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  1. Sheehan did start at Orient, but he got a knock, otherwise he would have started and we wouldn't be stuck with Audel at left back.
  2. Team news: Loach, Hollis, Noble, Hewitt, Barmby, Campbell, Burke, Audel, Aborah, Edwards, McLeod Nice to see Eddy and Hollis back in, also Aborah and Mcleod providing both are fit and well. Not sure about Audel at left back though.
  3. I'd be stupid to back the philosophy blindly but I (and I'm sure many others) see what Moniz has/is attempting to implement, and it is a case of giving him time, we might not go up this season but I'd rather it take the time necessary for this to succeed, we are barely 3 months into a 9 month long season, and are 9 points off top after having played 11 league games, if we carry on the home form from September (and yes, we might not, but the away form could (in some wild world) improve), we could see a dramatic change in our position. I just don't want to get my hopes up like I did with Derry,
  4. I agree Derry didn't have the backing that Moniz has/has had, and that the situation with both managers are different, but Derry's squad went from quickly over-performing to plummeting like a stone, I'd far rather hold a more constant position whilst we rebuild and start from a clean slate. The top pack will split soon, but by then we will have a far better idea of what ground we would need to cover. As for the 9 changes, (and I'm a believer of this reasoning) that lets not forget we have a paint pot game tonight, in which we must play at least 6 of those that started the last league game, and
  5. I don't think he'll be sacked, look at how long it took for Shaun Derry to be sacked, and Moniz' record from September wasn't so bad in my opinion.
  6. For those interested, I still play the career mode from time to time. Adams is worth a look if he grows as quickly in fifa 16 as he did in fifa 15, got him from 62 to 67 in one season which was about championship level.
  7. Mansfield at home would seem nice, or f*rest, seeing as we like to get some of the local teams in (e.g Derby and Birmingham last pre-season)
  8. I went once, when we beat Belgium before the 2012 Euros. The only thing of note was Danny Welbeck chipping the keeper.
  9. 1 or 2 would be fine, we signed some unknowns last season who seemed decent (aka traore).
  10. I think under Moniz's guidance he'll reel in the attitude that gets him into the book, but he does have the fire we need right now.
  11. Of course you are! You'd have to change your profile picture if he left . Personally I'm most disappointed with Traoré's departure, but I guess that's just how football is.
  12. Smith and Edwards will be kept to coaching roles I presume, I don't think Jones will play every week because he'll be 38 next month and will understandably wear down at some point, as we all do. Thompson on the other hand was our top scorer last season and by rights has a few crackers in the locker so to speak, such as the goal of the season or his volley against peterborough, of which many strikers at that level and even above could be proud of.
  13. Jean-Louis Akpa Akpro, currently of Shrewsbury. Could cost a little but has experience of our level and has played abroad so could probably adapt to Moniz' ideals a lot quicker than some choices.
  14. Released by Torquay, wages too high and he underperformed.
  15. I don't really understand why the dev squad was dropped for this season unless they hardly ever actually played. It seemed a good way of keeping players fit and bringing younger lads through with games against and with more experienced players.

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