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  1. Countyman

    Alan Hardy posts his pecker on Twitter

    Inexcusable actions. Yes people make mistakes but normally they reflect on it and try to go out quietly, consider his tweets today. I don't feel sorry for him anymore and his announcement to sell the club seems like one last grab for the attention he craves. Foolish behaviour indeed. He must go!
  2. Countyman

    Can we welcome Lowestoft magpie to Pon

    Welcome to the forum and PON @Lowestoft Magpie.
  3. Countyman

    Please join me and welcome Jon Christie to PoN

    I don't suppose Trevor and a group of former players could buy the club? Desperate times calls for desperate measures but that would be a dream come true for us. Joking aside, welcome to the forum @Jon Christie.
  4. The clubs in grave danger, non league could spell the end of this historic club and I found this PONcast to be recorded with the utmost respect that a relegation battle deserves. There was no mud slinging, no constant pointing of the finger which allowed the blame game to avoided. It was opinionated and very well balanced, I applaud @Chris and @samwatto2008 for having the respect fewer people in their position would have. Difficult subject lads but very entertaining nonetheless.
  5. Countyman

    I think I'm cursed....

    Choose wisely lad, it's your chance of ridding the club from somebody. Think ahead and pick the player Notts should replace ASAP.
  6. Countyman

    if notts goes down

    I bleed black and white, my support won't disappear or change but I suspect others might feel differently.
  7. I am considering going but all depends on my available time.
  8. Countyman

    PON Fundraiser

    Not disappointed about not winning, I will look out for the next raffle and you can be sure I will have a go. Well done to the winners, enjoy the prizes!
  9. Countyman

    Can we welcome Peter Wilhelmsson to Pon

    Welcome @Peter Wilhelmsson, enjoy the site.
  10. Countyman

    Can we welcome Dominika23

    Welcome @Dominika23, enjoy the site.
  11. Countyman

    Can you help me welcome Fredrick Bardon to Pon

    Welcome @Fredrik Bardon, enjoy the site.
  12. Countyman

    Can we welcome Andy C to Pon

    Hello @Andy C, welcome to PON. I hope to see you joining in with the forum.
  13. Countyman

    Can we welcome Damo to Pon

    Welcome to PON @DAMO, I hope to see you join in.
  14. Countyman

    Please join me in welcoming faz1961 to PoN

    Welcome to PON @faz1961, I hope to see you join in with the forum.
  15. Countyman

    Milsom deal becomes permanent

    By far from the player needed, he looks not just unfit but lacking the understanding of what is needed from him in this squad.

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