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  1. Can we do better than a draw? Let's hope players are protected by sensible officials and the games played in good spirit. Let's do this!
  2. Good result that, 1-1. Arsenal are a top female side, can notts surprise others?
  3. Welcome, pop some party poppers and join the party.
  4. From the reports I have read, I would have to agree. Mid or defense, good cover.
  5. Good luck to them both, good to see youngsters being rewarded.
  6. Its a fantastic series, really enjoyable. Thanks for sharing this
  7. The better the UK's female game improves the more interesting it Will get. Notts have a solid squad gained and added depth. After 10 games the picture will start to be clear.
  8. I can see the annoyance, no reason why but they approached notts. They should have done it way before!
  9. Glad to read there is still mature people and that its been resolved. Stewarding? Nice job.
  10. Top 3 might be possible, women's football is not so predictable. Aim high girls!
  11. There is much to be learnt from this season, we need to keep players settled and focus on hard work.
  12. The respect given the past few years, along with the truth. Its touching r.I.p
  13. Oh dear the UK's given them mopeds, whereas I agree. Traffic wardens and the rest are job worth people!
  14. The rams are enjoying a good season but they need to take the remaining games as they come. Good luck yo them!
  15. He managed to raise a nice sum, well done to him.
  16. He is not a loss, decent player but barely played.
  17. Agreed, have you seen the comments still found surrounding his sending off? Poor lad still gets stick. You're right, it dies highlight him though.
  18. How good are the lamps? It seems a lot to help the grass grow, I wonder how much it costs to power.
  19. I actually enjoyed it, nothing special but decent.
  20. Okay, what's going on and why? Don't add me to the list. Lmao
  21. Well we need to make the most if this. I would say its a bad spell, which will come to and end. Will it be against us? The defence will be key. I can see us getting something.
  22. JC99


    The fact that you have joined us speaks volumes, you will no doubt make your own mind up but join in. Keep open minded and you will have! Believe it or not, this is my first Notts forum. I will not be leaving, so welcome.

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