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  1. I read the article the club posted, he has won promotion and understands the level required in the Non League. On paper, he seems an excellent addition to the squad ranks.
  2. I do feel this is something the club should address, either by them or Lifeline itself. If the sponsorship is lower, I wouldn't care but I do feel fans deserve to know if the scheme is in place for the rest of the season. I am in the mind that nobody had time to chase sponsors, but some others might be announced.
  3. Welcome to the site @Nick Kennedy, join in.
  4. Welcome to the site @Notoriousgee, its nice to see a few new members join.
  5. I will be watching from the Pavis, I am a little nervous. I would take another draw TBH.
  6. Worth tracking and keeping tabs on, powerful defenders are something any club needs.
  7. It will be a good trip, long but enjoyable for those that can make it. 3 wins in a row would be a big step up, I am expecting a draw but its good to see Notts doing better.
  8. I'm just trying to enjoy the games that are more relaxed due to it being Non League, with time, I hope Notts gets it right and reclaims but stability is the key this
  9. It's surprising to see him leave Hartlepool, I would have thought he would want to settle at this point in his career.
  10. It's not good news, as he seemed quite quick and a real brute in size but it will give someone else a chance. I hope the injury doesn't slow down his career.
  11. Wilfordpie


    Welcome to the PON site @OoooooTommy
  12. The biggest and only important part is now Notts are under a new era, after the Reedtz brothers took ownership of the club.
  13. Well done young lad, I am pleased for Luther Wildin.

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