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  1. If the results go Notts way, and they get a good home win. It could spark some belief within this squad.
  2. Welcome to PON @Bromley1972
  3. Cup fever hitting Meadow Lane, progressing a few more rounds would be magical.
  4. Welcome to the community, you should enjoy PON @Notoriousgee.
  5. Fair read for me, I think seeing what the opposition has to say can balance things. Very important in reflection and to access says to improve.
  6. Height and ability to play football as a CB is paramount these days, you can't be an old fashioned defender without something special these days.
  7. Thanks for sharing the ratings, can I please ask anyone who can to please post the ratings after Saturdays game?
  8. Classic! Can't knock anyone who sings about their club.
  9. I can't answer this, however, I did like Jon Stead. I don't know the squad well enough to choose mind.
  10. Great win! Fans who want Notts to okay pretty football for 90 minutes, aren't likely to want the club to remain in this league for long either. Momentum is building, the team seems confident too.
  11. Good to read the ratings as always, please keep this up everyone.
  12. Good luck to him, highly ineffective since his one wonder season.
  13. Good win, clean sheet and two excellent goals. Not more an exile could say.
  14. Good day trip for the fans, but a long one. I have no idea how good Dover are, yet the form needs to continue as of late. It's restoring hope and belief after the terrible season last year.
  15. What's happened at the club between now and last season's game against Swindon Town? I need s crash curse, just humour me! Yet, in all fairness I would appreciate a small snippet of text about the things PON members feel I should know. Update this State side Pie.
  16. It seemed hard to accept, I feel so out of the loop that it felt like I had lost a loved one whom I hadn't seen for many years. Notts County is a great little club. The history won't change, that will always be there but life outside of the Football League, well, it's hard to put into words just how I feel. I've been away, not kept track on Notts since the Swindon game. I didn't lose interest, just became distracted. In a way, I suppose I was mourning but this is all daft. It's what it is, it cannot be undone but if we learn it can be corrected.
  17. AmericanPie


    Greetings Luke, great to have you here!
  18. Greet6fton the States @John C
  19. Greetings from the States @Katie Sudlow
  20. Good luck with the mini documentary @Michael, as an exiled state side fan I would be eager to see it once released.
  21. It seems he made a good impression during his loan, I hope he has a speedy recovery and cracks on at Sheff United.

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