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  1. I don't think the contracts will be a big as a deal as it will be if the National League ends the season unfairly.
  2. Thought for a second that these numbers weren't in play.
  3. thommo

    Hello Greene

    Good afternoon @Greene, welcome to PON.
  4. Favourite Club: Notts County Favourite Football Nation: England Player I hated the most: That defender Lincoln had, I forgot his name! Bonus point to whoever can name him. Club I hate the most: Manchester United Favourite ever player: Pedro Favourite ever manager: Jimmy Sirrel Legendary player: Tommy Lawton Favourite ever Keeper: Gordon Banks Favourite ever Defender: Bobby Moore Favourite ever Midfielder: Gazza Favourite ever Striker: Lionel Pele
  5. C5 would be the obvious answer, I will say that. Why are some shown in red?
  6. It's a kind gesture by Notts, hope it gets taken up.
  7. Avoid shopping completely, I can't be bothered with dealing with it. I just rely on home orders, it's how every supermarket should be handling it right now.
  8. Superb! Can you do me one for my display picture here? Pedro Richards if possible @Chris.
  9. I wouldn't mind watching this a few times! Get that football fix I need.
  10. The National League need to make their own decision without the FA pressing for what they want. It does look like the leagues will be null and voided.
  11. Welcome to PON @CooperPie
  12. Some are calling Barnet for having done it so soon, however, I understand and at least they didn't hang around. Provided the staff get some form of support from the gov then its not as bad.
  13. Darren Ward Tristan Benjamin Michael Johnson Julian Baudet Mawouna Amevor Andre Boucaud Don Masson Don O'Riordan John Chiedozie Lee Hughes Danny Allsopp
  14. "Let's go to the "Let's go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for this all to blow over."

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