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  1. In their last game, Chesterfield beat them 4-1. They look to be the type of team that attempts to hang onto games, instead of going for the win. On paper Notts should be comfortable but this could be one of those games where we are too complacent. The win being expected but they do their best to see the game out as a draw, with Colin Slater's death it will be cumbersome. I hope Notts smashes them, as I think we are as good as Chesterfield. There is no guarantee, I just hope we bring the game to Barnet.
  2. Did trains stop there? It would be handy today with travelling fans.
  3. I think Chesterfield are just trying to put eyes on other teams assets, I don't think they will or would want to sell Kabongo Tshimanga. If they gain promotion I think they will try to encourage him to stay on for that season, see how he does and then sell on the the highest bidder. It wouldn't surprise me if in his contract there's a percentage clause for Boreham Wood. Cal Roberts isn't going to any National League team any time soon, it looks like a game on their part.
  4. On one hand he hasn't been given any sort of runs within the first-team, on the other he does come across as a bit of dud. I personally don't get all the crappy comments expressed towards him, he does try and I don't think he can be fully judged. I don't think he will play any major role in the squad, I just don't see him being given the time.
  5. Good for Callum McGregor, he's done well with Celtic. One of their best home grown players of all time IMO.
  6. Great gesture! Well done to Real Betis fans for their charitable donations. Has any Premier League ever done anything like this?
  7. A good quiz can be good fun, I like doing some of the ones you find online. Like answering questions from your favourite film.
  8. Its a shame to see Patterson go back, but I think Notts needs to focus on getting Brooks up to scratch. Play him in the FA Vase.
  9. I will make the prediction now, Wootton will sign a new two-year-deal. Notts will be 3rd in the National League table when this happens, we will retain him for another season if promoted to League Two. Otherwise he will end up joining a Championship team, not Portsmouth [maybe Peterborough]. If we don't gain promotion, he will leave on a transfer fee which will be undisclosed.
  10. I have just set mine to happy, it's nice to see it back as its an extra layer towards expressing yourself on PON.
  11. He looks a good addition even if its until late Jan, plenty of time to try to sort out an extension.
  12. I would love to have a t-shirt and a couple of prints for Christmas. The catalogue looks great.
  13. Why does Notts have a very loose approach to contract renewals? The business model that has been spoken about regarding recruiting players, that will attract bids would be fundamentally flawed if we allow the likes of Kyle Wootton, Ruben Rodrigues and Matt Palmer to leave on frees. I am now starting to wonder if Cairo Mitchell is a direct replacement for Kyle Wootton. In my opinion, renewals should be handled the moment a player is likely to extend their existing deals. Not only does it keep their value high, but it spreads confidence within the club and gives the fans something to get behind. I don't understand why Notts or Ian Burchnall has this loose approach to handling negotiations. I think its more likely players will leave, surely we want them to feel wanted and secure with longer deals?
  14. If we allow Kyle Wootton to leave on a free, it will be a huge mistake. I wonder if Cairo Mitchell was purchased as a replacement?
  15. I hope all this transfer speculation doesn't bother the performances of those attracting interest, its difficult enough at this level not to allow potential moves to turn heads. Dagenham & Redbridge have been consistently poor when I have seen them play, nothing special at all. If we fail to get a good result then I would be disappointed. Starting a winning streak and building momentum could make the Christmas period much easier on us. The players have to work on this, but I think Notts should win.
  16. In the form table we are side by side, with Notts at 10th and them at 11th. I don't think we've beat Eastleigh yet, so it will be a challenge. Things like this must change and if we can beat them, momentum will be adding up nicely. That said I think the game will be a goalless draw.
  17. Chicksen did play poorly, end of. Even his fans can't defend his shoddy performance against Rochdale. He can be good, but not when Taylor is in the side. Chicksen overlaps well but defensively he's not that good,
  18. If he handles our training like this, he would be the first really hands on manager that I have seen with Notts. I know Kevin Nolan used to join in with the training, but he also split the team into two groups.
  19. The defending started off very sluggish and poor, it was a well worked goal for them but from the Notts perspective it should not have been so easy.
  20. Middlesbrough 2-2 Millwall Swansea City 1-0 Blackpool Fleetwood Town 0-1 Morecambe Sunderland 0-0 Ipswich Town Barrow 0-1 Crawley Town Joker Bristol Rovers 1-2 Tranmere Rovers Barnet 0-2 Torquay United Woking 0-1 Stockport County
  21. i dont want to see their goals, its upsetting to see how easily they got through. i thought our defending made it difficult for anthony patterson.
  22. Make a few smart changes, leave Patterson in goal and just stick to the same game plan of passing into space. I would like to see Nemane and Roberts both play, Burchnall said he put Roberts on the left because of his natural foot, he did well with Taylor and we have focused a lot on the right hand side a little too much for me. It would be nice to have Nemane on the right, Roberts on the left and Rodrigues in the middle. Wootton up top to get those all important goals.
  23. For a novelty tie or a one off, it would be an amazing journey to have.
  24. Good to see the confidence lifting, I didn't think much of that Dallas or Rooney - they should be a formidable team at this level but we kept them quiet. I don't think Solihull really troubled Patterson, he looked calm and collected. The atmosphere could've been better before we led the game but it was still amazing, great team performance.

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