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  1. theMagpies

    how does notts improve the away form?

    Find a formation that works away from home, one striker isn't the answer and the same formation I think is hard to apply when its designed for a pitched aimed at passing football.
  2. theMagpies

    Neal Ardley reveals where he wants to strengthen

    We need to see 3-5 players released before I expect any more good signings.
  3. theMagpies

    Is Neal Ardley the right man for the Job.?

    If Neal Ardley doesn't save Notts, all these people moaning about this question on social media and acting like children will be doing what? Hurling abuse no doubt. I think he's the right man but if Notts goes down, it's due to sacking Kevin Nolan. Who made that happen? The people calling for Nolans head.
  4. theMagpies

    Roll call ..Notts v Cambridge who’s going.?

    I will be going to the game yes, I hope the weathers okay.
  5. theMagpies

    Kasper Schmeichel in just one word

  6. theMagpies

    Can we welcome our new member, Andrew McIntosh

    Welcome to PON @Andrew McIntosh. this is a good community.
  7. theMagpies

    Welcome Maggie moo to PON!

    Welcome to the community @Maggie moo.
  8. theMagpies

    Can you help me welcome Geo.mann to pon

    Welcome to the community @Geo. Mann.
  9. theMagpies

    Can we welcome our latest member,Garry Brown

    Welcome to the community @Garry Brown.
  10. Welcome to the community @Harry Heathcote.
  11. theMagpies

    Can we welcome our latest member,Marcus Roberto

    Welcome to the community @Marcus Roberto.
  12. theMagpies

    Welcome to Laurenbruce26

    Welcome to the community.
  13. theMagpies

    Jim O'Brien Signs!

    At Basford's ground and training facilities. He looks a very capable signing for Notts, I am surprised he came TBH.
  14. theMagpies

    PONcast Episode 51

    I always listen, I sometimes comment and I feel I say the same thing when I do but I enjoy the PONcasts.
  15. theMagpies

    corina turley approves of the pon prints

    Fabulous work, PON really excels at being the best at everything.

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