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    PONcast Episode 3

    I too like the intro, it is spot on! This is the second episode I have listened too, as with the last I am impressed with the sound quality. The way you are joining all the PON elements together is interesting and I think the season tickets should be lowered. Fans are willing to pay it to support the club but we should not be seen as cash cows. Well balanced guys, you are doing good.
  2. I don't believe our expectations have been all that high and its just a shame the fans have more ambition than the current board. Its easy to point the finger when at the end of 5 year plan, you end up relegated, especially when promotion to the Championship was the aim. Great job guys, keep the faith!
  3. Ben Davies, his passion burst through the shirt he worn and he was a great player for us. We should not have sold him on so easily!
  4. Well done to both Joe's, I see this being a huge hit. Good production for a starting point!
  5. The magpies will do well, I am sure we will but that differs from actually winning the game. I am not sure we have enough to beat Doncaster, they are a decent side and I think our home form would easily favour them. If we can start like we did against Barnsley and for the brief spell against Preston perhaps we can score. Its debatable wheather or not we will lead at any point! Fans are expecting Tyson to sink us.
  6. CliftonMagpie, Liampie and DangerousSausage
  7. Why did you join prideofnottingham.co.uk? I joined because it was time I got involved, I have known Joe from home games for awhile and he comes across as someone genuinely trying to help the club. I am quite put off from discussing things online, I much prefer the local or navi to air my views but the approach of the site makes me feel at ease to share my views. Just spending five minutes browsing I saw that my time would be well spent here! What is your main highlight of being a member? Well I am still new to the site, so nothing as of yet but I am impressed. How much have you seen PoN grow during your time? I have joined whilst PON has clearly been established with regulars who enjoy their time here, for this reason and the fact I am new I have not seen it grow yet. As a community, what would you say are the three core values to PoN and why? Respect, admiration for the club we support and friendliness (we have opposition fans here!?!).
  8. http://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/news/article/ricardo-moniz-notts-county-2417761.aspx He sounds a much change person since he has arrived at meadow lane, his english has improved a lot. I think, at least I, I believe so.
  9. I was the last time I looked.
  10. Its when I tend to travel, I do not like missing games in season and so I tend to pack up when the football is over. It means if I want to make the most of warm weather, I have to look further a way from the UK but I do own a caravan in Skegness and another near Blackpool which I sometimes use.
  11. It looks like our owners landed himself in a spot of trouble water, £600 is hardly much to a man of his standard. What do you make of this? http://www.lincolnshireecho.co.uk/Ex-Lincoln-City-board-member-Ray-Trew-fined-600/story-26325560-detail/story.html
  12. I have no doubts it will be hard, yet we seem to make it harder for ourselves and easier for the opposition. I am taking the remaining games as they come, I won't say anything about relegation or safety, as it will play out and whatever I say will make little difference to that. You Pies
  13. Jacks taking his chance at the moment, provided he does well I see him sustaining a starting position and growing stronger with the game time. I watched the game against Liverpool, he made the difference for them and Villa fans must be feeling confident their times are changing! Did anyone read this? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3045676/Aston-Villa-starlet-Jack-Grealish-reveals-message-support-fan-urges-FA-Cup-semi-finalists-end-rainbow.html

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