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  1. I hate to say I told you so but...

    The guy is a plank, as an example why was he at Northampton v Exeter last Saturday? We don't play either for ages and you wouldn't want to be doing any match reports that far in advance as anything can change before we play them, ideally you would do your initial match report 3 weeks in advance then follow this up with the match report from the game just before you play them.

    I have my suspicions of why he was at Northampton but I'll let you all come to your own conclusions.

    Give us a clue please.

  2. Ive a sneaky feeling we can take 3 pts tomorrow. 2-1 to the lads.

    Im also looking forward to hearing how uncle Col gets to grips with all the new players. Hope he doesnt make too cock ups but Im sure they'll be a few litte gems to behold. 😂

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  3. I would be surprised if Carroll didnt get the captains armband. He certainly has the experience and would probably have the respect of the other players. Then again he would definately need to keep a lid on his emotions.

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  4. Bournemouth have always been my second team. Mainly because of family holidays we had down there. Still have to pinch myself when i see there name in the premier table. Seems very bazaar. Up the Cherries.

    Oh, and I always support Man U when they play in europe.

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  5. It's surprising how many on here are either lurkers of elsewhere, or totally new (rather than existing). It's good when you see familiar names, such as @Dunce who I wondered where he had disappeared too (on *cough *cough) but we do have a real mix, it just takes people to stick with the community during the slow periods or the depressing times because that will keep us rolling forward.

    I know I try my best to always think of ways to interact, I should try to find more time to finish off the new newsletter template and start re-sending them out.

    Yet, I am sure by time the new season arrives we will be over 500 firmly.

    Nasty cough youve got there laddo. 😷

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