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  1. I felt he did okay, well enough to remain. Being a regular within the first team is a different question. Since he has been released, I do think the club could find someone more suited to playing left back. I hope they sign players to play certain positions but can be versatile if needed.
  2. It's all about Alan Hardy isn't it? He lost money because he wasn't doing the right things, I cannot pity or sympathise with someone like this.
  3. Welcome to this wonderful Notts platform @ExiledPie
  4. In the news the other week, The Post mentioned how the Supporters' Trust wanted a say on the clubs happening and be a voice for fans. After the way the Trust grave the club away and the lack of knowledge of who runs the group, how do you feel? Are you in favour of a Supporters' Trust?
  5. You just have to get on with it, there is nothing fans can do about this and even with the worries of bankruptcy the only thing we can do is talk and support the club.
  6. If in contract allow him a chance to redeem himself, I think the club could do better but I acknowledge not all of the goals he conceded was his fault.
  7. Welcome to a very friendly and fun forum @Pvfc fans.
  8. The browser has it muted, thanks for that.
  9. Good luck to each of them, yet Notts needs better players and unless they will get game time its better for their careers.
  10. Notts never learns, its always the same and happier times will be there. It will take awhile to achieve them.
  11. I used it briefly, I found it didn't work most of the time but I did see the value in watching the games.
  12. It used to be a vital part that made Notts stand out over Forest, this and the NCFITC.
  13. I just briefly what the video, very impressive and good quality. No audio though?

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