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  1. You have to hope that the season can be picked up, or a new campaign starts as good as the previous one ended. I am quietly confident provided Neal Ardley is given time.
  2. I have treated myself to a full box set of "Only Fools and Horses". I'm considering registering with BritBox if the service in the States is any good, I believe it's available here.
  3. His vibe seems good loving, living life to the fullest and just brightening peoples perspectives. Rest in Peace Bill Withers.
  4. I loosely watch TV, can't say it interests me that much but the news does carry some importance.
  5. @KB1862 I wouldn't make it too easy, otherwise everyone will have the same answers. As I say, great idea. Keep people thinking!
  6. I have been sticking to my same routine, work on the house has halted. You're not allowed to leave your property now unless its for food, pharmacy, vital work or exercise. I am just sticking to my back and the nearby land which is wide open.
  7. This is a very good idea to fill the void with a good question round.
  8. This could give me something to watch at times, I have been avoiding going online and watching TV. I do have Netflix, so I hope it's available over here.
  9. News broke out here last week that the league would be suspended, then it was corrected. I do hope the National League aren't in a rush to speak, they should take the time required to consider all the options at hand to them.
  10. The club looks able to move forward, I am hoping this seasons doesn't go to waste but I would agree the club is in better hands now. Moving forward and growing in confidence here on should be easier than at the start of the campaign.
  11. Good work, various difference but all look great. Nice set of graphics!
  12. I wish you well @Chris, you deserve to reach the target for all you do. At this stage I cannot donate but I will keep it in mind when I can even if you do not ask.
  13. Staying inside my home almost 24/7, except the one daily walk to keep my mind active.
  14. I haven't done much around my home, hiring contractors at this stage in the US is hard. No issues obtaining food, plenty of supplies and my local store is family owned. The family decided to set strict rules before anything blew up here, they will be making a mint right now but they're good people. I have been going for a walk every evening, as a way to unwind late on.
  15. Very enjoyable and good insight in to German food, one of these days I will have to take a holiday there.

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