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  1. He looked a neat footballer at times for Notts, I don't think he lacked effort, only fitness. I think he would do much better if some fans gave him a clean slate and didn't try to unfairly tarnish him.
  2. It's not every day that you see a sickening challenge like that, I am surprised.
  3. Good luck to Jon Stead, I think he will show some of the younger fans just how good he was for Notts when he comes up against us ne
  4. Two players Notts have been obsessed and hung onto mostly due to popularity in my humble opinion. Neither have shown their full promise, so such a waste in having them.
  5. The loan spell should help, confidence and regularly playing are two important parts of football. That and enjoying it, its down to whoever the manager is to get the best out of him.
  6. Welcome to PON @ExiledPie, enjoy.
  7. Hello welcome to PON @RoadSmith, enjoy.
  8. I agree with the comments mentioned, it's a shame that its been neglected as it does make a difference for younger supporters. The club should put more effort in running it or allowing the NCFITC to take over.
  9. Notts needs you next season @Chris, have a great birthday!
  10. Happy birthday young man, I hope to see you next season alongside your dad.
  11. @Pvfc fans welcome to the community and PON. Good luck with your season.
  12. I called it iPoor it was that bad. The radio coverage barely worked at the best of times, the UK games that was covered on a Tuesday or midweek would randomly stop. No to little support too. The old media team used to chase everything up.

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