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  1. same reason that you choose to support county rather than your local team I guess
  2. At least we have been in Europe. I do have a good joke though that will make some fans cry with laughter or just cry..................County 17th Mansfield 4th
  3. And of course the mighty villa winning ensured that that the sheeps are still the worst team in premiership history @super_ram
  4. Id support the mighty forest instead, oh wait I do that already. Not sure I can answer this question to be honest. Though I do look out for there results and have been to a few matches im not exactly what you call a die hard Notts fan.
  5. Newbie ummmmm me Team member should go to me Member of month no contest there that's got to be me
  6. I don't think hes actually a bad manager and would like to have seen what he could of done at forest with some money to spend. I know a lot of forest fans called for his head in his tenure with us. But he did save us from relegation with what had to be described as a very very poor team that we had. He's done wonders at Bristol getting them promoted yeah it's been a struggle this season but hes hardly been given the funds to build the team up.
  7. Yep plenty of highly potential players who could do with a loan spell I feel. Tyler Walker for 1 I feel defo needs game time. Joe Worrell centre back though he has just gone to Stevenage. Jorge grant midfielder very good on the ball quite pacy. Jack Kelly left back very attacking left back takes a lot of free kicks Been touted as our next pearce. Oliver burke winger is currently in and around the 1st team very very quick good on the ball and knows where the goal is.
  8. Working in the trade I do I've met many a famous people. Sven as mentioned by @notts-joe I worked on a wedding some of the guest were Roy Keane Steve Stone Ian Woan and Fred Reacher (forest chairman at the time) I've served Lionel Ritchie Paul Weller I've had the pleasure of serving Worked on another wedding where kylie Minogue and Jason Donavon were in attendance For the older ones amongst us I've even served Gary Wilmot
  9. Oh yes I don't think they were best pleased. Sven was a nice guy though very willing to talk always polite.
  10. I cant comment on the penalty as I couldn't be for sure from where I was sat, but from what I did see it possibly did look like Roy brought the player down. As for the match yeah I felt county were awful at times especially the 1st half, the 2nd they improved but were still 2nd best in all areas of the field. Oxford were good and are a good team there position in the league proves that but I don't feel county deserved to loose 4-2. Al I can say is those last 5 minutes the wheel well and truly fell off.
  11. I actually think the top looks alright, as for the logo as @[member="notts-joe"] has said its there logo so nothing you can do about it.   Least you have a sponsor and a big name sponsor at that no disrespect to my team but we have not had a big name sponsor for 3 seasons now we have been sponsored by our chairman.
  12. Im use to all this. be honest in a way forest and county are both the same we have ups and downs and there is never dull moment for either of us. Fawaz is a strange one he's made some baffling decisions i.e. sacking o'driscol after we thumped Leeds to bringing in Mcleish, but he's made some popular decision like bringing in pearce and bringing back davies (ok neither worked out in the end) but I do believe his forest best interest at heart and he's proved by spending his money. A for Lansbury the latest is dougie has said he will happily accept burnley offer of £4mil but he also wants a burnley player included as well. Not sure who though but most think it might Jutivick (spelling I know).
  13. As @notts-joe said I have been to about 3-4 county matches and he and Jake have been to about 3-4 forest matches with me, I've also watched Mansfield once with a mate I use to work with. Which goes to prove I have and do support and look out for all 3 of our local teams. Others teams I tend to watch all be it on sky are Liverpool & Sunderland ( my great granddad lived in and supported Sunderland)

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