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  1. Is it better to stick with the devil you know? I hope it works out for them, good support and club. Always has deserved better.
  2. Desperate times. calls for desperate measures. Crystal Palace might have the incentive to throw as much as they can at this false claim in hope that some of sticks, I don't think they're fooling anyone. Time will tell..
  3. Welcome to PON @Annemarie Johnson
  4. The solution that happens needs to be well thought and put into place as early as possible, clubs will have to prepare.
  5. With football it could benefit some teams but largely impact others, with smaller clubs like Notts sales of merch is one asset that the club should be pushing.
  6. I think the current badge is one of the best Notts have had, it's not a patch on the single magpie but that was of a bygone era.
  7. Welcome to the community @Bennybigbear.
  8. Yes, it's similar to Facebook and Twitter.
  9. I think most fans want them to remain calm and see what options come from sitting this out, the only issue I see is I don't believe the UK can get rid of the COVID-19 with the measures in place currently. This lockdown is too soft. It will make it much harder the longer it goes on to complete this season. I want the season to be finished but sooner or later, you have to admit defeat and do what's best.
  10. Stylish and appeasing to the eye, great job.
  11. It's not something I have given much time to watch, but I keep seeing people mention it. I'll have to give it a watch sometime.
  12. Pedro or Don Masson both players I enjoyed watching play for Notts immensely.
  13. Simple... Share a song and see what memories it brings up, if you answer, you will have to share another song from YouTube. I will start with Simply Red's Fairground.

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