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  1. To win Barcelona even if they had not long formed.
  2. I admit I am a bit disappointed with Crawford and Booty being released.
  3. I hope Ozzy signs his deal, the club needs players like him and yeah, I am disappointed with the departures of Crawford and Booty.
  4. Welcome to PON @Joshbenzah, whats your background story?
  5. Welcome to PON @SkeggyPie, hope you join in.
  6. I think it's funny between fans but when professionals start doing it, it just seems petty.
  7. That's a trip down memory lane i wonder what it looked like after notts built the ground..
  8. I thought Notts were the better team in the first half, Barnet looked better in the second but they never trouble Slocombe that
  9. The flags will make Meadow Lane look a lot nicer behind close doors.
  10. A bit controversial but I know of key workers who have complained that have to be at work, I think its worrying that some still face being in direct line but at the same time they have a sense of realism and can act relatively normal. Everyone has to be in this to get ourselves out.
  11. If Notts altered the badge, I would hope they gave some better examples and several of them. I really like the current one.
  12. I don't watch many shows with little point behind them, those that have fake parts just annoy me.
  13. I hope the playoffs happen, it would solve a lot of issues but I think it might end up being restarted as things stand now. Just a new season.
  14. Its good news for them, those Notts fans who have suggested they would be happy with Mike Ashley seem like knobs on social media.
  15. The reactions from some of their own fans calling them out. Pretty embarrassing!
  16. Some support West Ham, my close family are Notts but others are between Scottish clubs.
  17. Knock on effect for a lot of businesses but some are offering good value to keep afloat which is good to see. Regarding the WWE, I don't know how they can be classed as a vital business.
  18. D2 It looks like the ball has hit the player in the back of his head.
  19. Do I change it via the profile page?
  20. Jon Stead would be the player I would go for, I thought he wore the shirt with pride and gave 100%.
  21. Welcome to the community @Bennybigbear, how long have you followed Notts?
  22. I might give the first series a watch first, I think I have seen some episodes on YouTube or parts.

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