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  1. Had the Trust not sold the club to Munto fans would have been angered, you can't win or please everyone. It's highly beside the point this, it happened and its a weak excuse at best. I feel they're a thing of the past, clubs need to be ran by people with money and not a committee wanting to be close to the club it supports.
  2. Max Culverwell, Owen Betts and Tyreece Kennedy-Williams have been offered new deals.
  3. Welcome to PON, if you enjoy talking Notts you will like this site @ExiledPie.
  4. None of them, I wished more would have followed those that are going out of the door.
  5. Happy Birthday Jake, hope you're all well and enjoyed your birthday.
  6. You have much more class than some clubs and fans have @Ed Gorton, thank you for your kind words.
  7. It's such a bitter sorrow for Neal Ardley, a manager who seemed to have all the credentials to keep Notts up but ultimately failed to secure the clubs league status. The questions I find myself asking is how much of this is down to boardroom influences and interference? I would give Ardley a shot at redemption, after all half the mess if not the majority wasn't even his fault.
  8. Jump straight in, the community here needs people having their say. Frustration and breaks are needed. PON is a great place to discuss our club.
  9. Now that relegation has been confirmed and the clubs national league status is known, the club must push and make the academy thrive. If Notts can't produce players good enough for this division then I would worry. Surely Sam Osborne would do well.
  10. Welcome to PON @Hide_The_Elephants, join in and share your views with us.
  11. I hope he's ready to make a good, big impression. I am nervous about an unknown taking start between the sticks.

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