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  1. Companies just waste throwing money at things, then when the deadlines are not met. They end up in iffy products. Microsoft should really know better.
  2. Countyman

    Notts v Stevenage... positives

    Yeah true, I suppose we all do have similar things to say from to time.
  3. Countyman

    Match Discussion: Game 9 - The Cobblers (A)

    It's got to be better than the Exeter game. I feel it will be more down to how Harry Kewell approaches the game from the sidelines, it's all fine training well and saying they're prepared but if they cannot adapt in the game then points will only be lost.
  4. Countyman

    PONcast Episode 42

    Brilliant! @samwatto2008 you sound perfect along side @Chris. Great job on the episode.
  5. Countyman

    "An Evening With Kevin Nolan"

    Interesting to see how Kevin Nolan will be approaching this, I can't see him saying much that may effect him from being employed by another club. As a chairman won't like these types of things but as fans we do want him to be open.
  6. Countyman

    Favourite tv or stream program

    I like the big bang series, it's a shame that there's not more good American comedies.
  7. Countyman

    Windows getting smarter

    Smarter but there's more hassle @Chris, they change so much and sometimes it's not always for the better. I can't be getting on with Windows 10.
  8. Countyman

    Notts v Stevenage... positives

    Plenty more, but I can't add anything else other than what's been said by @Chris and @CliftonMagpie. Otherwise I would be repeating myself.
  9. Countyman

    Good luck Magpie fans

    @nightOWL a much better performance this past Saturday, have a look at the highlights and let us know your views. Our chairman has said the keeper is fine but most think otherwise.
  10. Countyman

    Notts County vs Stevenage: Player Ratings

    Normally fans would be saying things like "the chairman doesn't want to spend any more money" with a comment like this. He's being criticised for the right reasons.
  11. Countyman

    Is the Stevenage game where we turn it around.?

    I felt it was more positive, the play was better but the club still needs a few more things correcting. I agree it could be the start.
  12. Countyman

    Match Discussion: Game 8 - The Boro (H)

    There is finally something to build on now. I am worried that the club doesn't realise that Fitzsimons is a shadow of his former self, I do hope that he can improve but I don't see it. I felt the defence looked better, all the signings fitted in and worked hard. It's just those moments when nobody takes responsibility that punishes Notts.
  13. Countyman

    Man of the Match: Notts County 3-3 Stevenage

    Enzio Boldewijn he's performing much better and almost has the right balance, he ran himself into the ground and kept going.
  14. Countyman

    What's your current post count?

    CC = 440
  15. Countyman

    Cedric Evina and Jamie Turley

    This. I don't think it's panic buying as such but I wonder just how many outfield players can be signed before the attention to turns to the real issue.

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