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  1. good to have some positive news, think doyle will be the right person to back ian burchnall. Young energetic coaches! Now to sign younger, energetic midfielders who can get us playing that crisp attacking football.
  2. I feel for keepers that this happens to, they will be always reminded despite how good they actually are. Just like Paul Robinson, Rob Green and Ben Foster did for England.
  3. Some good games even though some of the sides aren't up to the standard of others, I think this tournament has been one of the best in recent years,
  4. Callum McGregor was highlighted by Celtic, I read some time ago that they wanted a Championship team to take him on loan but only League One clubs came in for him. Notts managed to get in early, he also featured in the team photo as he had been training with Notts before the loan agreement had been confirmed. I didn't realise that he was 28 now, but he has done well. The article is a nice reminder how good Notts can be with the right youth signings on loan.
  5. Some nice changes I have noticed.
  6. @liampie agree with you. Mark Ellis and Calvin Miller played a big role in improving the performance, both can do a lot of good here.
  7. I hope he shows interest in taking some of the deadwood off our hands and players like Enzio would could do with having a fresh start elsewhere.
  8. Hartlepool will boss the final but I can see both teams cancelling each other out.
  9. Well done @DangerousSausage I'm happy with the winners, Mark Ellis will be made up with his two awards.
  10. Three players I feel Notts should be monitoring is: Nicky Ajose Lee Novak Jacob Mellis
  11. I will take a 0-1 win right now, thank you. I don't want Ian Burchnall changed much, people want Rawlinson out but I think that's madness even though he has struggled. Give him time to adapt! He's been a consistently good player since he arrived.
  12. Notts are a team on the up, but I don't like when fans live in the past. It's perfectly okay to remember the history but to think a club in the league we are is a giant its a joke. I get tired of seeing the sleeping giant tag that goes around. Notts had its moment in the spotlight, well before I was born but we're in this situation because the club simply has not been good enough for whatever reasons impacted that.
  13. The Paul Ince of League 2/National League.

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