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  1. There's an unhealthy desire with football in general that every player should be a world beater. Signing the likes of Kyle Wootton and Cal Roberts is a new one for Notts, unearthing talent that have the potential to grow with the clubs stature but I do agree that there is a need for players who just put in a reliable shift. I always thought Terry Hawkridge put in a satisfactory performance, he might not be the best but he worked hard.
  2. The start hasn't been ideal, but if anyone thought that this season would be clear cut and easier to sack a manager to improve things than I feel its a mistaken belief. Can we not wait until 10-13 games in before turning on the squad and players? Both are to blame for the results on the pitch, its not just one or the other. I have found every recent Notts manager frustrating, people said much of the same about Neal Ardley as they did about Kevin Nolan. I would still prefer to have Neal Ardley has the manager.
  3. Who are the top 5 strikers that you've seen play for Notts County?
  4. Rodrigues should play as an AM, play him just behind the strikers in an attacking role. It would be a lot of work for him, as he would need to pull back and cover with Doyle. This is why it would be good to have 2 wingers who could actually defend, not a luxury. I mean Roberts is perfectly fine but Ardley spoke about wanting us to attack in a line. There's very little support currently for those out wide.
  5. If the UK actually closed properly during the lockdown, stopping flights and kept the borders restricted the virus could have been starved. Every nation has a duty to fight it. This will be around for at a few years I feel, living with it and, allowing the vulnerable to self-isolate is the way forward. After this "second wave", more needs to be done in order to get to grips with it.
  6. It's difficult to standout in friendlies when you're fighting fitness, he looked to be a good signing. I'd rather have him than Michael Doyle.
  7. Aside from a winger, there's no need for any more players. I feel more will say we need additional players but signing wise, we can hold back.
  8. How old are you now @ARLukomski? Happy Birthday to you.
  9. I believe he was released as a youngster by Chesterfield, he's in our academy at the moment. A first-year scholar or pro I think.
  10. It's been a good season, lets hope the recruitment is on par or better than this past campaign. It's hard to criticise the released players, the club has a budget to stick with.
  11. Hello @Annemarie Johnson, welcome to PON.
  12. Issue for me is that I don't know what to use. Maybe the old crest?
  13. Very talented work, all of what I have seen look amazing.
  14. Welcome to PON @Bennybigbear
  15. Most fans will want to see the season finished, it makes more sense to preserve the history and standings.

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