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  1. People need to advice you, Alan's biggest mistake was believing he knew more than everyone else. It's come to bite him in the arse now.
  2. Tinted glasses? Admin won't ruin the club if a buyer believes they can get Notts on the cheap. I would suspect more would hold out for this outcome as they could save more money. The clubs only in real danger if the fans don't start getting behind what it is they support, rather than using AH as a way to alienate themselves.
  3. I don't drive myself, I use public transport to get around.
  4. The squad needs to be bigger, faster and more able to deal with the physical side of football. If Notts tries to play pretty football in the national league, they'll get a big shock.
  5. Don't allow Alan Hardy to piss it against the wall, it needs to be put to some small use.
  6. #11 Watching Netflix beats seeing Notts lose
  7. A few wins here and there, drawing games instead of losing would make the difference but I am afraid that the debt talk and takeover may be distracting heads.
  8. It's a concern but just like talks of the takeover nobody yet knows the ins and outs. I won't worry just yet.
  9. Only way I can see this happening is if Notts manages to stay in the league and CMS is available as a free agent.
  10. KEEP THE LEAD NOTTS. It sounds like the best away game of the 2019 season, the squad half might be tricky but if the midfield do their part this game can be won.
  11. He's no real loss, pretty average type of player with a lot of inexperience. I hope the new lad is better.
  12. Very good. Nice debut apperance by @ARLukomski on the PONcast, I have a feeling between @Chris, @Magic magpie and @samwatto2008 these can only improve further. Well done with the preview guys.
  13. Well done to all the members who guessed correct, congrats on the prize @Carter1862.
  14. Great range of prints! Notts has some excellent artists. I am torn as to what to buy but I will make a purchase.

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