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  1. If most played over 6, why did Notts fail to get enough shots on target or even win? I think most would be 5 or below, few would have been higher.
  2. Fail to win and it will only be true fans attending the games, I wonder how many will hang around if the clubs relegated. It would be a disaster and I am hoping Notts can bag a 2-0 win. Stead and Enzio to score.
  3. Best: Stead Underrated: Milsom Unlucky: Hemmings Surprising: Doyle Bargain: O'Brien Cult Hero: Tootle Most Potential: Schofield Underwhelming: Duffy
  4. If only Notts could get the pair back, Mason would have helped to finish the job had he not been unlucky with injury.
  5. Chicken Would you rather watch BT Sports or Sky Sports?
  6. Not all that much, I still watch Match of the Day but that's more for entertainment.
  7. Stead is victim of being overplayed but the thing is when he finds form, goals tends to be not far from him. Some fans will be saying he's past it but his experience speaks volumes, I would be interested to see how much distance he covers in an average game because I think it would be far more than most.
  8. Notts are just 5 points from having clawed their way out of relegation, people are forgetting that our teams form is far worse than Port Vale if you consider the full season. Just because of 2 league wins, it doesn't change this. This has given me hope and I wold say it's more than just small crumbs.
  9. Let it be true and happen ASAP. It could be enough to start to get the club where it needs to be.
  10. Very loosely now that the clubs system has become somewhat an inner joke with season after season seeing youngsters given pro deals only in an effort to sell season tickets and turns fans heads. All as much without a glimmer of real hope they will play.
  11. Disgraceful, John Terry's comments are spot on with this. If he was around still, I am sure Kepa would have come off if only to see where his wife/partner was.
  12. Out of the rumours, I would prefer this takeover compared to the Australian group. I would rather the club have someone who has worked in football and can sell the club through contracts if needed.

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