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  1. I would be surprised if Arsenal signed him for their first team, he was pretty silent playing against Notts. A decent young player, nowhere near that standard. If Notts hadn't release him, he wouldn't be playing regularly.
  2. This won't look good for any of Ray's businesses or himself.
  3. Welcome to the site, we are a friendly bunch and your thoughts would be most welcome on PON @Ancient
  4. I might watch the cricket more than football, a local club may get my support but until Notts doesn't exist. I am a Notts County fan..
  5. Thankfully it provides some additional time but the takeover must happen ASAP.
  6. So we should expect the takeover completed any point after the 17th of July? It's getting longer and longer.
  7. I hope the danes pay it and the staff ASAP, the takeover needs completing.
  8. Notts needs staff that will push, motivate and die for the players. The players would respond to that, Mark Crossley had to go.
  9. It’s time for Alan Hardy to start telling the truth!
  10. Good first pre-season friendly, you cannot read too much into them and any player on trial needs to be tested over a period of games.
  11. I agree, but I do feel the goals he scored which have a lot of importance might be missed.
  12. AFC Notts County wouldn't be the same, that would be the worst case but my loyalty would remain to Notts regardless. The club just needs a steady hand, if the eventual owners can deliver a winning brand of football they may see a return once the club could claw themselves back up the football league. At this level it seems more of a hobby than a serious money maker. Most clubs do not make enough to be stable.
  13. Points raised for both cases, I do feel some fans are fair weather more so than they're glory hunters. I have been attending games and supporting the club for many years now, I am unfazed by the disappointment and have come to expect bad seasons. Relegation from the Football League was something I never dreamt would happen in my life time.
  14. I would rather F5 this topic than any news page about Notts right now.
  15. It's a tough set of opening fixtures, but most of the games will be for Notts as newcomers to the league.

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