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  1. weymouthPIE

    Prediction League Round 4

    Rotherham United 1-2 Hull City Swansea City 1-1 Leeds United Charlton Athletic 2-3 Peterborough United Rochdale 0-2 Barnsley Joker Carlisle United 1-1 Port Vale Morecambe 0-2 Northampton Town
  2. weymouthPIE

    Prediction League Round 4

    Tuesday night's fixtures: Rotherham United v Hull City Swansea City v Leeds United Charlton Athletic v Peterborogh United Rochdale v Barnsley Carlisle United v Port Vale Morecambe v Northampton Town
  3. weymouthPIE

    Prediction League Round 3

    Yesterday's Results: Bristol City 0-2 Middlesbrough Leeds United 2-0 Rotherham United Peterborough United 3-1 Luton Town Shrewsbury Town 0-0 Blackpool Oldham Athletic 3-1 Macclesfield Town Swindon Town 3-2 Tranmere Rovers Scores: jurgenpie - 10 points liampie & DangerousSaussage - 9 points Canadian & magpiejue - 8 points hissingdwarf, 4everapie, Chris, Simmo & ebbk - 7 points Magic Magpie, PD 1862, Clifton Magpie, Ancient Pie & The Skipper - 6 points Grannypie, jimbob, samwatto2008, Elite_Pie, Barnet11UK, Rob Reid, & Nottsnutter - 5 points NottsFan76, Dan, super_ram, wombboy, upthepies & tm1993 - 4 points Weymouthpie, Fan of Big Tone & super_pie - 3 points ARLukomski - 1 point Table:
  4. weymouthPIE

    Prediction League Round 3

    Table is updated at the end of each thread following each round so check back after each round. Doing this round as we speak
  5. weymouthPIE

    Prediction League Round 3

    Bristol City 2-1 Middlesbrough Leeds United 3-0 Rotherham United (joker) Peterborough United 2-1 Luton Town Shrewsbury Town 1-0 Blackpool Oldham Athletic 1-1 Macclesfield Swindon Town 0-2 Tranmere Rovers
  6. weymouthPIE

    Prediction League Round 3

    Saturday's Fixtures Bristol City v Middlesbrough Leeds United v Rotherham United Peterborough United v Luton Town Shrewsbury Town v Blackpool Oldham Athletic v Macclesfield Town Swindon Town v Tranmere Rovers
  7. weymouthPIE

    Prediction League Round 2

    Will sort the table tonight @Ancientpie, just checking your paying attention
  8. weymouthPIE

    Prediction League Round 2

    Today's Results: Sheffield Wednesday 1-1 Hull City Stoke City 1-1 Brentford Bradford City 0-2 Barnsley Luton Town 1-1 Sunderland Forest Green Rovers 1-1 Oldham Athletic Lincoln City 4-1 Swindon Town Scores: Northants Pie - 12 points samwatto2008 & Elite_Pie - 9 points Grannypie, AncientPie & NottsFan76 - 8 points liampie, Canadian & magpie64 - 7 points Dan, 4everapie, Simmo & PD1862 - 6 points WeymouthPIE & TrueFootballFan - 5 point Magic Magpie, Wombboy, super_ram, Notts County Polls & Nottsnutter - 4 points magpiejue, hissingdwarf, Fan of Big Tone, jimbob, The Skipper & DangerousSaussage - 3 points ARLukomski, jurgenpie, Barnet11UK, TM1993 & Clifton Magpie - 2 points Chris, Rob Reid, Adelaide Pie & super_pie - 1 point Americanpie, upthepieas & Nottstastic - 0 points Table:
  9. weymouthPIE

    Prediction League Round 2

    Sheffield Wednesday 2-1 Hull City Stoke City 1-2 Brentford (Joker) Bradford City 2-3 Barnsley Luton Town 1-1 Sunderland Forest Green Rovers 2-1 Oldham Athletic Lincoln City 3-1 Swindon Town
  10. weymouthPIE

