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  1. BigMag

    Match Discussion: Game 30 - The Exiles (H)

    I am looking forward to the night game, under the floodlights with vocal support. It will be enough to encourage this squad who has a lot of fight and passion! Three points please lads.
  2. BigMag

    Notts v Mansfield CMS's strike

    What a stunning strike!
  3. BigMag

    In case you want a laugh...

    I also nodded off.
  4. Yes, if they can strike an agreement the club should do it.
  5. BigMag

    Luther Wildin to Stevenage

    Well done to him but we can't dwell on what could have been, he would have never gotten his break here.
  6. BigMag

    Branislav leaves

    I am surprised he found a club so quick, clearly they don't study players over there very well.
  7. BigMag

    Welcome to Pon Barry Holland

    Welcome to the community here on PON.
  8. BigMag

    Would you rather?....

    Baker Would you rather support someone who needs a guide dog or a deaf person?
  9. BigMag

    where are they now...Gary Mills

    What a grim thought, Gary Mills and management.
  10. Watch them start Jorge Grant on the bench. It's a curve ball to make us focus solely on one player, nothing else.
  11. BigMag

    Who would you rather have in goal for Notts?

    If anyone suggests Ross Fitzsimons should start, they either don't attend games, are trolls/windup merchants or totally clueless. Does this answer the question?
  12. BigMag

    Match Discussion: Game 33 - The Stags (H)

    Notts needs to keep for Mansfield players quiet, Neal Bishop, Jorge Grant, Kyle Walker and CJ Hamilton. Neal Bishop is easy, just focus on playing passing football. He struggles to do that sort of pretty stuff, yes he can break it up but that's mostly through being physical and he could end up being sent off if Notts plays well.
  13. BigMag

    February 2019, PON Raffle Fundraiser

    I will have a good too, just waiting until next week.
  14. BigMag

    Would you rather?....

    Beach Would you rather have pink or yellow hair?
  15. After AH and AT, I would rather the club not be fan owned. Someone disconnected would most likely do a far better job, however Hardy isn't doing that bad now he's off Twitter.

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