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  1. Just like any award, it shows you're doing right. I trust Neal Ardley to focus on the right things.
  2. This is only a good thing for Wes, such praise can do a striker the world of good.
  3. Just another welcome to you @WayofthePies
  4. This is a bit harsh, the club attempted to give some youngsters the time develop further. Consider the amount of changes he had during his time, I thought he did okay until it all went down hill. One mistake was giving him the armband, I also felt he needed someone established by his side like Mike Edwards. He also played some of his better stuff with Notts in League One.
  5. Does Notts need any actual further signings? I would be pleased just with the signing of Kyle Wootton on a permanent basis, I don't feel there is much need for any other positions to be covered. Maybe the wing?
  6. We will have to wait and see what happens, I can only see movement happening if better options open up. I can't see Neal Ardley signing anyone for the sake of it.
  7. He would be the best signing of 2020, perhaps the only one. If it doesn't happen this season, unless his contract ends up being ran out, I can't see him coming back. He looks likely to go onto greater things.
  8. As others have said, it's a good point but awfully boring to watch for the majority of the game. Notts had good chances, as did they but nobody could make the most of them.
  9. Welcome to PON @Dane Arnold
  10. Welcome to PON, thanks for sharing your support with us @MC Gold Rick
  11. Happy New Year to you all.
  12. Happy Birthday to you @GrannyPie, do blow out all those candles!
  13. The biggest trap is the selection he makes every weekend, how do you justify sticking with under performing players whilst others just take a wage from us supporters?

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