    Prediction League Round 2

    Saturday's Fixtures: Sheffield Wednesday v Hull City Stoke City v Brentford Bradford City v Barnsley Luton Town v Sunderland Forest Green Rovers v Oldham Athletic Lincoln City v Swindon Town
  11. weymouthPIE

    Prediction League New Season

    Well yesterday may not have gone quite according to plan with Notts failing to win at either the football or the Cricket, but on the plus side this has been by far the most popular start to a prediction league since we started doing this probably 5 years ago now, and for that I say a massive thank you to each and everyone one of you, and I hope everyone continues to take part each week. Now onto the business of the scores: Yesterday's Match Results: Bristol City 1-1 Nottingham Forest Wigan Athletic 3-2 Sheffield Wednesday Accrington Stanley 0-2 Gillingham Coventry City 1-2 Scunthorpe United Northampton Town 0-1 Lincoln City Swindon Town 3-2 Macclesfield Town Yesterday's Scores: NottsFan76 - 9 points Fan of Big Tone & ARLukomski - 8 points Magpie64 - 7 points GrannyPie, The Skipper, jurgenpie - 6 points UpThePies, NottsTastic, TrueFootballFan, CliftonMagpie, nottsnutter, DangerousSaussage & AmericanPie - 5 points Barnet11UK, Wombboy, Notts County Polls, liampie, Simmo, Northants Pie & ebbk - 4 points Chris, magpiejue, 4everapie, AncientPie, Dan, super_ram & Canadian - 3 points jimbob, Elite_pie, AdelaidePie, WeymouthPIE, Magic Magpie, TM1993 & Rob Reid - 2 points Hissingdwarf - 1 point Super_Pie & PD 1862 - 0 points I will start posting the weekly updated league table as of next week, there's little point after one round as I've just given you the table! Thanks again all for taking part, and look out for the next round of fixtures which will be posted during the week
  12. weymouthPIE

    Prediction League New Season

    Bristol City 2-1 Nottingham Forest Wigan Athletic 1-1 Sheffield Wednesday Accrington Stanley 0-0 Gillingham Coventry City 3-2 Scunthorpe United (joker) Northampton Town 0-2 Lincoln City Swindon Town 1-0 Macclesfield Town
  13. weymouthPIE

    Prediction League New Season

    It's that time if year again, just days away from the start of the new season, and of course that means a new PON prediction league! It doesn't seem like 5 minutes since last season finished, but here we go again! The rules for this season will be the same again as the last couple. It'd be fantastic to see more people than ever playing regularly this season, so for the benefit of those who may not have taken part previously but are considering it, here's how it works. Every week I'll post a thread with six EFL fixtures. 9 times out of 10 this will consist of 2 championship, 2 league 1 and 2 league 2 games, although occasionally that changes if it's an international break. All's you have to do is reply with your predicted scores for each game. You get 3 points for a correct score and 1 for a correct result. So for example if I predict Notts to beat Colchester 2-1 and we do win 2-1 I get 3 points. If Notts still win but it finishes 1-0, I get 1 point. You also choose one game each round as your "joker". Choose wisely as any points you win on this game are doubled! All Saturday fixtures will be posted on a Wednesday, and any Tuesday night fixtures will be posted on a Sunday. I try to post the round up and updated table on a Sunday. So without further ado, here are the fixtures for this Saturday: Bristol City v Nottingham Forest Wigan Athletic v Sheffield Wednesday Accrington Stanley v Gillingham Coventry City v Scunthorpe United Northampton Town v Lincoln City Swindon Town v Macclesfield Town Good Luck!
  14. weymouthPIE

    The final and 3/4 place prediction round

    England 1-2 Belgium France 2-0 Croatia
  15. weymouthPIE

    World Cup prediction quarter final

    France 2-2 Uruguay AET - France on penalties Brazil 2-1 Belgium Russia 1-2 Croatia AET Sweden 1-2 England AET

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