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  1. AmericanPie

    Match Discussion: Game 22 - Super White Army (H)

    Stepping foot in Meadow Lane tomorrow will be something I haven't done since the late 80/90's. I am not too bothered if Notts lose, yes the club needs the points but for me its all about the performance. I would also hope Neal Ardley has the squad playing in a direct way which understands how to break down Tranmere.
  2. AmericanPie

    Happy Birthday to Magic Magpie!

    Happy belated birthday Mr @Magic magpie, wave you wond for three birthday points today!
  3. AmericanPie

    Meet Ross Fitzsimons and jon stead on Thursday

    I will be picking up a few items tomorrow, one being an away shirt. Its good to see the club getting the players involved with the fans.
  4. AmericanPie

    Prediction League Round 22

    Aston Villa 2-2 Stoke City Rotherham United 0-1 Reading Barnsley 2-1 Portsmouth Charlton Athletic 1-1 AFC Wimbledon Newport County 1-3 MK Dons (Joker) Oldham Athletic 1-0 Bury
  5. I am not used to the UK timezone but this has me ready for the big game tomorrow.
  6. AmericanPie

    Can we welcome our latest member,Greenfly

    Hello @Greenfly, welcome to PON. Take it from this exile PON is a very good site that deserves contributions from its members.
  7. AmericanPie

    Can Neal guide us to a win on Saturday.?

    I hope so, first football game in the UK for 20 years. I am eager to see how Notts does and what I think of a live performance.
  8. AmericanPie

    Please join me welcoming Carter 1862

    Welcome to PON @Carter1862, I hope you settle in with the site.
  9. AmericanPie

    Roll call ..Notts county v Tranmere who’s going ?

    I am! My first game in over 20 years. I haven't purchased any tickets yet but I won't worry as it won't sell out.
  10. It doesn't matter, it's how he leads the nation team that does. I am sure Tottenham fans see Harry Kane as being a leader on the pitch, so club football filled with many stars is harder to get that armband. He will one day I am sure.
  11. 6,532 and 650 Tranmere fans.
  12. AmericanPie

    What makes a match day for you?

    This makes me miss match days! Well I will be at the Tranmere game on Saturday, I am in Nottingham for a few weeks until the new year. I hope the match day experience is good as it's been awhile since I last stepped foot on Meadow Lane.
  13. AmericanPie

    Notts pundits

    Fans and pundits are entitled to their opinions, otherwise you start sounding like petty people on social media trying to flag everything up and being unable to agree or disagree.
  14. AmericanPie

    January transfer discussion page

    Interesting to see fans opinions, I can't comment because I don't know that much about the current squads performances but I do find reading posts like this interesting.
  15. I was going to say nobodies said Notts! I am surprised by how poor the club has been, I think there may be more behind the scenes such as the worry of debt.

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