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  1. Cyprus is a nice place to go, lovely food and beaches.
  2. God knows what happens now, I bet they have a contract which only pays up once the game is played.
  3. He has looked good when the team has played well, his confidence must have been sky high after scoring. He just needs to find that type of performance again when he returns to action.
  4. Nottingham 1st Division Cashier Years and years now Away from TV and social media
  5. They might have out weighed the some of the wages or all, higher up teams sometimes ask for 50% to 90% of the players wages.
  6. Be the best that you can, other fans and I will appreciate whatever you can do.
  7. I agree it gives the club options to explore but I think whatever happens it needs to be the right thing for Notts. No rash decisions, just sensible rationing. I don't think Neal Ardley needs to rush to cover Wes Thomas, but there is a concern if an injury hits up top.
  8. Welcome back to PON, put the past behind and enjoy what is now @hissingdwarf.
  9. I think Rawlinson has actually improved a lot more with Lacey playing alongside him, I would like to see it continue.
  10. Why would Sunderland want to send him somewhere that couldn't afford his wages?
  11. Welcome @BlackJin, you're not a pirate right?
  12. Looks a confident winger, nice attitude and from what I have seen of him in the videos shared, he likes to be direct.
  13. Hello, welcome to the site @Catherine Iremonger.
  14. I only have one, or two pints and I have never had any issues at all.
  15. I spend a lot of time reading books, this is one of my favourite pass times.
  16. Welcome to PON @JIMBO, I neglect to come here but you will find it to be a decent site.
  17. Incredible signing, it restores a lot of hope that we can fix what happened last season. It feels like the club is operating as a winning club.
  18. The owners seem to have the club in the right position, they've given their backing to Neal Ardley who has been under fire twice this season from certain portions of the fan base. Right now the club sits in the playoffs looking much better form wise.
  19. Hello @Dane Arnold, just another welcome from me.
  20. Home Alone 1 or 2, or the Santa Clause film.

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