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  1. thommo

    Match Discussion: Game 34 - Super White Army (A)

    They have to get a better result against Tranmere, if a win isn't possible fight for the draw. Losing points is what will cost the club at the end of the season, it won't be anything else and any fan who thrown's having grounded a point needs to get their heads checked. Tranmere are a tough team but we could do something. Start the right team, slow the game down and just focus on picking passes out carefully. I suspect it will end 1-1.
  2. thommo

    Match Discussion: Game 30 - The Exiles (H)

    Terrible defending cost the game, just mistakes after mistakes. Nobody at the back had a good game and I refuse to believe that Rob Milsom is the best left back that the club has. I would rather see Cedric Evina in there, he's far better going forward.
  3. I would get used to it, I expect more to go and hopefully a reshuffle of staff that's been introduced from the golf course. Get some of the people back that AH and the door nails let go.
  4. Will Notts only perform well against the weak/poor and the teams expected to beat them? Newport County are the type of team we should be doing better against, the game was a six pointer and far more important than the Mansfield game. Don't get me wrong, I am happy Notts picked up more points than I expected but at the same time I am worried about relegation.
  5. thommo

    Welcome to Pon Barry Holland

    Welcome @Barry Holland, just another welcome.
  6. thommo

    Welcome djcombatspider

    Welcome @djcombatspider, just another welcome.
  7. thommo

    Another new member to PON

    Hello @zakmcj_67, just another welcome.
  8. thommo

    Dennis to Grimsby?

    This might be the one decision that may haunt Notts.
  9. thommo

    Virgil Gomis

    They don't owe us anything, besides it's a good signing. Consider it level terms.
  10. thommo

    welcome melbournemagpie

    @MelbourneMagpie welcome to PON.
  11. thommo

    Craig M-S

    It is a good signing but see how he does before writing him off.
  12. thommo

    Notts Ade on podcast from 32mins

    Good interview.
  13. thommo

    Can we welcome Lowestoft magpie to Pon

    Welcome @lowestoft magpie
  14. thommo

    PONcast Episode 51

    Great listen this! Waiting for the preview next.

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