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  1. What will football give us next? Invisible match.
  2. I would welcome another @menzinho, good distraction.
  3. Loss of life during a pandemic is inevitable. It would be easy to slate anyone in charge, however, if you want me to believe Boris Johnson wanted the elderly to die on purpose you're being political.
  4. I'm coping just fine, I see plenty of people still acting like this is a national holiday and that frustrates me. It won't be these selfish people losing loved ones to the Coronavirus, it will be those that actually get caught bringing back the shopping or other vital tasks. Plenty to do around the house so no complaints there, my garden offers plenty of walking space too.
  5. Schmeichel Hughesy Win the League Moniz Lose to them 6-0 & 5-0 but stay up Back to back promotions Edwards & Duffy
  6. The man is trying his best, how many other PM's would have caught the Coronavirus? I highly think some wouldn't have led but hide. There's a time when you have to cut somebody the slack.
  7. I would usually recommend having a walk! but, yeah... Erm...
  8. People are praising Boris Johnson People are criticising Boris Johnson Can people please just try to get through this by doing best by their fellow human-beings. Nothing else will solve the pandemic.
  9. C5 assuming the picture was taken when Rose had the ball.
  10. Hello @CooperPie, welcome to PON.
  11. Welcome to PON @Alex, keep adding your thoughts,
  12. Welcome to the site and PON @Rio Doherty, it's always nice to see a fans opinion from the outside.
  13. It came has no shock, but I have no idea how it will fit in. I can see this running up to May, if not longer. It's important that those self isolating stay at home and don't venture out for no need.

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