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  1. I can't really comment, yet the club needs to ensure the risk with players like this are limited as it is a waste of money.
  2. Surely he should start ahead of Rawlinson? Turner might struggle at times, but he seems to be the best mentor for Lacey.
  3. @Wilfordpie No, it's Robert Ullathorne.
  4. It sounds like fans would prefer this to be permanent. I remember reading a Portsmouth fan site that suggested he was a good player, maybe he would be better in the centre of midfield?
  5. If only Notts could defend set pieces, I find seeing the highlights much harder since the club is in the National League but it's shocking when I do catch them. The defending should be much better, if it had been, this would have been more of a contest.
  6. I don't know, I'll throw a random name out there. Jon Stead?
  7. Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham @Glenn.
  8. With what sounds like two CM's being in poor form, I think Jim O'Brien is being missed. His creativity and drive.
  9. I think if Kristian Dennis ends up getting more game time, he'll soon lift off again. He's the most natural goalscorer I believe to be at the club right
  10. Welcome Mark, see you on site.
  11. I am hopeful Notts are just having a rough blip, the new owners deserve some form of success. Progression can’t just be judged on winning football games, but the whole picture.
  12. Good luck to Matt Tootle, he should be playing regularly at this stage of his career.
  13. These types of comments never do good, with the out goings, it makes you wonder. You have to hope that Ardley can just get on with his job now, reading between the lines he’s put himself in arms way again.
  14. If the results go Notts way, and they get a good home win. It could spark some belief within this squad.

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