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  1. I wonder if Julian Kelly will be on duty on any match days, bumping into him would be surreal. Good luck to him and his career.
  2. I didn't know about Richards and Morgan being related, that surprised me. Very interesting video.
  3. I am not a Kevin Nolan hater but he had no chance for this position.
  4. I agree, he did seem to be getting better and some of this would have been due to confidence. Bigger loss than some think but not a major concern.
  5. I think the club shop is slowly coming out of the 80's and 90's into the modern era, the training gear is smart but I am impressed by the range of tops, shirts and jumpers this season.
  6. It's far from glamours but the same could be said about League Two, if it wasn't for the bigger teams like MK Dons, Portsmouth and others over the years this would have gotten boring and to a degree it did for Notts. I am attending more games as a result, yes the situation isn't ideal but I have made the most of it. This club needs to see this as a warning sign and use it to improve.
  7. A cleansheet would be a sign that things are adjusting nicely, performances seem to be quite level at the moment. I just wished Notts could win a team cleanly and by a few goals, it would provide a lot of confidence and would encourage fans to get behind the momentum. I don't know much about Bromley, just need to work harder than them I feel.
  8. Good lively game, I felt like Notts remained on top of it and pushed on after Doyle's rush of blood.
  9. I don't think this season has been dull if I am honest, its starting to liven up and can only get more encouraging. If Notts loses a few games, so be it. I think Neal Ardley has shown that he can spot and work with the players. Well those he brings in...
  10. I think the following have been great. Dion Kelly-Evans: A livewire of a player, great at getting forward. Damien McCrory: Mr Consistency! He gives 100% every game and is just a robust defender. Regan Booty: I hope this lad starts ahead others now Doyle is out of the picture, he's everything Notts has lacked over the last few season and he will only get better. Those that need to improve... Wes Thomas, he's quite wasteful but a good player. Michael Doyle, I don't see how he always finds himself starting. The fact he just backs Ardley up isn't enough.
  11. Ben Turner, he looks like a player Notts could get 2-3 seasons out of and I think he will only get better once settled properly.

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