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  1. I do think the squad could do with 2 or 3 players, with some being released or allowed to leave on a free. However, I think it's best if Neal Ardley attempts to use the players at his disposal. If he can man manage and give instructions from the stands he could sort a lot of the issues out.
  2. thommo

    Can we welcome a new member.

    Welcome @Colin Lindley, I hope you feel at home on PON.
  3. thommo

    Can you help me welcome the latest member please

    Welcome to PON @Trish Riley, I hope you feel at home on PON.
  4. thommo

    Who will captain Notts under Ardley.?

    Yeah, Jon Stead earned it after he got it and the players respect him. Give it back to Steady.
  5. thommo

    Ticket price rise

    I won't be using it at all, I will opt to collect and if that incurs a charge I won't be happen.
  6. thommo

    Looks like it's Ardley

    If it's not official its not breaking news, they are jumping the gun but I would say its safe to assume they're right.
  7. thommo

    Exclusive Pride of Nottingham Prints!!

    Very, very nice. I know what I will be doing on my next pay day.
  8. thommo

    Notts best player this season (Poll)

    I voted for Jon Stead. He's my choice so far, Enzio Boldwijn is close as is Jamie Turley.
  9. thommo

    Worst player this season so far

    Richard Duffy, is answer for me. He needs to be released at the end of the season, his time playing for Notts has been a shambles and he's clearly not good enough.
  10. thommo

    Welcome to PON Kermit

    Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham @Kermit. I hope you join in too.
  11. thommo

    Welcome Geoffrey Newbold

    Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham @Geoffrey Newbold. I hope you join in too.
  12. thommo

    Can you help me welcome our new member

    Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham @peg248. I hope you join in too.
  13. thommo

    Welcome NottsRWee

    Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham @NottsRWee. I hope you join in too.
  14. thommo

    Welcome to PON Norma

    Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham @Norma. I hope you join in too.
  15. thommo

    What is Notts' best formation?

    4-4-2 would be the best formation. Notts always tends to look okay or good when they play using it.

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