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  1. All I can say is I hope that he's given the same chance as Neal Ardley to succeed, if Notts struggles or does not reach the playoffs this term than he needs to be given a chance to go again. With his own style of players, a few in key areas and I am sure the club will be pushing forward. If he can gain the experience needed to be a good robust manager, we can only hope for the best. I am more than prepared to give him my full backing.
  2. I have no interest in what Alan Hardy has to say on Notts, there's no face value or honesty from the man. He sees things the way he wants and doesn't care what people thinks.
  3. Good movement from Notts, I thought the pitched would prevent the ball from gliding across it due to the conditions but it was not the case. Ruben did well with the pass, a little heavy and Brindley used his pace and experience to get onto it.
  4. 3 more points nailed to the table, its building nicely. I note that BT Sports mentioned we are 6 points better off that last season. Its progress and such a good win, not that pretty on goal but the performance was perfectly fine.
  5. I have been lucky to see Notts play in the highest leagues within my life time, it would be nice for those out there who haven't enjoyed this success supporting the club could see it. I am in agreement that the National league is hard, even without the frequent games and other issues like COVID outbreaks. I do understand a desire to see the club perform well and be successful. This will take time.
  6. It was just a strike against Sutton, somewhat of a lucky one. Issue for Notts is a lack of creativity but if they handle the pressure it should be a good game.
  7. Terrible, I hope the family continues to get the support needed.
  8. It's probably the best contract renewal in the last 10 years or
  9. Away games is an area where we could do with getting the most out of. Kyle Wootton is in great form. It's just a loss if Cal Roberts can't start due to fatigue.
  10. Fantastic performance and result. It looked like Barnet might have made an amazing comeback, but the players did what was needed.
  11. Michael Doyle for his age is still a good player, I just expect a few off games but when he plays well it makes up for the few iffy performances.
  12. No point debating if he could've been a good player for us, he's left and we can only find a replacement if that is in the plans.
  13. Play on the floor, attack with purpose and hopefully the points will leave with Notts.
  14. If it's easy enough to use, I will be subscribing to the service.

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