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  1. Hello @Annemarie Johnson, welcome to PON.
  2. Issue for me is that I don't know what to use. Maybe the old crest?
  3. Very talented work, all of what I have seen look amazing.
  4. Welcome to PON @Bennybigbear
  5. Most fans will want to see the season finished, it makes more sense to preserve the history and standings.
  6. I will be happy just to see the club return to football at this point, I think Notts will be fine. There's strength and quality in the camp now, no doubts.
  7. I could name a few different players, but Mark Stallard is the one I will go with. Excellent striker who did well for Notts.
  8. I like the idea, but I have not watched any. It does give people something to watch if they choose.
  9. Gordon Banks Gary Neville Bobby Moore Tony Adams Stuart Pearce John Barnes Steven Gerrard Bobby Charlton David Beckham Harry Kane Michael Owen
  10. Not a bad way to ask for support from fans, it's creative and has caught on by the looks of it. Sell out stadium when they return? Majority being invisible.
  11. I thought at first this might have been due to Filip contracting the virus, it's just a delayed deal due to the outbreak however. https://www.nottinghampost.com/sport/football/football-news/former-notts-county-striker-limbo-4020823?fbclid=IwAR0dIxFcOPo3V_9VSqbT-eW3osscaCVTc2tH8IeO-6qoL66ht5M3oJQwBkU
  12. First I have heard of it. I think that it makes sense in the grand scheme of things, the cost should be covered mostly from profits though. I must admit its a pet hate seeing prices go up, them using council tax and other means to pay for it.
  13. Personally, I would just put down a lockdown that meant only health processionals and key workers had to go to work. Some of these "keyworking" jobs aren't vital. Markets should be closed, supermarkets remain open. Food establishments need to be closed. It's the weaker areas that will continue to keep this spreading, those having parties, panic buying are only part of the issue.
  14. @CooperPie welcome to PON.
  15. @Alex Welcome to the community.

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