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  1. Yes this gets my approval, a PONcast extra for a preview or special show seems a good idea. I just listened to this and you have more time to get into the game.
  2. SouthwestPIE

    Dave Regis is named as academy manager.

    Welcome back to Meadow Lane and Notts Dave! Do us proud again.
  3. SouthwestPIE

    Would you rather?....

    Beat Forest in the FA Cup! Would you rather move from Meadow Lane or share with Forest?
  4. SouthwestPIE

    welcome to pon nonannofnotts

    Welcome to PON @NonnaofNotts, enjoy the site and its features. The forum is great!
  5. SouthwestPIE

    Rob Milsom .. In just one word

  6. SouthwestPIE

    Competition to win a PON print

    Good news for the winner, well done to all who took part organising it. It seems to be quite successful.
  7. SouthwestPIE

    corina turley approves of the pon prints

    These people who moan about the current players most likely would be up their arses if the club was winning, the prints look very good and I hope orders come in because PON must cost a lot. One of my friends owns a small blog and he pays a silly fee to host that. PON's a lot bigger than that,
  8. SouthwestPIE

    Welcome to PON Paul Francis

    Welcome to PON @Paul Francis, if you enjoy discussing Notts on a match day in a pub. This would be your place because people are very friendly.
  9. SouthwestPIE

    Your Favourite board game

    It has to be Risk for me, the Risk Legacy version is a brilliant game too.
  10. SouthwestPIE

    How will you spend tomorrow.?

    I spent it mostly having a binge on Netflix.
  11. SouthwestPIE

    Pick your NCFC vs MTFC combined 11!

    I think Kyle Walker is the only player worth taking, as I feel he can play the league above and do well for Notts.
  12. SouthwestPIE

    How many points can Notts pick up in December.?

    4-6 can be achieved. Realistically I would say Ardley needs to target the weaker teams and try to not allow Mansfield to dampen the mood of the Notts camp.
  13. SouthwestPIE

    ardley and coxs first tasks in charge

    He needs to plan which games he thinks he can realistically get the points required for safety and then build the team around this idea.
  14. SouthwestPIE

    Sponsor Feedback: Bettabytz Computers

    Good guy Kevin, he looks after Notts fans!
  15. SouthwestPIE

    how likely do you feel notts could go down?

    I refuse to think about it but the thought does cross my mind and it worrys me.

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