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  1. Football is like that, isn't it? I think some people genuinely care, others just like being a sound peace for "better" but offer no support to improve. I would be interested to see what the club thinks, but I think the fact no announcement has been made regarding the sacking of Neal Ardley, that might say it all. Notts has to get back to winning ways. Better performances would lift some of the reasonable concern.
  2. Sugar Puffs, but they're not the same as when I was much younger. The sugar scare a few years back changed all that.
  3. Yes, I got that. Sam seems more useful than Gomis though, I am interested to see what he's like fit. Supposedly he can play out wide.
  4. It will be a total U turn if Notts wins but I fear what might occur if a defeat comes. Stockport can be beaten, its just about the work rate and desire in the game. Notts needs to be quicker, more keen to get the ball and press the opposition.
  5. I understand all that, but its clear that Notts has spent a fair portion of whatever wage budget remains. If you can afford to build a small squad that is fine, I don't think we do. In this case, it would make sense to add some players who can bring in those basic qualities which a good constant performer has but one which might not become any better. And this is exactly my point above. Elisha Sam could be a powerhouse, it depends what is expected of him but he needs to be given the odd start.
  6. Much of what Aborah said came out eventually after he did his press bit.
  7. So would I, but realistically with a budget the better players will take it so players able to put in a good performance does come across as a good idea. I think this is where gambling on younger players released by Premier League/Championship clubs come into it. Regan Booty looked like a player that could be average or class, but he always put in a good performance I feel. That's a bit of an exaggeration, Gomis never looked like someone who could assist Notts and arrived with a lot of hype.
  8. Do you not think Notts needs a robust squad of different qualities? Fair point, do you not think Neal Ardley deserves credit for this too? He re-introduced Kristian Dennis back into the squad after it looked like he would be dispelled from the club after his loan to Grimsby. Kyle Wootton and Wes Thomas are our best strikers currently, at the start of the season some fans said Thomas was passed it. He's a good player that keeps showing he's deserving of a start. I would prefer to start with the strongest squad possible but at times you must play someone else, I am not
  9. I think Notts are missing the players who graft like workhorses in order to jump ahead of others and earn their selection, Neal Ardley on paper has built a decent squad with areas that do require some thought. Most teams have areas where they focus and require further work. What I would like to see is Notts identify players like Richard Butcher/Neal Bishop, workhorse style players who do the simple things like pressing and winning the ball. There's too much desire from media and certain fans to expect a squad full of players like Callum Roberts. We don't have any of those dirty worke
  10. Fans are forgetting that there is two games in hand of some, maybe one over others but its very early days. I don't think Notts has that winning mentality and I feel that the squad lacks workhorses. Do you expect the backup options to be quality? Have you seen Sam enough to say if he's a dud or not? He's made two starts so far. Enzio I agree with, he's just too much for Notts to pamper to get the best out of him. Knowles is 18 though, I don't know what people expect.
  11. I don't know why so many of the players struggled to stay on their feet, maybe the pitch but it was just a poor display. Notts never set the pace, I am not sure why its all Ardley's fault because the players should've done better yesterday regardless of the tactics. The players just never looked like creating a good chance on goal.
  12. It's good to know the squad has recovered from it but I do feel that there's a failure in the testing if Notts can prove the players caught it from playing against team(s) with it.
  13. I don't like talking about Notts on social media TBH, people become arsey over the slightest thing.

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