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  1. Notts might be wary of their playing budget, when you don't have much you can't just give players a raise which often happens with new deals. If Kyle Wootton does sign a new deal, I would imagine the club would add in a release clause. If I was Ian Burchnall I would do my upmost to retain him.
  2. Agreed, Anthony Patterson did well for us but we have Tiernan Brooks waiting in the wing.
  3. It's a crucial period coming up for Notts, I will feel happier if we can move onto 4th and still be a few points away from the top. As we have seen a few wins can change the perspective, but I am mindful about other tough patches. Ian Burchnall looks like the real deal, but more needs to be done to bring out a consistent level of performances.
  4. There's 5 real poor teams at the bottom end of League Two, Mansfield might be lucky for this reason. I can't see them going down, as others show limited fight.
  5. Not the worst loan defender the clubs had, but no better than what we have. He did well to fill the void whilst senior players was out and will improve for Sheffield Wednesday in time. It makes sense to recall him with his limited game time.
  6. A draw in a cup game isn't a bad result away from home, I felt Notts did well in spells but neither team punished the other or made the most of chances.
  7. Sorry to see you're feeling unwell @GrannyPie, get well soon.
  8. 1-0 would do me fine, just get into the next round.
  9. Connell Rawlinson needs to improve on his earlier performances, but I welcome him returning.
  10. It's a solid signing, especially on a free. Torquay United will be feeling like they've gotten mugged due to losing all of their best players.
  11. I wonder where DKE will fit into IB's plans, his future might be doubtful due to the limited game time. Good player but if he can't impact with the chances he gets, it suggests it might be better if he does leave at the end of this upcoming season.
  12. I am sure if its the right player Notts would priorities it, otherwise I am completely happy to wait for signings. I'm more keen to see actual news being released by the club, it's gone very quiet and whilst I appreciate staff might be busy or away. Things should be in place to keep the fans engaged and in the know. Season ticket sales for example is a big thing right now, a quiet media output doesn't encourage people to renew or get their tickets. There's things that could be done, yet the odd quiet day is fine. Just not when the news comes out once in awhile, compared to the days of nothing.
  13. @Joshua Barnes welcome to PON! I hope to see your thoughts on Notts.
  14. There might be some truth in Notts tracking his progress and situation, I can't see the club paying a fee for him though. That Andy Dallas seems a lot more realistic.
  15. At this stage, my money is on Italy or Germany to win the tournament.
  16. It would be a concern if we lost Sam Slocombe, with Jake Reeves departing it looks like a total rebuild in those crucial areas.
  17. Fantastic news, time to reinforce the midfield - sign another quality striker and see how things are from there.
  18. It's a big loss, good player who had a brief struggle with his performances but came out better as did the squad. If any believes this isn't a loss, than I hope they're ready to give any new signings the time to settle.
  19. Enzio Boldewijn Thank you for the goals and some of the better performances you put in.
  20. Wing, midfield, centre back and wing backs are the crucial areas. Notts would benefit from signing one or two strikers, preferably someone with National League experience.
  21. I wish him all the best, I hope he proves the doubters wrong and gets Solihull Moors promoted.
  22. Reeves, Ellis or Rodrigues are the players I had to choose between, ended up going with Ruben.
  23. Great posters, all deserve credit but I have voted for the person I feel deserves this and that is @Piethagoram.
  24. If you change the scope of what we know, how many good young players would've been lost over the years? Would Steven Gerrard broken through in an Everton squad? Lots of youngsters would've been lost. Interesting notion though.

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