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  1. Notts should retain him and build the service from behind, Hemmings and Dennis look good enough for the standard of football.
  2. Stop, end communication and find other interested parties if nobody else has put an offer in.
  3. I’ll take a note of them but otherwise not much use to me, it’s good to see when the fa cup starts.
  4. Welcome to PON, I am an exile supporter and I find the community very good.
  5. Safe! One of the best keepers I haven’t seen much of.
  6. Nasty, thankfully no harm done but that foul was dangerous.
  7. I don’t know what currently is there pre-existing, but having contacts among scouts that can track players properly would help. Being in the Non League could see the club unearth so good upcoming players if the right people are there. Scouting is only a part, you have to have coaches.
  8. I drive a truck, I haven’t driven a car since 88.
  9. Good to see two English teams in the final, pleased Liverpool won but its harsh on Tottenham.
  10. I am too busy with work and I am not sure how to get the games via my tablet.
  11. It isn’t looking good right now, given a bit more time it should be concluded. Fans just need to be mindful that anything worth waiting for does take time.
  12. Always via The Post, you would have thought he’d stay clear of them and other media who turn the club into a circus.
  13. Hit back by that health scare, I hope the South African consortium manage to sort it out.
  14. Fitness, Popular with women, health Driving

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