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  1. I don't think it matters, with all the fans abandoning or claiming to drop out of Lifeline. I think it will go along way to fixing it.
  2. He's come along way since the days of training in the Notts academy, I do hope Jordan manages to enjoy some success. His stay here seems very short.
  3. This is a very well done mini documentary. I will look out for more in your series of this style of videos, you should take a look at a club in Ireland like some of your comments over on YouTube have suggested. Good job covering Notts.
  4. Welcome @Notoriousgee, enjoy having a rant or moan on here. We are all very friendly and open to discussing Notts.
  5. I agree with the above comment, I don't think any squad in this league has our depth or even the quality we process right now. There's one issue which may pursue come January, that is the attraction of players from Football League clubs. Right now things look good, however if clubs come in for Kristian Dennis, Wes Thomas, Enzio Boldewijn, Mitch Rose etc. They will be much harder to replace! Team and hard work is everything in this league mind.
  6. Avoiding changes has given the players better chances to settle and perform better, I don't think Notts performed too badly against AFC Flyde in the second half. Away from home I think things have been harder, so I see Dover as a tough outfit.
  7. Good facilities, I do think it helps the squad settle down when they know where they can train and that it's sorted for the remainder of the season.
  8. If the performance is there, all the fans who attend should go home happy. I am hoping they do, as high crowds are normally a potential banner skin for the club.
  9. Regan Booty should always be starting in my eyes, he has a lot of positives about his gameplay and the fact he plays winning balls is a big plus.
  10. Good prospect who has gone on to better things, could he have achieved it here? Perhaps but I think its better for his career that he had left.
  11. Notts faced being placed into admin due to AH He didn't pay staff for 2 months Fans made the effort to look after staff Rumours of the takeover being completed came and went The Danish brothers officially took over Juventus had offered to sort our shirts out 8 Signings quickly arrived Notts lost 1-0 to Eastleigh A small minority then persuade to want Neal Ardley's head This is a basic rundown of what happened.
  12. Welcome to @Lobropie, you will enjoy PON if you can get on.
  13. Good luck to both Lincoln City and Kevin Nolan, I don't see him being appointed but it's worth a go.
  14. A win could change the course of the season and give the fans something really to get behind, momentum is building nicely but I wouldn't be disheartened by a set back. I just hope to see a strong performance.

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