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  1. I don't see why the National League are delaying publicly saying what might or will happen, as far as I can see they could be asking for the teams to help choose what happens. Rather than the FA butting in and telling them what's what.
  2. I will have a stab at C3
  3. Good for the city, but would it not make match day trips longer for fans?
  4. Big Sam summed up what is needed by a club recently, it's a mixture of the right setup which matters.
  5. Biggest test for him will be to pick his form up from where he's left it.
  6. By the end of the introduction @Rio Doherty, you may have a soft spot for Notts. Welcome to PON.
  7. It would be useful if we can keep this updated with the latest mumblings of what might happen. We all knew the league would be suspended, this virus has hit and it's unlikely just to go away.
  8. Scott Wilson looks a little more like a player who can handle being thrown and pushed, Wes Thomas is a striker who likes the ball to his feet.
  9. Welcome to PON @magnot
  10. Hello @Jenny Wakeford, welcome to PON.
  11. I'm more surprised the club managed to secure the deal for his services, but I didn't think he would turn out to be such an important signing.
  12. Good prospect, if he continues to do well I wouldn't mind seeing him return next season if the club can make that happen.
  13. Good to have another game selected for television, a bit more money for the club.
  14. I'm not being funny, half of his goals haven't been special at all. He's just been in the right place at the right time which is what Kristian Dennis does best. All the tap ins and penalties can be ignored IMO. His effort last Tuesday against Aldershot was something to be amazed at.
  15. You have to be a fan for the long haul, it's no easy ride but that is what is enjoyable. I remember the good, bad and average times. Football can be boring at times but Notts County is never dull, I just want to see some happier times now.
  16. Welcome to PON @Alex
  17. He's needed for the playoffs! Sod the cup tomorrow, let's get back the focus on the league.
  18. Can't be any worse than what we could have signed, if he gets goals great but if he don't, he won't play. Simple...
  19. Identifying players that are able to play and grow is something which would benefit the club, this is why Cal Roberts and Regan Booty are exciting prospects but they need to be playing regularly because that is how they will gain experience. I forgot to add..... I minimum of 3 seasons should be the target, with the mindset that some will need to be sold or replaced.
  20. The YouTube channel is a confliction, as most should be able to make the most of that.
  21. He had the skill and tricks, but his finishing and pace is poor.
  22. If it's scrappy due to the weather conditions, so be it but it would be a shame to see the game called off. I can only see it happening due to heavy rain and the pitch not holding up, Meadow Lane has done well with that this season.

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