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  1. I reserve judgement for when I have seen them play, they look good additions and I hope both can come in as first team starters.
  2. Happy Birthday @ARLukomski, did you get any nice presents?
  3. If Notts concede another three goals, I hope the club fine the players and put them to training the day after.
  4. The keeper could be good enough if he used his voice and put more quick thinking into practice.
  5. There are handful of similarities as pointed out by others, however I would hope that they're completely different managers. Kewell has to be better than Nolan otherwise what was the point in taking him on?
  6. @Chris what is the most amount of PON members that have been online at one time?
  7. I would rather see a keeper come in. I think the midfield is very over ran and mismatched, so adding another player there seems madness.
  8. I don't care how Notts win, they just have to start doing it ASAP because if the losing streak continues things will be glum.
  9. @DonnyNotts how long have you been a PON member and when did you first start watching Notts?
  10. No confidence in this set of players, I think a group of fans could do better. Avoid conceding 2, some will judge it a good result.
  11. Better defending, losing 4-0 and conceding 8 in two games cries out relegation. If we are not in a dog fight, we can thank Moniz. In fact I hope @RayTrew and @erindoors personally call to thank him.
  12. Fair play to Jack, that is behind respect for just playing at a club.
  13. So someonee who should be banned gets a job at the club and another tool gets banned? You have to wonder what's going on at the club. Absolute shambles!
  14. Hello, hope you to see you around different posts and sharing your views. Welcome and you pies!
  15. I can hear them coming along, its starting sound very natural and flows nicely. I think the show will go on leaps and bounds during the season, the PONcast will pretty much cover itself.
  16. I do not like him as a person, he far too loud and rowdy. He acts like a child at most away games, drinks like a complete moron and says offensive things. As the SLO, I approached him, I forget which game and he totally ignored me. No axe to ground here but editing a poorly put together fan zine barely constitutes as being good enough for a media role. God help us.
  17. I would not claim 'any fool' can pick up faults, half them around where I am sat are barely able to speak, let alone discuss football. It is apparent when mistakes happen, it filters around the ground and gets fans talking or complaining. It takes someone with sense to stop the mistakes before they happen. Ricardo has enough time to amend the issues we have, so we can go forward. I am not concerned, I think HH will be fine too. People forget he's still young.
  18. Congratulations to @magpiejue for being named May's mom.
  19. I hope its not green and yellow! I tell you what would be nice, a simple white shirt like the special 150th year edition.
  20. That sounds like a tale for the wife, haha. Why not buy a battery replacement?
  21. Sensible name, interesting and with the improvements I think this will be very popular. Good job!
  22. 0-3 the magpies! I can dream and pray for this to happen right?
  23. I would rather see him in goal than I Carroll to be honest, one will retire and the other could progress. It makes sense to get him up to scratch, however I am surprised to see him training with Liverpool.

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