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  1. I have been keeping an eye out for your scores, after missing out on the playoff final and having watched your recruitment. I felt dead certain that you guys would be pushing for promotion, you have a lot of quality players and seemed to have strengthened wisely. I don't claim to know everything about your club but I have a soft spot for Notts, and It's hard to understand what's going wrong. A win Saturday could make the world of a difference and it could put you looking healthier against teams like Morecambe, Grimsby and Northampton. From the outside it would seem you have altered the balance of your squad quite dramatically and so far things haven't clicked on the pitch. It's important for the players to enjoy playing and conceding goals achieves the complete opposite. I wish you all well, Notts deserves to be playing much higher than League Two for sure. Meadow Lane is a fantastic away day and I am sure many other clubs supporters would wish you the same. Last thing to note, having seen your highlights. I can understand why Palace allowed your keeper to move on and why he never played for Bolton. He looks lost and greatly down on his luck. Sign a keeper and Elliot Ward will sort you out. Good luck Magpie fans, nightOWL.
  2. Good luck on Saturday against Stevenage Magpie fans. I will be keeping a look out for your score, hopefully Saturday you bag your first league win and then things won't look so bad. There's a long way to go, keep fighting and stay positive.
  3. It looks like your previous owners have left you without a paddle, yet I hope you aren't left up on the creek without a fighting chance of survival. Despite my clubs turn around in recent years, we Owls understand what relegation is like and although we have not fallen into the fourth division. We have battled to be where we are now and hopefully you can. Notts is a grand away day, one the best irrespective of whatever league you play and your history is greater than the neighbours you share your city with (just like us ) but in all fairness to you, Notts are better than this, your fans deserve better and for this reason I hope you avoid the drop. Good luck to Nolan and his merry men of fans!
  4. This is a very inspiring video, well done. Not many clubs have fans willing to do so much to promote their clubs this well, I hope you get all the credit you deserve. Good luck magpies!
  5. Do you watch any other teams aside from Notts or your respective club? If so, why? I have been to see Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs, Watford, Kettering, Notts, Port Vale, Middlesborough and Millwall. I tend to get invited to games by friends, in fact I plan to attend your game against Mansfield.
  6. Jon Stead is looking good, nice pass that for the opening goal. You are looking good magpies!
  7. What clubs do you have a soft spot for and why?
  8. It must have been a odd period, I might get myself a copy of this. I know some of the ongoings, yet I am sure it would be more revealing.
  9. You should be fine, quality tends to ride out the storm and I think you magpies have more than enough of it. 1-5, easily.
  10. He had the making of a very good sports journalist, good luck to him. Very well crafted literature.
  11. You represent your club well, as a Owl I have to say these PONcasts sound very good and are conducted in an interesting fashion. nightOWL
  12. I have a personal dab radio also which occupancies me on match days. No full dab though, not yet as there is no need or requirement for one just yet. nightOWL
  13. Lewis Buxton, Giles Coke, Gary Madine, Joe Mattock, Jacques Maghoma and Rhys McCabe. Are all quality players on their day. Rhys McCabe looked to have a bright future, I am surprised we released him and I do think he would do well with a club like Notts County. Jacques Maghoma will find a championship squad or upper half league one but your manager will have a lot of investigating and scouting to do.
  14. Notts will always be a old division one club for me, so that would be playing us in the Championship. I sincerely hope your fortunes change, I like Meadow Lane.
  15. Promotions and Relegations do one thing, it brings people closer. Remember on Sunday it is all part and parcel of supporting a real football club and after you survive, pinch yourselves and recall my words about bringing people together. I expect you to build and go on from here! You deserve some success now after these last two seasons. Warmest regards from a Wednesday fan and good luck! NightOWL

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