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  1. Neal has had a rocky road to date, it's good that he has earned some praise and I hope it's not the last for him at Notts.
  2. It's a worldy goal. I don't care if he thinks the Portsmouth goal is better, to me this can't be beaten.
  3. Any username that reflects Notts is a good username in my book @WayofthePies, welcome to PON.
  4. Greetings and welcome to PON @MC Gold Rick
  5. Happy New Year to you all, have a good 2020.
  6. Merry Christmas! It's been a busy few weeks, but I hope you all had a good time.
  7. I think he's got bigger issues right now than falling into the blame game, he's got no plan B and his speech right now is quite frankly always the same.
  8. This will be used by Ardley hates as an excuse for his sacking, I imagine would have been calling Tootle too after last season.
  9. Pointless comments, he should be focused on turning the recent poor form around.
  10. No more signings please, just crack on with what is already at the club and try to put more faith into other out of favour players.
  11. Biggest issue for me is that Neal Ardley keeps making changes which doesn't seem forced, how on earth are they supposed to get match fit for 90 minutes if he doesn't play them back to back. I do feel he also relies too much on Michael Doyle.
  12. There seems to be three camps, those who back Tootle, fans who mock him/his illness and those who side with Neal Ardley. I personally think Toots is a good player who tries his best.

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