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  1. Identifying players that are able to play and grow is something which would benefit the club, this is why Cal Roberts and Regan Booty are exciting prospects but they need to be playing regularly because that is how they will gain experience. I forgot to add..... I minimum of 3 seasons should be the target, with the mindset that some will need to be sold or replaced.
  2. The YouTube channel is a confliction, as most should be able to make the most of that.
  3. He had the skill and tricks, but his finishing and pace is poor.
  4. If it's scrappy due to the weather conditions, so be it but it would be a shame to see the game called off. I can only see it happening due to heavy rain and the pitch not holding up, Meadow Lane has done well with that this season.
  5. I will be at the game hoping Notts can add some further history to the clubs name, the teams got this far, they might as well win it now.
  6. Welcome back @hissingdwarf.
  7. I don't care about the quality of the academy, I only care about the quality of the players that come in.
  8. If anyone comes in, it needs to be due to improving the squad and not just filling in the gap for a few games.
  9. My point entererly. The piece stinks of someone who thinks money is the whole point of the game, its people like this that ruin the game for the supporters out there. The Championship doesn't need to be changed, it's improved greatly over the years since rebranding as the Championship itself.
  10. Join in and you will like what you see, welcome to PON.
  11. Welcome to PON @Iateallthepies, get stuck in with the fun.
  12. If Neal Ardley broke the partnership up right now, I think it would lead to unrest from some of the supporters. If it didn't have the same result, it could interfere with trying to re-find the form under the pair.
  13. The Notts squad stepped up, one issue about the performance is those who will moan if its not repeated, rather than just enjoying this win. All the goals were of excellent quality, I thought Notts could have scored more. They kept the tempo for the most part and made Chesterfield work. Very poor team, their keeper played a shocking game.
  14. It would make a change to have two solid keepers, no disrespect to Ross Fitzsimons but he tends to only have moments where he looks good.

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