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  1. Fans can argue with me as much as they like, 2009-2010 was the season that could have fuelled changes for this club. A football team that had been stuck in the mud since the last time it was relegated from what was the third division of the Football League. It was an amazing season, one which saw the club ride the wave of the fictional owner and despite the money not actually being there the club was crowned champions. A lot of people have been pointing the finger at Alan Hardy for it all, that seems to be the easiest route to blame. The club has been in turmoil for many seasons, however the Trews had the chance to bring happier times. As much as AH has failed, why are people not accepting that they have a portion of the blame for sending the club back down to League Two. My point is, lessons hasn't be learnt. Why is that?
  2. Supposedly several players have practice being in goal, so we should be okay. Get two up, then cram everyone into our goal lol
  3. Fair enough one more but two? It doesn't make sense. We want strikers to score, not to inconsistent and struggling to get game time. I agree with @Super_Danny_Allsopp about the team balance. A good RB and CB please.
  4. Black and gold would be nice, the colour scheme would have to be done correctly.
  5. Its a steady, minor gamble with limited risk. I cannot see him being on a huge chunk of the budget, so I will reserve judgement for when I see him play.
  6. Safe standing? Always plenty to suggest but you just know the majority would be rejected based on the money available.
  7. Just not anything at ml then!
  8. I'm just going to say and have done with it! NO MORE MATCH TALK!!!
  9. Just turn up Notts, its all we want to see as fans! #passion
  10. piesmare

    League One Round-Up

    I am fearing Tuesday night, I think this will confirm if we stay up or if we go down.

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