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  1. I agree, the club should try to claim the National League title. The worst case scenario would be to fall into the playoffs, but if Ardley builds a strong enough squad, Notts should be able to get out of the league sooner rather than later.
  2. Good player Pierce Bird, too good for Boston but I wish him well.
  3. Provided Neal Ardley stays, I wouldn't be so bothered because an assistant manager can be found. A good manager that can deliver promotion or even get near to it isn't often found by Notts.
  4. New deals need to be offered earlier than just at the end of every season, it seems poor planning and a lack of long term vision. Alex Lacey, Richard Brindley and Kristian Dennis would all be on my team sheet. It's very important the club secures their services.
  5. Two great game changing moments, when this happens to Notts you know lady luck is on their side.
  6. Rocket shots! I do wonder if having no negative fans helps with the players confidence.
  7. I think Barrow will go up, I don't care about the Premier League but awarding a Champion when no relegations happen seems off.
  8. BB is groundbreaking, not quite mindless TV. I think any show supposed to be "real life" depiction of day to day life for some tends to be mindless.
  9. It's a shame that this didn't get more thought, I am not sure how many clubs would have voted for the season to be ended like it seems to be. I would be very disappointed in Notts if they changed their mind or didn't do as they have reportedly done.
  10. It depends on how involved he will be in the takeover, he could hire someone to run the club and just look at it as a way to brush shoulders with famous footballers. Less of an AH approach, more of a "look who's my friend". I am pleased for Newcastle though, it's exciting times for them.
  11. Part of me expects him to announce he's signed for a 10th level team outside of the FL.
  12. Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham, glad to see another new member arrive @Annemarie Johnson
  13. Good to see another new member, welcome to PON @Bennybigbear.

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