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  1. Great strike, I wonder if he felt an element of luck with the placement but its a very good goal.
  2. 4-2 win isn't bad, coming back from 2-1 is a good sign but at 1-0 Notts does need to learn to control the games. This season once a team scores its almost a domino effect and a bet on the oppositions next goal isn't a matter of if but when.
  3. To me Barnsley are the extreme of trying to have players who are worth resale value. It's more that they don't have the budget to directly compete IMO in the Championship, so they sign players and keep a younger squad on the off chance that some of their better performers will be worth something. Its not a bad business model but if they had more experience, I think they'd survive better in the Championship. I know this season they are doing well, but if they gained promotion to the Premier League their assists would be stripped and they will go instantly back down.
  4. I don't think Jake Reeves is a bad player at all, I think his recent performances comes down to needing a rest. He's been one of the better signings this season IMO, but he carries a lot of responsibility and I do feel hes one of the current players who plays with the right attitude. He wants to attack and use it in a way which can bring chances but as of late I have noticed he's been struggling. If the performances aren't down to needing a break, but concern about his future or Neal Ardley [pre-sacking], I would've thought he'd return to his former self. Due to the centre of mi
  5. Defensively, Notts did not improve from last season and the left back [Chickensen] that was brought into the squad is known to have injury issues. Fans are saying that Notts are weaker up top but this wasn't the case until Thomas had left the club. Knight had been bought in to replace him, I think we just needed to focus on the centre of midfield and defence.
  6. Strikers goal that, Ellis did well to take the time to carefully place it.
  7. He had to go back, if Stevenage won't play him that says something. Very poor time at Notts, little to no impact at all.
  8. The injury to Ponticelli hit Wrexham, they could've done with keeping him on the pitch.
  9. Happy Birthday Rammy, hope you enjoyed it and good luck to Derby. Rooney seems to be steering you to safety.
  10. Elisa Sam and even Jimmy Knowles seem to have been written off way too early, both offer something different but I can see Sam becoming a powerhouse for us. He looks match fit now, something which has made a difference with his performances on the pitch. A few more goals from him and I would like to see him start more often with Kyle Wootton. Thoughts?
  11. He looked a good player, no doubt he would've been included more with Preston if it wasn't for his injury. Daniels also had issues if I remember? Both players could've been good signings but it never worked out.
  12. I thought Notts did well to open the game up but went backwards with their defending, once Havant scored I felt like "here we go". It wasn't long until they got a second but the win on penalties will feel good.
  13. I think Jimmy Knowles is doing well and could cover Thomas who I think we will miss in some way.
  14. Stats don't mean much, they change all the time and its form which is the main thing. The win over Weymouth was a good result, it could've easily been a draw.

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