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  1. Very nice, I like the wallpaper. Good job with it.
  2. I have been a member lifeline for many years now, I don't recall winning any money but I have won tickets.
  3. I would hope he wins, these things are nothing but fun but it's nice to think a Notts player can do it.
  4. I'm not watching a lot of TV at the moment, I am going through old western films on DVD.
  5. I loosely watch what is happening. I mostly read the news online, as I can filter out what I want to see or read.
  6. Schmeichel Grealish FA Trophy & Play Off Win. Moniz Lose to them 6-0 & 5-0 but stay up Back to back promotions Brisley & Johnson
  7. Welcome to the site @Greene
  8. Good job on the graphic front there @Chris.
  9. I think the biggest things are the players and manager being on the same wavelengths, Ardley has players who are buying into what he's trying to do and many of his signings have hit the ground running this season. This goes a long way towards building confidence.
  10. I am hopeful Notts can pickup from where they had left no matter what happens with this season.
  11. Keep distant and relying of my children to bring me my groceries. I have been gardening a bit more as a way to deal with the isolation too.
  12. Wilford could do with being better connected, I rely on the number 10 bus and it's good but I would prefer catching a tram.
  13. Well done young man, this is a very good video and is entertaining.

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