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  1. Barnet have been poor, it could be another hammering if pushed. I could easily see it being a comfortable win.
  2. The club will never have such a knowledgable ambassador than Colin, he was one in a million. The voice of many fans for generations and generations. Rest in Pease, Uncle Colin.
  3. I think Dale will want the win more than Notts, they won't want to miss out on that cup tie that might follow and it could make the game a lot more scrapper. I just want Notts to dig deep, work hard and wait to strike. Chances will come but I am mindful of forcing play.
  4. Kyle Hudlin did far more in those minutes he had, than Andy Dallas or Adam Rooney combined. Not the effective switch, but he gave Notts something to think about. Kyle Wootton marking him, then going down due to the collision with Hudlin was a concerning few minutes.
  5. Just like the re-appointment of Greg Abbott, these style hiring are nothing more than wishful thinking.
  6. Good young player, that would only get better with more game time. He was never going to come in and establish himself as a core part of the team, but he did well with the chances he got. I appreciate the performances, so negative remarks about him whatsoever from me.
  7. Very nice work with the wallpapers.
  8. @Joshua If the players don't panic and just enjoy themselves, it will be a good test. I have a feeling Notts will be quite comfortable.
  9. It seems a bit of a risk to me, I don't know how many would take this up or pay. As suggested by @liampie, a gym would be more universal and during certain times it could remain private to the squad, opening up the general public later. Worth looking into tying it in with the Portland Centre and season ticket holders.
  10. The club could explore other means of creating an overseas membership, that would be a good idea I feel. @Alex thank you for your support.
  11. Notts has to build on the clean sheet, there is goals in the squad but keeping the opposition out leads to more confidence going forward IMO. Good result against Yeovil.
  12. Patterson and Slocombe are both fine in my opinion, either can start. With a solid defence and further hard work to protect the keeper, either will thrive. I can see Slocombe mostly starting but it is nice to know we can rest him if needed. When does Patterson's loan deal expire?
  13. Best wishes to @GrannyPie, I wish her a speedy recovery.
  14. It would be a positive sign to see the club bounce back with a win. I don't know what to suggest in terms of changes but something has to be done to try to improve on the recent performances.
  15. It will give the preparation more focus in training and leading into games, sounds like something worthy of investigating further. I just hope the club takes someone on that adds strength to the coaching and not just someone who wants to get into football. Experience is important I feel.
  16. A striker is pretty much all that's left on the wish list, fingers crossed its a striker worthy of wearing our famous shirt!
  17. He sounds like a good addition to the midfield, we have two defensive holding midfielders and a box to box player. Well done Notts.
  18. All look nice, it's about time Notts had simple black sports wear.
  19. Before games yes, away days I have a full English breakfast and I take a cob for the trip. Home games I eat whatever is going, I don't eat at grounds but I will get a coffee.
  20. Both players sound like suitable signings, if they do join is a different question but I would welcome either of those to the lane.
  21. Good to see the midfield starting to take shape, the wing back positions are crucial to the success going forward. Welcome to Meadow Lane Joel Taylor.
  22. A one year deal is better than nothing, it's good the club managed to tempt him to extend his stay.
  23. It's good to have Jim committed, I didn't worry about if he stayed or went. I thought of him as being the type content to stay at a club.
  24. Those accounts are ran by sad people with no lives.
  25. Wrexham will be a tough cookie to crack this season, Phil will have them organised well.

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