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  1. Micheal O’connor

    Don't be daft, no need to apologise at all.
  2. England v Panama

    It's a must win game but the group stages always tends to be the easy part.
  3. Caption this

    "We are falling quicker than we did when the Brits invaded Germany."
  4. Happy Birthday Fan of Big Tone

    Happy Birthday from me too.
  5. Micheal O’connor

    It's got the blue tick, its him sadly. I'm pleased we can put this to rest now, Michael O'Connor is no longer a Notts player and I will focus on my team.
  6. Genaro Snijders

    It seems like all ex pro's take this route when they fail or struggle to secure a new club. What I find more shocking is that Haydn Hollis is doing this, not Snijders or Jenner they have had a proper career.
  7. County’s signing

    Very good but I wouldn't class this as a negative. A few more quality signings would have pushed me closer to amazing mind.
  8. I don't want this to be taken the wrong way but I feel wrestling as a package is no longer marketed towards families, but rather young children and young teens.
  9. I would also go for Gill Swerts myself. He didn't get the credit for how he played in midfield, he control the games and distributed the ball nicely. He had the longest range pass that I have seen any Notts execute well for a number of years.
  10. Screen names on Pon

    Okay Mr Show Off... SuperCountyManRam name change?
  11. Jorge Grant

    He's still a good player at this level. Give him another season, he may improve.
  12. Score prediction game

    Egypt 2-2 Uruguay Morocco 0-1 Iran Portugal 1-2 Spain
  13. Possible CB: Lewin Nyatanga

    If he's focusing on his career outside of football, it does seem unlikely that he would return to the lowest division to play for a team again.
  14. Jorge Grant

    How come? We would have four wingers then and plenty of rotation available.
  15. First game review

    The world cup final of 2010 springs to mind @Truefootballfan For the opening game Russia have set the standards for improvement, they did okay but the game did lack.

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