed to make use of it but that may fall down to experience. We only had a brief glimpse of him here but I would say if he applied himself well, he would prove to be a half decent signing. I am pleased that we did not go in for him, as I do not think he is ready for anything higher than league two. Good luck this season to notts.
  2. Go and come back having witnessed the magic which is football, good luck pies! I hope you beat Oldham convincingly.
  3. Thats good, always had a lot of respect for you guys. Oldham will look like a poxy in comparison. Do you think you will win? Sell your remaining tickets? Shaun Derry is proving himself with limited resources, next year could be promising.
  4. Would anyone be able to send email reminders? I will try to take part.
  5. Moyes had to go, his record was shocking and united are only protecting themselves. It is sad, yet they will want to maintain themselves as an elite club and this means not backing a manager who failed to reach 1-5 which would have been fairer.
  6. You gave us quite the whipping in our games, Swindon are a very decent side. Good luck to notts.
  7. Thanks to all the maggies who said my side would be down, we are. No chance we can survive but we will make the best of league 2.
  8. Just what PoN needs, some sauce! Welcome to the community.
  9. Its all level! What's going on!!! Everyone's voted once each for everyone, how nice.
  10. If members dived in, this place would rock for sure! I have not be able to login in for awhile but I hope to visit a little more frequently.
  11. That is pretty good, very professional! Well impressed, why no shrews though? Surely some would have answered questions.
  12. I still sense some angry fans here. You started brightly, shown class and took two early chances. The penalty was clear from where I sat, no disputes about that. I do feel there is little credit for the way played, we did ok. Obviously at the end we left with all three points. That will do me! I felt for you guys though, the referee was a little baffling but not as bad as some suggest. Good luck, I still think we are going down.
  13. Unbiased, that is why I like this site. Thanks for mentioning this! Big day for us, one we can be very proud about. I see the game as being a draw myself. Good Luck Magpies!

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