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  1. I didn't get to go as I needed to work even though I'm self employed. So what where peoples thoughts on the game against the Wombles of Wimbledon?? I thought the idea behind changing the manager was to possibly make a serious challenge for a play off place. This clearly isn't the case with the same old problem of wrong team selection and playing players out of position AGAIN!!!! As soon as I saw the line up and the way JF had set them up I could only see one result, a lose!! So if the plan is to tread water this season what is the point me spending my hard earned cash at Meadow Lane in the future?? Over 35 years of supporting Notts I've never had this feeling of very little hope and boy have we been in some dire situations in the past.
  2. If I was a gambling man I would, I don't see a problem myself.
  3. Moniz didn't has a scooby doo what he was doing from day 1!!! It was pretty obvious after 10 games or so that he had no idea what his best 11 was, nor what postition they should play in!!! Fullarton although not "experienced" has spoke more sense so far than Moniz has done during his whole time in charge. Most the managers on the hot list for the job had experience, yeah mainly in failure. I'm confident we'll finish this season higher than we would have done under Moniz. Not sure we'll have enough to pinch a play-off place as I think we've lost too much ground
  4. No thanks, any half decent manager could have got us promoted that year. It just showed how bad McParland and Hans Backe really were. Bristol City had a very good budget but now they're having to compete with teams with better budgets than them he's struggling.
  5. I was a little confused with the appointment of Fullarton but having thought about it why not eh? Yeah Ray could have gone for Cooper who by the sounds of it thought he'd already got the job, maybe that's what lost him the job. However his record is a little up and down, did well in his last job with a top budget though and still got sacked! We need to give the new man a chance to see what he can do. Ray is pretty much drinking in the last chance saloon here but as said above you don't become successful by not taking chances....although he does seem to fail from time to time A win away at Crawley should shut a few abusive cretins up There are quite a few of those on the Notts County Supporters Faceache page!
  6. I don't believe he is the right man, never have done. His lack of knowledge of the lower leagues is clear to see. Plus his team selections and tactics are rather odd most the time! To sign flair players who need time on the ball to perform was a big mistake. They can play well against teams in the Championship but not against teams that are in their faces all the time. However having said he's not the man for the job I also have no idea who is :lol:
  7. 12th is my guess, has been for a while. I also think next seasons squad and manager will be different and more set up for life in L2.
  8. It should be kept as the home of British Athlectics IMO. Kids need encouragement to get of their games consoles and out playing sports as we're turning into a nation of obese kids and adults. Turning it into a football ground for over paid foreign players to act in is a crap idea.
  9. It's crazy that we're not playing Saturday, It's not like we don't have cover. As you say it could put us right back in the shit, a situation we should not be in at this stage of the season. I was all for giving Moniz time until we lost to Salford. His team selection and tacics were beyond belief really. Switching to 442 and playing the long ball was madness, the players looked like headless chickens as none of them knew their role!!!! Salford managed to play some football on a tipical non league pitch so why didn't Moniz want us to so?? Sorry but it's a goodbye from me as he clearly is out of his depth in management.
  10. Yeah the good old NHS, they had no record of my mums weight loss/gain during her lengthly time with them!!! Considering she was admitted for extreme weight loss I was absolutely shocked that they had to look through a nurses notebook to see when she had writen it down. Very rarely it would seem!!! FFS this is the 21st Century not Victorian age!!! Then they f***ed up a hip opperation that now means she is wheelchair bound!!! Yeah thank god for the NHS they'll be hearing from my lawyer ;) Rant over....
  11. Unless they've changed the prices the past couple of weeks the car park above is £5. The same as the Cattle Market prices the last time I walked past. Why would you charge £2 when over the road they're charging £5?? Even at £4 you'd fill it ;)
  12. As we well know the motorist is the easiest person to get money from. Just look at the parking levy!!! You used to be able to park quite close to town for free but the meters are moving further and further out. I saw an article about a town were the parking meters broke the profits for the shops went up loads but that means the local council don't get their money!!!
  13. Totally agree, we need 2 up front on Saturday, McLeod & Spencer, I think Spencer has done enough in the reserves to warrent a start. Lose on Saturday at home to Yeovil and surely Ray will swing the axe!! I can see Kevan being in charge for a little while afterwards which if you ask me wouldn't be a bad thing.
  14. Blair Adams was the only defender that did a decent job last season IMO!! Not even given a chance by the clueless Moniz!
  15. I'd say more Venky's at Blackburn rather than the scam that was Munto. He obviously doesn't have access to cash and needs to ask for it. Hense why payments are late so often. I believe the family are turning the screw on him and his little play thing now they can't see it making the money back. The money the family has put in are loans to the club via him. Even though they are interest free loans it is unlikely they will ever get 100% of it back.
  16. I believe his family to be fairly rich but not himself personally. It looks like the purse strings have been pulled tight now it looks unlikely they'll ever make it to the Premiership. I read that while SOD was talking about players he wanted to bring in Fawaz didn't even look at him, was more interested in a magazine about yachts, bet he was glad to get out of there. I don't have any hatred for Forest and wish them well but they need to get this clown out before he ruins the club! Lansbury has to be sold so he can up Antonio's deal to stop him handing in a transfer request. Fazaz really has no idea about FFP does he, haha!
  17. Looking at the food my mates buy from Meadow Lane when they can get served it makes me glad I'm vegetarian If they sell Pukka Pies why do they not sell the Potatoe, Cheese & Onion pies they make??!!! I'd buy one if they did
  18. They could do with a proof reader for the website also.
  19. 'Ow do, yeap Joe is right I'm often on that other forum. Had completely forgotten about this one. Good to see a proper forum format
  20. 5.8 miles according to Google. Used to be around 3 miles until I moved.

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