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  1. AmericanPie

    Match Discussion: Game 37 - Cumbrians (A)

    Tough game, I fail to see how a good result will come away from home. Notts needs to try, early goals seems to bring about a different side and the fight needs to be much more visible.
  2. AmericanPie

    Ratings Cheltenham v Notts

    Seconded, I rely on seeing the ratings so if you attended please do have a go.
  3. AmericanPie

    Match Discussion: Game 36 - The Robins (A)

    Times running out and a 4-1 defeat to a team like them shows how little there is fight within the squad. Very poor result.
  4. AmericanPie

    The Pride of Nottingham Alumni print range!

    Superb prints! The Alumni range looks great. Very keen to see other prints and I will soon make my own order. I might group them as advised.
  5. AmericanPie

    We have offers

    Has Alan Hardy claimed that he accepted an offer for the club? I thought I read this.
  6. AmericanPie

    How will you spend your Sunday.?

    No plans, no work until the 18th now. I have reduced my shift load.
  7. AmericanPie

    More news about the takeover

    I don't think many potential buyers will be jumping to purchase the club, hopefully someone with a good amount of resources behind them can takeover and work some magic. The club has been loved but neglected for many, many years.
  8. AmericanPie

    Video Cheltenham v Notts

    Little to no reaction after conceding any of the goals, very poor to see. Disappointing for the fans who traveled to back them!
  9. AmericanPie

    It’s time for the lads to step up

    Looks like the players have given up if I am honest @Magic magpie.
  10. AmericanPie

    What will you do to get over today’s result

    I suspect most sensible fans will be hitting the strong stuff after that performance, what has Notts County become?
  11. AmericanPie

    Chris is in hospital

    Speedy recover @Chris, I hope you are all well soon lad.
  12. It's very hard for me to know what's happening over here but it's an area I am interested in, Osbourne sounds like a good prospect. You have to expose players like him to first team football but in a constructive way. I don't think Neal Ardley has the time for that.
  13. AmericanPie

    Small crumbs of comfort

    Much smaller after this Saturday's result, how many wins does Notts need do you think to stay up @ARLukomski?
  14. AmericanPie

    Two Pies on the shirt

    Play this over and over before every home game, drill the meaning into the players.
  15. This actually crossed my mind! LMAO.

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